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Airports in Australia 223 airports

Adelaide Airport (ADL/YPAD) Rating: 80%
Albany Airport (ALH/YABA)
Albury Airport (ABX/YMAY) Rating: 83%
Alice Springs Airport (ASP/YBAS) Rating: 77%
Argyle Airport (GYL/YARG)
Armidale Airport (ARM/YARM)
Aurukun Airport (AUU/YAUR)
Ayers Rock Airport (AYQ/YAYE) Rating: 20%
Badu Island Airport (BDD/YBAU)
Bairnsdale Airport (BSJ/YBNS)
Ballera Airport (BBL/YLLE)
Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (BNK/YBNA)
Bamaga Northern Peninsula Airport (ABM/YNPE)
Bankstown Airport (BWU/YSBK) Rating: 84%
Barcaldine Airport (BCI/YBAR)
Barimunya Airport (BYP/YBRY)
Barrow Island Airport (BWB/YBWX)
Bathurst Airport (BHS/YBTH)
Bedourie Airport (BEU/YBIE)
Benalla Airport (BLN/YBLA)
Bendigo Airport (BXG/YBDG)
Birdsville Airport (BVI/YBDV)
Blackall Airport (BKQ/YBCK)
Boigu Island Airport (GIC/YBOI)
Boolgeeda Airport (OCM/YBGD)
Boulia Airport (BQL/YBOU)
Bourke Airport (BRK/YBKE)
Brisbane Airport (BNE/YBBN) Rating: 81%
Broken Hill Airport (BHQ/YBHI)
Broome International Airport (BME/YBRM)
Bunbury Airport (BUY/YBUN)
Bundaberg Airport (BDB/YBUD)
Burnie Airport (BWT/YWYY)
Busselton Regional Airport (BQB/YBLN)
Cairns Airport (CNS/YBCS) Rating: 76%
Caloundra Airport (CUD/YCDR)
Camden Airport (CDU/YSCN)
Canberra International Airport (CBR/YSCB) Rating: 82%
Carnarvon Airport (CVQ/YCAR)
Carosue Dam Airport (WCD/YSCD)
Ceduna Airport (CED/YCDU)
Cessnock Airport (CES/YCNK)
Charleville Airport (CTL/YBCV)
Chinchilla Airport (CCL/YCCA)
Christmas Creek Mine Airport (CKW/YCHK)
Christmas Island Airport (XCH/YPXM)
Cloncurry Airport (CNJ/YCCY)
Cloudbreak Fortescue Dave Forrest Airport (KFE/YFDF)
Cobar Airport (CAZ/YCBA)
Coconut Island Airport (CNC/YCCT)
Coen Airport (CUQ/YCOE)
Coffs Harbour Airport (CFS/YCFS) Rating: 82%
Collarenebri Airport (CRB/YCBR)
Coober Pedy Airport (CPD/YCBP)
Cooktown Airport (CTN/YCKN)
Cooma Snowy Mountains Airport (OOM/YCOM)
Coondewanna Airport (CJF/YCWA)
Corowa Airport (CWW/YCOR)
Cunnamulla Airport (CMA/YCMU)
Curtin Airport (DCN/YCIN)
Dalby Airport (DBY/YDAY)
Darnley Island Airport (NLF/YDNI)
Darwin International Airport (DRW/YPDN) Rating: 72%
Derby Airport (DRB/YDBY)
Devonport Airport (DPO/YDPO)
Doomadgee Airport (DMD/YDMG) Rating: 100%
Dubbo City Airport (DBO/YSDU) Rating: 77%
Echuca Airport (ECH/YECH)
Elcho Island Airport (ELC/YELD)
Emerald Airport (EMD/YEML)
Esperance Airport (EPR/YESP)
Essendon Airport (MEB/YMEN)
Fitzroy Crossing Airport (FIZ/YFTZ)
Flinders Island Airport (FLS/YFLI)
Geraldton Airport (GET/YGEL)
Ginbata Airport (GBW/YGIA)
Gladstone Airport (GLT/YGLA)
Gold Coast Airport (OOL/YBCG) Rating: 77%
Gove Airport (GOV/YDGV)
Grafton Clarence Valley Regional Airport (GFN/YGFN)
Griffith Airport (GFF/YGTH)
Groote Eylandt Airport (GTE/YDGE)
Gympie Airport (GYP/YGYM)
Halls Creek Airport (HCQ/YHLC)
Hamilton Island Great Barrier Reef Airport (HTI/YBHM) Rating: 80%
Hay Airport (HXX/YHAY)
Hervey Bay Airport (HVB/YHBA)
Hobart International Airport (HBA/YMHB) Rating: 81%
Horn Island Airport (HID/YHID)
Horsham Airport (HSM/YHSM)
Hughenden Airport (HGD/YHUG)
Innisfail Airport (IFL/YIFL)
Inverell Airport (IVR/YIVL)
Julia Creek Airport (JCK/YJLC)
Kalbarri Airport (KAX/YKBR)
Kalgoorlie Boulder Airport (KGI/YPKG) Rating: 82%
Kalkgurung Daguragu Airport (KFG/YKKG)
Kalumburu Airport (UBU/YKAL)
Karratha Airport (KTA/YPKA) Rating: 73%
Karumba Airport (KRB/YKMB)
Katherine Tindal Airport (KTR/YPTN)
Kempsey Airport (KPS/YKMP)
King Island Airport (KNS/YKII)
Kingscote Airport (KGC/YKSC)
Kowanyama Airport (KWM/YKOW)
Kubin Airport (KUG/YKUB)
Kununurra East Kimberley Regional Airport (KNX/YPKU) Rating: 76%
Lady Elliot Island Airport (LYT/YLTT)
Launceston Airport (LST/YMLT) Rating: 85%
Laverton Airport (LVO/YLTN)
Learmonth Airport (LEA/YPLM) Rating: 69%
Leinster Airport (LER/YLST)
Leonora Airport (LNO/YLEO)
Lismore Airport (LSY/YLIS)
Lockhart River Airport (IRG/YLHR)
Longreach Airport (LRE/YLRE)
Lord Howe Island Airport (LDH/YLHI)
Mabuiag Island Airport (UBB/YMAA)
Mackay Airport (MKY/YBMK) Rating: 53%
Maitland Airport (MTL/YMND)
Maningrida Airport (MNG/YMGD)
Manjimup Airport (MJP/YMJM)
Mareeba Airport (MRG/YMBA)
Margaret River Airport (MQZ/YMGT)
Maryborough Airport (MBH/YMYB)
McArthur River Mine Airport (MCV/YMHU)
Meekathara Airport (MKR/YMEK)
Melbourne Avalon Airport (AVV/YMAV) Rating: 77%
Melbourne Airport (MEL/YMML) Rating: 80%
Melbourne Moorabbin Airport (MBW/YMMB) Rating: 100%
Merimbula Airport (MIM/YMER)
Middlemount Airport (MMM/YMMU)
Mildura Airport (MQL/YMIA)
Miles Airport (WLE/YMLS)
Milikapiti Snake Bay Airport (SNB/YSNB)
Milingimbi Airport (MGT/YMGB)
Monkey Mia Shark Bay Airport (MJK/YSHK)
Moomba Airport (MOO/YOOM)
Moranbah Airport (MOV/YMRB)
Moree Airport (MRZ/YMOR)
Mornington Island Airport (ONG/YMTI)
Moruya Airport (MYA/YMRY)
Morwell Latrobe Regional Airport (TGN/YLTV)
Mount Gambier Airport (MGB/YMTG)
Mount Isa Airport (ISA/YBMA)
Mount Keith Airport (WME/YMNE)
Mount Magnet Airport (MMG/YMOG)
Mudgee Airport (DGE/YMDG)
Mungalalu Truscott Airport (TTX/YTST)
Murray Island Airport (MYI/YMUI)
Naracoorte Airport (NAC/YNRC)
Narrabri Airport (NAA/YNBR)
Narrandera Airport (NRA/YNAR)
Newcastle Airport (NTL/YWLM) Rating: 88%
Newman Airport (ZNE/YNWN)
Nifty Airport (NIF/YCNF)
Norfolk Island Airport (NLK/YSNF) Rating: 89%
Normanton Airport (NTN/YNTN)
Olympic Dam Airport (OLP/YOLD)
Onslow Airport (ONS/YOLW)
Orange Airport (OAG/YORG)
Palm Island Airport (PMK/YPAM)
Paraburdoo Airport (PBO/YPBO)
Parkes Airport (PKE/YPKS)
Pelican Lake Macquarie Airport (BEO/YPEC)
Perth Jandakot Airport (JAD/YPJT) Rating: 85%
Perth Airport (PER/YPPH) Rating: 80%
Phosphate Hill The Monument Airport (PHQ/YTMO)
Pormpuraaw Edward River Airport (EDR/YPMP)
Port Augusta Airport (PUG/YPAG)
Port Hedland International Airport (PHE/YPPD)
Port Lincoln Airport (PLO/YPLC)
Port Macquarie Airport (PQQ/YPMQ)
Port Pirie Airport (PPI/YPIR)
Portland Airport (PTJ/YPOD)
Prominent Hill Airport (PXH/YPMH)
Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport (PPP/YBPN) Rating: 89%
Quilpie Airport (ULP/YQLP)
Ravensthorpe Airport (RVT/YNRV)
Richmond Airport (RCM/YRMD)
Rockhampton Airport (ROK/YBRK)
Roma Airport (RMA/YROM) Rating: 85%
Rottnest Island Airport (RTS/YRTI)
Saibai Island Airport (SBR/YSII)
West Sale Airport (SXE/YWSL)
Solomon Airport (SLJ/YSOL)
Southport Airport (SHQ/YSPT)
St George Airport (SGO/YSGE)
Strahan Airport (SRN/YSRN)
Warraber Island Airport (SYU/YWBS)
Sunshine Coast Airport (MCY/YBSU) Rating: 81%
Swan Hill Airport (SWH/YSWH)
Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD/YSSY) Rating: 83%
Tamworth Airport (TMW/YSTW)
Taree Airport (TRO/YTRE)
Taroom Airport (XTO/YTAM)
Telfer Airport (TEF/YTEF)
Temora Airport (TEM/YTEM)
Tennant Creek Airport (TCA/YTNK)
The Granites Airport (GTS/YTGT)
Tocumwal Airport (TCW/YTOC)
Toowoomba Airport (TWB/YTWB)
Toowoomba Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (WTB/YBWW)
Townsville Airport (TSV/YBTL) Rating: 54%
Trepell Airport (TQP/YTEE)
Wagga Wagga Airport (WGA/YSWG)
Walgett Airport (WGE/YWLG)
Wangaratta Airport (WGT/YWGT)
Warrnambool Airport (WMB/YWBL)
Weipa Airport (WEI/YBWP)
West Angelas Airport (WLP/YANG)
Whyalla Airport (WYA/YWHA)
Wiluna Airport (WUN/YWLU)
Windarling Airport (WRN/YWDG)
Windorah Airport (WNR/YWDH)
Winton Airport (WIN/YWTN)
Wollongong Illawarra Regional Airport (WOL/YWOL)
Woodie Woodie Airport (WWI/YWWI)
Wudinna Airport (WUD/YWUD)
Wurrumiyanga Bathurst Island Airport (BRT/YBTI)
Wyndham Airport (WYN/YWYM)
Yam Island Airport (XMY/YYMI)
Yorke Island Airport (OKR/YYKI)
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