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Cathay Dragon

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-HSD Airbus A320-232
B-HSG Airbus A320-232
B-HSI Airbus A320-232
B-HSJ Airbus A320-232
B-HSK Airbus A320-232
B-HSL Airbus A320-232
B-HSM Airbus A320-232
B-HSN Airbus A320-232
B-HSO Airbus A320-232
B-HSP Airbus A320-232
B-HSQ Airbus A320-232
B-HSR Airbus A320-232
B-HST Airbus A320-232
B-HSU Airbus A320-232
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-HTD Airbus A321-231
B-HTE Airbus A321-231
B-HTF Airbus A321-231
B-HTG Airbus A321-231
B-HTH Airbus A321-231
B-HTI Airbus A321-231
B-HTJ Airbus A321-231
B-HTK Airbus A321-231
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-HLE Airbus A330-342
B-HLG Airbus A330-342
B-HLI Airbus A330-342
B-HLJ Airbus A330-342
B-HLK Airbus A330-342
B-HLL Airbus A330-342
B-HLM Airbus A330-343
B-HLN Airbus A330-343
B-HLO Airbus A330-343
B-HLT Airbus A330-343
B-HWM Airbus A330-343
B-HYB Airbus A330-342
B-HYF Airbus A330-342
B-HYG Airbus A330-343
B-HYI Airbus A330-343
B-HYJ Airbus A330-343
B-HYQ Airbus A330-343
B-LAA Airbus A330-342
B-LAB Airbus A330-342
B-LBD Airbus A330-343
B-LBE Airbus A330-343
B-LBF Airbus A330-343
B-LBG Airbus A330-343
B-LBH Airbus A330-343
B-LBI Airbus A330-343
B-LBK Airbus A330-343