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Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. Flightradar24 tracks 180,000+ flights, from 1,200+ airlines, flying to or from 4,000+ airports around the world in real time. Our service is currently available online and for your iOS or Android device.

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Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker



RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EC-MZT Airbus A320-271N
EC-NAE Airbus A320-271N
EC-NAF Airbus A320-271N
EC-NAJ Airbus A320-271N
EC-NAV Airbus A320-271N
EC-NAX Airbus A320-271N
EC-NAY Airbus A320-271N
EC-NAZ Airbus A320-271N
EC-NBA Airbus A320-271N
EC-NCF Airbus A320-271N
EC-NCG Airbus A320-271N
EC-NCS Airbus A320-271N
EC-NCT Airbus A320-271N
EC-NCU Airbus A320-271N
EC-NDA Airbus A320-271N
EC-NDB Airbus A320-271N
EC-NDC Airbus A320-271N
EC-NEA Airbus A320-271N
EC-NFH Airbus A320-271N
EC-NFI Airbus A320-271N
EC-NFJ Airbus A320-271N
EC-NFK Airbus A320-271N
EC-NIJ Airbus A320-271N
EC-NIX Airbus A320-271N
EC-NIY Airbus A320-271N
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EC-MGF Airbus A319-112
EC-MIQ Airbus A319-112
EC-MIR Airbus A319-112
EC-MKV Airbus A319-112
EC-MKX Airbus A319-112
EC-NGB Airbus A319-112
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EC-JGM Airbus A320-214
EC-JSY Airbus A320-214
EC-JTQ Airbus A320-214
EC-JTR Airbus A320-214
EC-JYX Airbus A320-214
EC-JZI Airbus A320-214
EC-KCU Airbus A320-216
EC-KDG Airbus A320-214
EC-KDH Airbus A320-214
EC-KDT Airbus A320-216
EC-KDX Airbus A320-216
EC-KHN Airbus A320-216
EC-KJD Airbus A320-216
EC-KLB Airbus A320-214
EC-KLT Airbus A320-216
EC-KMI Airbus A320-216
EC-KRH Airbus A320-214
EC-LAB Airbus A320-214
EC-LLJ Airbus A320-214
EC-LLM Airbus A320-214
EC-LOB Airbus A320-214
EC-LOC Airbus A320-214
EC-LOP Airbus A320-214
EC-LRY Airbus A320-232
EC-LUN Airbus A320-232
EC-LUO Airbus A320-232
EC-LVO Airbus A320-214
EC-LVP Airbus A320-214
EC-LVS Airbus A320-232
EC-LVT Airbus A320-232
EC-LVU Airbus A320-214
EC-LVV Airbus A320-232
EC-LZN Airbus A320-214
EC-LZZ Airbus A320-214
EC-MAH Airbus A320-214
EC-MAI Airbus A320-214
EC-MAN Airbus A320-214
EC-MAO Airbus A320-214
EC-MBD Airbus A320-214
EC-MBE Airbus A320-214
EC-MBF Airbus A320-214
EC-MBL Airbus A320-214
EC-MBS Airbus A320-232
EC-MBT Airbus A320-232
EC-MBY Airbus A320-214
EC-MCU Airbus A320-214
EC-MDZ Airbus A320-232
EC-MEA Airbus A320-232
EC-MEL Airbus A320-232
EC-MEQ Airbus A320-232
EC-MER Airbus A320-232
EC-MES Airbus A320-232
EC-MFK Airbus A320-232
EC-MFL Airbus A320-232
EC-MFM Airbus A320-232
EC-MFN Airbus A320-232
EC-MGE Airbus A320-232
EC-MJB Airbus A320-232
EC-MJC Airbus A320-232
EC-MKM Airbus A320-232
EC-MKN Airbus A320-232
EC-MKO Airbus A320-232
EC-MLE Airbus A320-232
EC-MNZ Airbus A320-232
EC-MOG Airbus A320-232
EC-MQE Airbus A320-232
EC-MUM Airbus A320-214
EC-MVD Airbus A320-232
EC-MVE Airbus A320-232
EC-MVM Airbus A320-232
EC-MVN Airbus A320-232
EC-MVO Airbus A320-214
EC-MXG Airbus A320-232
EC-MXP Airbus A320-232
EC-MYB Airbus A320-214
EC-MYC Airbus A320-232
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EC-MGY Airbus A321-231
EC-MGZ Airbus A321-231
EC-MHA Airbus A321-231
EC-MHB Airbus A321-231
EC-MHS Airbus A321-231
EC-MJR Airbus A321-231
EC-MLD Airbus A321-231
EC-MLM Airbus A321-231
EC-MMH Airbus A321-231
EC-MMU Airbus A321-231
EC-MOO Airbus A321-231
EC-MPV Airbus A321-231
EC-MQB Airbus A321-231
EC-MQL Airbus A321-231
EC-MRF Airbus A321-231
EC-NLV Airbus A321-211
EC-NLX Airbus A321-211
EC-NLY Airbus A321-211
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