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Airports in Sweden 50 airports

Angelholm Helsingborg Airport (AGH/ESTA) Rating: 74%
Arvidsjaur Airport (AJR/ESNX) Rating: 69%
Borlange Dala Airport (BLE/ESSD) Rating: 77%
Eskilstuna Airport (EKT/ESSU)
Gallivare Lapland Airport (GEV/ESNG) Rating: 77%
Gavle Airport (GVX/ESSK)
Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT/ESGG) Rating: 80%
Gothenburg City Airport (GSE/ESGP) Rating: 64%
Hagfors Airport (HFS/ESOH)
Halmstad Airport (HAD/ESMT)
Hemavan Airport (HMV/ESUT)
Hultsfred Airport (HLF/ESSF)
Jonkoping Airport (JKG/ESGJ) Rating: 88%
Kalmar Airport (KLR/ESMQ) Rating: 78%
Karlskoga Airport (KSK/ESKK)
Karlstad Airport (KSD/ESOK)
Kiruna Airport (KRN/ESNQ) Rating: 74%
Kramfors Hoga Kusten Airport (KRF/ESNK) Rating: 62%
Kristianstad Osterlen Airport (KID/ESMK) Rating: 56%
Lidkoping Hovby Airport (LDK/ESGL)
Linkoping Malmen Airport (QEE/ESCF)
Linkoping City Airport (LPI/ESSL) Rating: 79%
Ljungbyhed Airport (QEL/ESTL)
Lulea Airport (LLA/ESPA) Rating: 76%
Lycksele Airport (LYC/ESNL)
Malmo Airport (MMX/ESMS) Rating: 76%
Mora Siljan Airport (MXX/ESKM)
Norrkoping Airport (NRK/ESSP) Rating: 73%
Norrtalje Mellingeholms Airport (QEM/ESSN)
Orebro Airport (ORB/ESOE) Rating: 82%
Ornskoldsvik Airport (OER/ESNO) Rating: 64%
Ostersund Are Airport (OSD/ESNZ) Rating: 83%
Pajala Airport (PJA/ESUP)
Ronneby Airport (RNB/ESDF) Rating: 65%
Salen Scandinavian Mountains Airport (SCR/ESKS)
Skelleftea Airport (SFT/ESNS) Rating: 83%
Skovde Airport (KVB/ESGR)
Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO/ESKN) Rating: 69%
Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA/ESSB) Rating: 72%
Stockholm Vasteras Hasslo Airport (VST/ESOW) Rating: 67%
Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN/ESSA) Rating: 81%
Sundsvall Timra Airport (SDL/ESNN) Rating: 76%
Sveg Harjedalen Airport (EVG/ESND) Rating: 99%
Torsby Airport (TYF/ESST)
Trollhattan Vanersborg Airport (THN/ESGT)
Umea Airport (UME/ESNU) Rating: 75%
Vastervik Airport (VVK/ESSW)
Vaxjo Smaland Airport (VXO/ESMX) Rating: 86%
Vilhelmina Airport (VHM/ESNV)
Visby Airport (VBY/ESSV) Rating: 83%
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