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Airports in France 119 airports

Agen La Garenne Airport (AGF/LFBA) Rating: 77%
Aix-en-Provence Airport (QXB/LFMA)
Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (AJA/LFKJ) Rating: 73%
Albert Picardie Airport (BYF/LFAQ)
Albi Le Sequestre Airport (LBI/LFCI)
Angers Loire Airport (ANE/LFJR)
Angouleme Cognac International Airport (ANG/LFBU)
Annecy Mont Blanc Airport (NCY/LFLP)
Annemasse Airport (QYA/LFLI)
Arcachon La Teste-de-Buch Airport (XAC/LFCH)
Aurillac Tronquieres Airport (AUR/LFLW)
Auxerre Branches Airport (AUF/LFLA)
Avignon Caumont Airport (AVN/LFMV) Rating: 60%
Basel Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroAirport (BSL/LFSB) Rating: 76%
Bastia Poretta Airport (BIA/LFKB) Rating: 71%
Belle Ile En Mer Airport (BIC/LFEA)
Bergerac Dordogne Perigord Airport (EGC/LFBE) Rating: 58%
Besancon La Veze Airport (QYB/LFQM)
Beziers Cap d'Agde Airport (BZR/LFMU) Rating: 73%
Biarritz Pays Basque Airport (BIQ/LFBZ) Rating: 72%
Bordeaux Merignac Airport (BOD/LFBD) Rating: 68%
Bourg-en-Bresse Ceyzeriat Airport (QCU/LFHS)
Bourges Airport (BOU/LFLD) Rating: 70%
Brest Bretagne Airport (BES/LFRB) Rating: 76%
Brive Souillac Airport (BVE/LFSL) Rating: 74%
Caen Carpiquet Airport (CFR/LFRK) Rating: 76%
Cahors Lalbenque Airport (ZAO/LFCC)
Calais Dunkerque Airport (CQF/LFAC)
Calvi Sainte-Catherine Airport (CLY/LFKC) Rating: 78%
Cannes Mandelieu Airport (CEQ/LFMD) Rating: 87%
Carcassonne Airport (CCF/LFMK) Rating: 63%
Castres Mazamet Airport (DCM/LFCK)
Chambery Airport (CMF/LFLB) Rating: 61%
Chateauroux Centre Marcel Dassault Airport (CHR/LFLX) Rating: 88%
Cherbourg Maupertus Airport (CER/LFRC)
Cholet Le Pontreau Airport (CET/LFOU)
Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport (CFE/LFLC) Rating: 80%
Colmar Houssen Airport (CMR/LFGA)
Courchevel Altiport (CVF/LFLJ)
Creil Air Base (CSF/LFPC)
Deauville Saint Gatien Airport (DOL/LFRG)
Dijon Longvic Airport (DIJ/LFSD)
Dinard Pleurtuit Saint-Malo Airport (DNR/LFRD) Rating: 61%
Dole Jura Airport (DLE/LFGJ) Rating: 74%
Epinal Mirecourt Airport (EPL/LFSG)
Evreux Fauville Air Base (EVX/LFOE)
Figari Sud-Corse Airport (FSC/LFKF) Rating: 73%
Gap Tallard Airport (GAT/LFNA)
Granville Airport (GFR/LFRF)
Grenoble Isere Airport (GNB/LFLS) Rating: 54%
Ile d'Yeu Airport (IDY/LFEY)
La Baule-Escoublac Airport (LBY/LFRE)
La Roche-sur-Yon Les Ajoncs Airport (EDM/LFRI)
La Rochelle Ile de Re Airport (LRH/LFBH) Rating: 62%
Lannion Airport (LAI/LFRO)
Lapalisse Perigny Airport (QCL/LFHX)
Laval Entrammes Airport (LVA/LFOV)
Le Castellet Airport (CTT/LFMQ)
Le Havre Octeville Airport (LEH/LFOH)
Le Mans Arnage Airport (LME/LFRM)
Le Puy Loudes Airport (LPY/LFHP)
Le Touquet Cote d'Opale Airport (LTQ/LFAT) Rating: 71%
Lille Airport (LIL/LFQQ) Rating: 72%
Limoges Bellegarde Airport (LIG/LFBL) Rating: 76%
Lorient South Brittany Airport (LRT/LFRH) Rating: 81%
Lyon Bron Airport (LYN/LFLY)
Lyon Saint Exupery Airport (LYS/LFLL) Rating: 74%
Marseille Provence Airport (MRS/LFML) Rating: 69%
Mende Brenoux Airport (MEN/LFNB)
Merville Calonne Airport (HZB/LFQT)
Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport (ETZ/LFJL) Rating: 79%
Montlucon Gueret Airport (MCU/LFBK)
Montpellier Mediterranee Airport (MPL/LFMT) Rating: 73%
Morlaix Ploujean Airport (MXN/LFRU)
Moulins Montbeugny Airport (XMU/LFHY)
Nancy Essey Airport (ENC/LFSN)
Nantes Atlantique Airport (NTE/LFRS) Rating: 66%
Nevers Fourchambault Airport (NVS/LFQG)
Nice Cote d'Azur Airport (NCE/LFMN) Rating: 77%
Nimes Ales Camargue Cevennes Airport (FNI/LFTW) Rating: 69%
Niort Souche Airport (NIT/LFBN)
Orleans Saint-Denis-de-l'Hotel Airport (ORE/LFOZ)
Paris Le Bourget Airport (LBG/LFPB) Rating: 80%
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG/LFPG) Rating: 75%
Paris Vatry Chalons Airport (XCR/LFOK) Rating: 30%
Paris Orly Airport (ORY/LFPO) Rating: 74%
Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport (BVA/LFOB) Rating: 62%
Pau Pyrenees Airport (PUF/LFBP) Rating: 90%
Perigueux Bassillac Airport (PGX/LFBX)
Perpignan Rivesaltes Airport (PGF/LFMP) Rating: 67%
Poitiers – Biard Airport (PIS/LFBI) Rating: 57%
Pontoise Cormeilles Airport (POX/LFPT)
Quimper Cornouaille Airport (UIP/LFRQ)
Reims Prunay Airport (QYR/LFQA)
Reims Champagne Air Base (RHE/LFSR)
Rennes Saint-Jacques Airport (RNS/LFRN) Rating: 60%
Roanne Airport (QYO/LFLO)
Roanne Renaison Airport (RNE/LFLO)
Rochefort Saint Agnant Air Base (RCO/LFDN)
Rodez Marcillac Airport (RDZ/LFCR) Rating: 60%
Rouen Airport (URO/LFOP)
Royan Medis Airport (RYN/LFCY)
Saint Etienne Boutheon Airport (EBU/LFMH) Rating: 55%
Saint Nazaire Montoir Airport (SNR/LFRZ)
Saint-Brieuc Armor Airport (SBK/LFRT)
Saint-Tropez La Mole Airport (LTT/LFTZ)
St-Yan Airport (SYT/LFLN)
Strasbourg Airport (SXB/LFST) Rating: 70%
Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees Airport (LDE/LFBT) Rating: 66%
Toulon-Hyeres Airport (TLN/LFTH) Rating: 83%
Toulouse Blagnac Airport (TLS/LFBO) Rating: 78%
Tours Val de Loire Airport (TUF/LFOT) Rating: 64%
Toussus-Le-Noble Airport (TNF/LFPN)
Troyes Barberey Airport (QYT/LFQB)
Valence Chabeuil Airport (VAF/LFLU)
Valenciennes Denain Airport (QYV/LFAV)
Vannes Meucon Airport (VNE/LFRV)
Vichy Charmeil Airport (VHY/LFLV)
Villacoublay Air Base (VIY/LFPV)
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