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Air Canada Rouge

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
C-FYIY Airbus A319-114
C-FYJE Airbus A319-114
C-FYJG Airbus A319-114
C-FYJH Airbus A319-114
C-FYJP Airbus A319-114
C-FYKW Airbus A319-114
C-FYNS Airbus A319-114
C-FZUG Airbus A319-114
C-GARJ Airbus A319-114
C-GARO Airbus A319-114
C-GBHO Airbus A319-114
C-GBHR Airbus A319-114
C-GBHY Airbus A319-114
C-GBHZ Airbus A319-114
C-GBIJ Airbus A319-114
C-GBIM Airbus A319-114
C-GBIN Airbus A319-114
C-GITP Airbus A319-112
C-GITR Airbus A319-112
C-GJVY Airbus A319-112
C-GKOB Airbus A319-112
C-GSJB Airbus A319-112
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
C-GFCH Airbus A320-214
C-GFCI Airbus A320-214
C-GFCP Airbus A320-214
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
C-FJOK Airbus A321-211
C-FJOU Airbus A321-211
C-FJQD Airbus A321-211
C-FJQH Airbus A321-211
C-FJQL Airbus A321-211
C-FYXF Airbus A321-211
C-GHPD Airbus A321-211
C-GHPJ Airbus A321-211
C-GHQG Airbus A321-211
C-GHQI Airbus A321-211
C-GJTH Airbus A321-211
C-GJTX Airbus A321-211
C-GKFA Airbus A321-211
C-GKFB Airbus A321-211
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
C-FIYA Boeing 767-33A(ER)
C-FIYE Boeing 767-33A(ER)
C-FJZK Boeing 767-3Q8(ER)
C-FMLV Boeing 767-316(ER)
C-FMLZ Boeing 767-316(ER)
C-FMWP Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-FMWQ Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-FMWU Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-FMWV Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-FMWY Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-FMXC Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-FXCA Boeing 767-375(ER)
C-GBZR Boeing 767-38E(ER)
C-GDUZ Boeing 767-38E(ER)
C-GEOQ Boeing 767-375(ER)
C-GEOU Boeing 767-375(ER)
C-GHLA Boeing 767-35H(ER)
C-GHLK Boeing 767-35H(ER)
C-GHLQ Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-GHLT Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-GHLU Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-GHLV Boeing 767-333(ER)
C-GHPE Boeing 767-33A(ER)
C-GHPN Boeing 767-33A(ER)
C-GSCA Boeing 767-375(ER)