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Sunwing Airlines

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
C-FAXD Boeing 737 MAX 8
C-FMXA Boeing 737 MAX 8
C-FTXE Boeing 737 MAX 8
C-FTXF Boeing 737 MAX 8
C-FYXC Boeing 737 MAX 8
C-GMXB Boeing 737 MAX 8
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
C-FDBD Boeing 737-8Q8
C-FEVD Boeing 737-8Q8
C-FFPH Boeing 737-81D
C-FFVJ Boeing 737-8Q8
C-FHZZ Boeing 737-8K5
C-FIUM Boeing 737-8K5
C-FJAU Boeing 737-8K5
C-FJUB Boeing 737-8K5
C-FJVE Boeing 737-8DC
C-FLSW Boeing 737-8HX
C-FPRP Boeing 737-8FH
C-FPZA Boeing 737-8K5
C-FPZB Boeing 737-8K5
C-FQWK Boeing 737-8K5
C-FRZG Boeing 737-8K5
C-FTAH Boeing 737-8Q8
C-FTDW Boeing 737-808
C-FTOH Boeing 737-8HX
C-FTUN Boeing 737-8K5
C-FWGH Boeing 737-86J
C-FYJD Boeing 737-8Q8
C-GAWV Boeing 737-8K5
C-GBZS Boeing 737-8SH
C-GFEH Boeing 737-8GS
C-GFWD Boeing 737-8K5
C-GKVL Boeing 737-8FN
C-GKVP Boeing 737-8K5
C-GKVU Boeing 737-86N
C-GKVV Boeing 737-86N
C-GLRN Boeing 737-8SH
C-GLZX Boeing 737-8K5
C-GMWN Boeing 737-8K5
C-GNCH Boeing 737-81D
C-GNVR Boeing 737-86N
C-GOWG Boeing 737-86J
C-GPVS Boeing 737-86N
C-GTUO Boeing 737-8K5
C-GTVF Boeing 737-8FH
C-GTVG Boeing 737-8Q8
C-GVVH Boeing 737-8Q8
C-GWVB Boeing 737-8K5
C-GYUK Boeing 737-8K5
OK-TSE Boeing 737-81D
OK-TVT Boeing 737-86N
OK-TVX Boeing 737-8Z9