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Bangkok Airways

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
HS-PGN Airbus A319-132
HS-PGT Airbus A319-132
HS-PGX Airbus A319-132
HS-PGY Airbus A319-132
HS-PGZ Airbus A319-132
HS-PPB Airbus A319-132
HS-PPC Airbus A319-132
HS-PPF Airbus A319-131
HS-PPG Airbus A319-131
HS-PPN Airbus A319-132
HS-PPR Airbus A319-132
HS-PPS Airbus A319-132
HS-PPT Airbus A319-132
HS-PPU Airbus A319-132
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
HS-PGU Airbus A320-232
HS-PGV Airbus A320-232
HS-PGW Airbus A320-232
HS-PPD Airbus A320-232
HS-PPE Airbus A320-232
HS-PPH Airbus A320-232
HS-PPJ Airbus A320-232
HS-PPK Airbus A320-232
HS-PPO Airbus A320-233
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
HS-PZA ATR 72-600
HS-PZB ATR 72-600
HS-PZC ATR 72-600
HS-PZD ATR 72-600
HS-PZE ATR 72-600
HS-PZF ATR 72-600
HS-PZG ATR 72-600
HS-PZH ATR 72-600
HS-PZJ ATR 72-600
HS-PZK ATR 72-600
HS-PZM ATR 72-600
HS-PZN ATR 72-600
HS-PZO ATR 72-600
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