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Airports in Germany 103 airports

Aachen Merzbruck Airport (AAH/EDKA)
Allendorf Airport (QEQ/EDFQ)
Altenstadt Air Base (QCA/ETHA) Rating: 86%
Augsburg Airport (AGB/EDMA) Rating: 85%
Baltrum Airport (BMR/EDWZ)
Bamberg Breitenau Airport (QCB/EDQA) Rating: 72%
Bayreuth Bindlacher Berg Airport (BYU/EDQD)
Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER/EDDB) Rating: 75%
Bielefeld Airport (BFE/EDLI)
Bitburg Airport (BBJ/EDRB)
Bonn Hangelar Airport (QCH/EDKB)
Borkum Airport (BMK/EDWR) Rating: 83%
Braunschweig Airport (BWE/EDVE) Rating: 82%
Bremen Airport (BRE/EDDW) Rating: 80%
Celle Air Base (QCC/ETHC)
Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN/EDDK) Rating: 81%
Cuxhaven Nordholz Airport (FCN/ETMN)
Damme Airport (QCM/EDWC)
Diepholz Air Base (QCD/ETND)
Dortmund Airport (DTM/EDLW) Rating: 78%
Dresden Airport (DRS/EDDC) Rating: 82%
Dusseldorf Monchengladbach Airport (MGL/EDLN) Rating: 80%
Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS/EDDL) Rating: 82%
Eisenach Kindel Airport (EIB/EDGE)
Emden Airport (EME/EDWE)
Erfurt Weimar Airport (ERF/EDDE) Rating: 78%
Essen Mulheim Airport (ESS/EDLE)
Flensburg Schaferhaus Airport (FLF/EDXF)
Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (QEF/EDFE) Rating: 73%
Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN/EDFH) Rating: 62%
Frankfurt Airport (FRA/EDDF) Rating: 83%
Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH/EDNY) Rating: 83%
Ganderkesee Airport (QCQ/EDWQ)
Geilenkirchen Air Base (GKE/ETNG)
Giebelstadt Airport (GHF/EDQG)
Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport (XFW/EDHI) Rating: 70%
Hamburg Airport (HAM/EDDH) Rating: 84%
Hannover Langenhagen Airport (HAJ/EDDV) Rating: 80%
Heide Buesum Airport (HEI/EDXB)
Heligoland Airport (HGL/EDXH)
Heringsdorf Airport (HDF/EDAH) Rating: 67%
Hildesheim Airport (ZNO/EDVM)
Hof Plauen Airport (HOQ/EDQM)
Hohn Air Base (QCN/ETNH)
Husum Schwesing Airport (QHU/EDXJ)
Ingolstadt Manching Airport (IGS/ETSI)
Itzehoe Hungriger Wolf Airport (IZE/EDHF)
Juist Airport (JUI/EDWJ)
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB/EDSB) Rating: 70%
Kassel Calden Airport (KSF/EDVK) Rating: 72%
Kiel Airport (KEL/EDHK)
Koblenz Winningen Airport (QCI/EDRK)
Lahr Black Forest Airport (LHA/EDTL)
Langeoog Airport (LGO/EDWL)
Larz Muritz Airport (REB/EDAX)
Leer Papenburg Airport (QEJ/EDWF)
Leipzig Altenburg Airport (AOC/EDAC) Rating: 75%
Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ/EDDP) Rating: 83%
Lubeck Airport (LBC/EDHL) Rating: 66%
Mainz Finthen Airport (QEZ/EDFZ)
Mannheim City Airport (MHG/EDFM) Rating: 100%
Memmingen Airport (FMM/EDJA) Rating: 77%
Munich Airport (MUC/EDDM) Rating: 88%
Munster Telgte Airport (QCT/EDLT)
Munster Osnabruck International Airport (FMO/EDDG) Rating: 87%
Neubrandenburg Airport (FNB/EDBN)
Neumunster Airport (EUM/EDHN)
Norden Norddeich Airport (NOD/EDWS)
Norderney Airport (NRD/EDWY)
Nuremberg Airport (NUE/EDDN) Rating: 84%
Oberpfaffenhofen Airport (OBF/EDMO)
Oschersleben Airport (FRF/EDOL)
Paderborn Lippstadt Airport (PAD/EDLP) Rating: 87%
Peenemunde Airport (PEF/EDCP)
Ramstein Air Base (RMS/ETAR) Rating: 83%
Reichelsheim Airport (QER/EDFB)
Rendsburg Schachtholm Airport (QEX/EDXR)
Riesa Göhlis Airport (IES/EDAU)
Rostock Laage Airport (RLG/ETNL) Rating: 85%
Rotenburg Wumme Airport (QCX/EDXQ)
Rugen Airport (GTI/EDCG)
Saarbrucken Airport (SCN/EDDR) Rating: 78%
Sankt Peter-Ording Airport (PSH/EDXO)
Schwerin Parchim International Airport (SZW/EDOP)
Siegen Siegerland Airport (SGE/EDGS)
Spangdahlem Air Base (SPM/ETAD)
Speyer Airport (QCS/EDRY)
Stadtlohn Vreden Airport (QEV/EDLS)
Stendal Borstel Airport (QCJ/EDOV)
Stralsund Barth Airport (BBH/EDBH)
Straubing Wallmuehle Airport (RBM/EDMS)
Stuttgart Airport (STR/EDDS) Rating: 81%
Sylt Airport (GWT/EDXW) Rating: 71%
Trebbin Schonhagen Airport (QCZ/EDAZ)
Trier Fohren Airport (QET/EDRT)
Varrelbusch Airport (VAC/EDWU)
Wangerooge Airport (AGE/EDWG)
Weeze Airport (NRN/EDLV) Rating: 67%
Welzow Airport (QCW/EDCY)
Wiesbaden Army Airfield (WIE/ETOU)
Wilhelmshaven JadeWeser Airport (WVN/EDWI)
Worms Airport (QCF/EDFV)
Zweibrucken Airport (ZQW/EDRZ)
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