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Shenzhen Airlines

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-300M Airbus A320-251N
B-300N Airbus A320-271N
B-302M Airbus A320-271N
B-307M Airbus A320-271N
B-309Q Airbus A320-271N
B-30AE Airbus A320-271N
B-30AP Airbus A320-271N
B-30CK Airbus A320-271N
B-30CL Airbus A320-271N
B-30CU Airbus A320-271N
B-30CV Airbus A320-271N
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-1016 Airbus A319-133
B-6153 Airbus A319-115
B-6196 Airbus A319-115
B-6197 Airbus A319-115
B-8665 Airbus A319-133
B-8667 Airbus A319-133
B-8693 Airbus A319-133
B-8798 Airbus A319-133
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-1601 Airbus A320-232
B-1602 Airbus A320-232
B-1683 Airbus A320-214
B-1685 Airbus A320-214
B-1841 Airbus A320-232
B-1842 Airbus A320-232
B-6286 Airbus A320-214
B-6296 Airbus A320-214
B-6297 Airbus A320-214
B-6351 Airbus A320-214
B-6352 Airbus A320-214
B-6357 Airbus A320-214
B-6358 Airbus A320-214
B-6359 Airbus A320-214
B-6360 Airbus A320-214
B-6377 Airbus A320-214
B-6392 Airbus A320-214
B-6550 Airbus A320-214
B-6563 Airbus A320-214
B-6565 Airbus A320-214
B-6566 Airbus A320-214
B-6567 Airbus A320-214
B-6568 Airbus A320-214
B-6569 Airbus A320-214
B-6570 Airbus A320-214
B-6571 Airbus A320-232
B-6589 Airbus A320-214
B-6613 Airbus A320-232
B-6615 Airbus A320-232
B-6647 Airbus A320-214
B-6648 Airbus A320-214
B-6649 Airbus A320-214
B-6650 Airbus A320-232
B-6690 Airbus A320-232
B-6691 Airbus A320-232
B-6692 Airbus A320-232
B-6720 Airbus A320-232
B-6721 Airbus A320-232
B-6722 Airbus A320-232
B-6740 Airbus A320-232
B-6749 Airbus A320-232
B-6750 Airbus A320-232
B-6780 Airbus A320-232
B-6781 Airbus A320-232
B-6806 Airbus A320-232
B-6807 Airbus A320-232
B-6833 Airbus A320-232
B-6835 Airbus A320-232
B-6853 Airbus A320-232
B-6855 Airbus A320-214
B-6856 Airbus A320-232
B-6857 Airbus A320-232
B-6935 Airbus A320-232
B-6937 Airbus A320-214
B-6938 Airbus A320-214
B-6939 Airbus A320-232
B-8077 Airbus A320-214
B-8078 Airbus A320-214
B-8079 Airbus A320-214
B-8181 Airbus A320-232
B-8219 Airbus A320-214
B-8220 Airbus A320-214
B-8409 Airbus A320-232
B-8411 Airbus A320-232
B-8413 Airbus A320-232
B-8632 Airbus A320-232
B-8633 Airbus A320-232
B-8635 Airbus A320-232
B-8636 Airbus A320-232
B-9908 Airbus A320-214
B-9909 Airbus A320-214
B-9910 Airbus A320-214
B-9938 Airbus A320-214
B-9939 Airbus A320-214
B-9979 Airbus A320-214
B-9980 Airbus A320-214
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-1017 Airbus A330-343
B-1036 Airbus A330-343
B-1072 Airbus A330-343
B-302E Airbus A330-343
B-303N Airbus A330-343
B-8865 Airbus A330-343
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-1146 Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-1160 Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-206M Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-207D Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-207E Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-208J Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-209V Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-209W Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-20CG Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-20CH Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-20DK Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-20DL Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-20DN Boeing 737 MAX 8
B-20DP Boeing 737 MAX 8
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-2667 Boeing 737-78S
B-2669 Boeing 737-77L
B-5025 Boeing 737-7BX
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-1376 Boeing 737-87L
B-1377 Boeing 737-87L
B-1475 Boeing 737-87L
B-1476 Boeing 737-87L
B-1477 Boeing 737-87L
B-1478 Boeing 737-87L
B-1479 Boeing 737-87L
B-1516 Boeing 737-87L
B-1517 Boeing 737-87L
B-1518 Boeing 737-87L
B-1519 Boeing 737-87L
B-1710 Boeing 737-87L
B-1711 Boeing 737-87L
B-1712 Boeing 737-87L
B-1713 Boeing 737-87L
B-1755 Boeing 737-87L
B-1756 Boeing 737-87L
B-1757 Boeing 737-87L
B-1758 Boeing 737-87L
B-1759 Boeing 737-87L
B-1935 Boeing 737-87L
B-1936 Boeing 737-87L
B-1937 Boeing 737-87L
B-1938 Boeing 737-87L
B-1939 Boeing 737-87L
B-1940 Boeing 737-87L
B-1941 Boeing 737-87L
B-1972 Boeing 737-87L
B-1973 Boeing 737-87L
B-1993 Boeing 737-87L
B-5317 Boeing 737-86N
B-5322 Boeing 737-86N
B-5345 Boeing 737-86N
B-5357 Boeing 737-8AL
B-5360 Boeing 737-86J
B-5361 Boeing 737-86J
B-5362 Boeing 737-86J
B-5363 Boeing 737-86J
B-5365 Boeing 737-86J
B-5377 Boeing 737-8AL
B-5378 Boeing 737-8AL
B-5379 Boeing 737-8AL
B-5380 Boeing 737-87L
B-5381 Boeing 737-87L
B-5400 Boeing 737-87L
B-5401 Boeing 737-87L
B-5402 Boeing 737-87L
B-5410 Boeing 737-8AL
B-5411 Boeing 737-87L
B-5412 Boeing 737-87L
B-5413 Boeing 737-87L
B-5440 Boeing 737-87L
B-5441 Boeing 737-87L
B-5606 Boeing 737-87L
B-5607 Boeing 737-87L
B-5608 Boeing 737-87L
B-5612 Boeing 737-87L
B-5613 Boeing 737-87L
B-5615 Boeing 737-87L
B-5616 Boeing 737-87L
B-5617 Boeing 737-87L
B-5618 Boeing 737-87L
B-5619 Boeing 737-89L
B-5670 Boeing 737-87L
B-5671 Boeing 737-87L
B-5673 Boeing 737-87L
B-5690 Boeing 737-87L
B-5736 Boeing 737-87L
B-5737 Boeing 737-87L
B-5771 Boeing 737-87L
B-5772 Boeing 737-87L
B-5773 Boeing 737-87L
B-5775 Boeing 737-87L
B-5776 Boeing 737-87L
B-5778 Boeing 737-87L
B-5859 Boeing 737-87L
B-5860 Boeing 737-87L
B-7083 Boeing 737-87L
B-7749 Boeing 737-87L
B-7750 Boeing 737-87L
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-5102 Boeing 737-97L
B-5103 Boeing 737-97L
B-5105 Boeing 737-97L
B-5106 Boeing 737-97L
B-5109 Boeing 737-97L