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Spirit Airlines

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
N901NK Airbus A320-271N
N902NK Airbus A320-271N
N903NK Airbus A320-271N
N904NK Airbus A320-271N
N905NK Airbus A320-271N
N906NK Airbus A320-271N
N907NK Airbus A320-271N
N908NK Airbus A320-271N
N910NK Airbus A320-271N
N912NK Airbus A320-271N
N913NK Airbus A320-271N
N915NK Airbus A320-271N
N916NK Airbus A320-271N
N917NK Airbus A320-271N
N918NK Airbus A320-271N
N919NK Airbus A320-271N
N920NK Airbus A320-271N
N921NK Airbus A320-271N
N922NK Airbus A320-271N
N923NK Airbus A320-271N
N924NK Airbus A320-271N
N925NK Airbus A320-271N
N926NK Airbus A320-271N
N927NK Airbus A320-271N
N928NK Airbus A320-271N
N929NK Airbus A320-271N
N930NK Airbus A320-271N
N931NK Airbus A320-271N
N932NK Airbus A320-271N
N933NK Airbus A320-271N
N934NK Airbus A320-271N
N935NK Airbus A320-271N
N936NK Airbus A320-271N
N937NK Airbus A320-271N
N938NK Airbus A320-271N
N939NK Airbus A320-271N
N940NK Airbus A320-271N
N941NK Airbus A320-271N
N942NK Airbus A320-271N
N943NK Airbus A320-271N
N944NK Airbus A320-271N
N945NK Airbus A320-271N
N946NK Airbus A320-271N
N947NK Airbus A320-271N
N948NK Airbus A320-271N
N949NK Airbus A320-271N
N950NK Airbus A320-271N
N951NK Airbus A320-271N
N952NK Airbus A320-271N
N953NK Airbus A320-271N
N954NK Airbus A320-271N
N955NK Airbus A320-271N
N956NK Airbus A320-271N
N957NK Airbus A320-271N
N958NK Airbus A320-271N
N959NK Airbus A320-271N
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
N502NK Airbus A319-132
N503NK Airbus A319-132
N504NK Airbus A319-132
N505NK Airbus A319-132
N506NK Airbus A319-132
N507NK Airbus A319-132
N508NK Airbus A319-132
N509NK Airbus A319-132
N510NK Airbus A319-132
N512NK Airbus A319-132
N514NK Airbus A319-132
N515NK Airbus A319-132
N516NK Airbus A319-132
N517NK Airbus A319-132
N519NK Airbus A319-132
N521NK Airbus A319-132
N522NK Airbus A319-132
N523NK Airbus A319-132
N525NK Airbus A319-132
N526NK Airbus A319-132
N527NK Airbus A319-132
N528NK Airbus A319-132
N529NK Airbus A319-132
N530NK Airbus A319-132
N531NK Airbus A319-132
N532NK Airbus A319-132
N533NK Airbus A319-132
N534NK Airbus A319-132
N535NK Airbus A319-133
N536NK Airbus A319-133
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
N601NK Airbus A320-232
N602NK Airbus A320-232
N603NK Airbus A320-232
N604NK Airbus A320-232
N605NK Airbus A320-232
N606NK Airbus A320-232
N607NK Airbus A320-232
N608NK Airbus A320-232
N609NK Airbus A320-232
N611NK Airbus A320-232
N612NK Airbus A320-232
N613NK Airbus A320-232
N614NK Airbus A320-232
N615NK Airbus A320-232
N616NK Airbus A320-232
N617NK Airbus A320-232
N618NK Airbus A320-232
N619NK Airbus A320-232
N620NK Airbus A320-232
N621NK Airbus A320-232
N622NK Airbus A320-232
N623NK Airbus A320-232
N624NK Airbus A320-232
N625NK Airbus A320-232
N626NK Airbus A320-232
N627NK Airbus A320-232
N628NK Airbus A320-232
N629NK Airbus A320-232
N630NK Airbus A320-232
N631NK Airbus A320-232
N632NK Airbus A320-232
N633NK Airbus A320-232
N634NK Airbus A320-232
N635NK Airbus A320-232
N636NK Airbus A320-232
N637NK Airbus A320-232
N638NK Airbus A320-232
N639NK Airbus A320-232
N640NK Airbus A320-232
N641NK Airbus A320-232
N642NK Airbus A320-214
N643NK Airbus A320-232
N644NK Airbus A320-214
N645NK Airbus A320-232
N646NK Airbus A320-232
N647NK Airbus A320-232
N648NK Airbus A320-232
N649NK Airbus A320-232
N650NK Airbus A320-232
N651NK Airbus A320-232
N652NK Airbus A320-232
N653NK Airbus A320-232
N654NK Airbus A320-232
N655NK Airbus A320-232
N656NK Airbus A320-232
N690NK Airbus A320-232
N691NK Airbus A320-232
N692NK Airbus A320-232
N693NK Airbus A320-232
N694NK Airbus A320-232
N695NK Airbus A320-232
N696NK Airbus A320-232
N697NK Airbus A320-232
N698NK Airbus A320-232
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
N657NK Airbus A321-231
N658NK Airbus A321-231
N659NK Airbus A321-231
N660NK Airbus A321-231
N661NK Airbus A321-231
N662NK Airbus A321-231
N663NK Airbus A321-231
N664NK Airbus A321-231
N665NK Airbus A321-231
N667NK Airbus A321-231
N668NK Airbus A321-231
N669NK Airbus A321-231
N670NK Airbus A321-231
N671NK Airbus A321-231
N672NK Airbus A321-231
N673NK Airbus A321-231
N674NK Airbus A321-231
N675NK Airbus A321-231
N676NK Airbus A321-231
N677NK Airbus A321-231
N678NK Airbus A321-231
N679NK Airbus A321-231
N680NK Airbus A321-231
N681NK Airbus A321-231
N682NK Airbus A321-231
N683NK Airbus A321-231
N684NK Airbus A321-231
N685NK Airbus A321-231
N686NK Airbus A321-231
N687NK Airbus A321-231
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