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Airports in Japan 77 airports

Akita Airport (AXT/RJSK) Rating: 82%
Amakusa Airport (AXJ/RJDA)
Amami Airport (ASJ/RJKA) Rating: 86%
Aomori Airport (AOJ/RJSA) Rating: 78%
Asahikawa Airport (AKJ/RJEC) Rating: 85%
Fukue Airport (FUJ/RJFE) Rating: 88%
Fukuoka Airport (FUK/RJFF) Rating: 83%
Hachijojima Airport (HAC/RJTH)
Hakodate Airport (HKD/RJCH) Rating: 84%
Hanamaki Airport (HNA/RJSI) Rating: 87%
Hiroshima Airport (HIJ/RJOA) Rating: 81%
Ishigaki New Airport (ISG/ROIG) Rating: 82%
Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport (IWK/RJOI)
Izumo Airport (IZO/RJOC)
Kagoshima Airport (KOJ/RJFK) Rating: 85%
Kikai Airport (KKX/RJKI)
Kitaakita Odate Noshiro Airport (ONJ/RJSR)
Kitadaito Airport (KTD/RORK)
Kitakyushu Airport (KKJ/RJFR) Rating: 76%
Kobe Airport (UKB/RJBE) Rating: 93%
Komatsu Airport (KMQ/RJNK) Rating: 76%
Kumamoto Airport (KMJ/RJFT) Rating: 91%
Kumejima Airport (UEO/ROKJ)
Kushiro Airport (KUH/RJCK)
Masuda Hagi Iwami Airport (IWJ/RJOW)
Matsumoto Airport (MMJ/RJAF)
Matsuyama Airport (MYJ/RJOM) Rating: 86%
Memanbetsu Airport (MMB/RJCM)
Misawa Airport (MSJ/RJSM)
Miyako Airport (MMY/ROMY)
Miyazaki Airport (KMI/RJFM)
Monbetsu Airport (MBE/RJEB)
Nagasaki Airport (NGS/RJFU) Rating: 85%
Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO/RJGG) Rating: 89%
Nagoya Komaki Airport (NKM/RJNA)
Naha Airport (OKA/ROAH) Rating: 76%
Nakashibetsu Airport (SHB/RJCN)
Nanki Shirahama Airport (SHM/RJBD)
Kochi Airport (KCZ/RJOK) Rating: 70%
Niigata Airport (KIJ/RJSN)
Obihiro Tokachi Airport (OBO/RJCB)
Oita Airport (OIT/RJFO) Rating: 73%
Okayama Airport (OKJ/RJOB) Rating: 73%
Oki Airport (OKI/RJNO)
Okierabu Airport (OKE/RJKB)
Omitama Ibaraki Airport (IBR/RJAH)
Osaka International Airport (ITM/RJOO) Rating: 82%
Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX/RJBB) Rating: 85%
Oshima Airport (OIM/RJTO)
Rishiri Airport (RIS/RJER)
Saga Airport (HSG/RJFS) Rating: 79%
Sakata Shonai Airport (SYO/RJSY)
Sapporo Okadama Airport (OKD/RJCO)
Sapporo New Chitose Airport (CTS/RJCC) Rating: 87%
Sendai Airport (SDJ/RJSS) Rating: 81%
Shimojishima Airport (SHI/RORS)
Shizuoka Airport (FSZ/RJNS)
Fukushima Airport (FKS/RJSF)
Tajima Airport (TJH/RJBT)
Takamatsu Airport (TAK/RJOT) Rating: 80%
Tanegashima Airport (TNE/RJFG)
Tarama Airport (TRA/RORT)
Tokunoshima Airport (TKN/RJKN)
Tokushima Airport (TKS/RJOS)
Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND/RJTT) Rating: 88%
Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT/RJAA) Rating: 87%
Tottori Airport (TTJ/RJOR)
Toyama Airport (TOY/RJNT) Rating: 75%
Tsushima Airport (TSJ/RJDT)
Ube Yamaguchi Airport (UBJ/RJDC)
Wajima Noto Airport (NTQ/RJNW)
Wakkanai Airport (WKJ/RJCW)
Yakushima Airport (KUM/RJFC)
Yamagata Airport (GAJ/RJSC)
Yonago Miho Airport (YGJ/RJOH)
Yonaguni Airport (OGN/ROYN)
Yoronjima Yoron Airport (RNJ/RORY)