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Sun Country Airlines

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
N713SY Boeing 737-7Q8
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
N801SY Boeing 737-8Q8
N804SY Boeing 737-8Q8
N805SY Boeing 737-8Q8
N808SY Boeing 737-8BK
N809SY Boeing 737-8Q8
N813SY Boeing 737-8Q8
N814SY Boeing 737-8BK
N815SY Boeing 737-8BK
N816SY Boeing 737-8Q8
N817SY Boeing 737-8K2
N819SY Boeing 737-86N
N820SY Boeing 737-8FH
N821SY Boeing 737-8FH
N822SY Boeing 737-8BK
N823SY Boeing 737-85P
N824SY Boeing 737-85P
N825SY Boeing 737-8F2
N826SY Boeing 737-8F2
N827SY Boeing 737-8F2
N828SY Boeing 737-8F2
N829SY Boeing 737-8F2
N830SY Boeing 737-83N
N831SY Boeing 737-83N
N832SY Boeing 737-8KN
N833SY Boeing 737-8KN
N834SY Boeing 737-8KN
N835SY Boeing 737-8KN
N836SY Boeing 737-8KN
N837SY Boeing 737-8KN
N838SY Boeing 737-86N
N839SY Boeing 737-8JP
N840SY Boeing 737-8JP
N841SY Boeing 737-8JP