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Batik Air

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
PK-BDF Airbus A320-251N
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
PK-BKF Airbus A320-232
PK-BKG Airbus A320-233
PK-BKO Airbus A320-232
PK-LAF Airbus A320-214
PK-LAI Airbus A320-214
PK-LAJ Airbus A320-214
PK-LAL Airbus A320-214
PK-LAM Airbus A320-214
PK-LAO Airbus A320-214
PK-LAQ Airbus A320-214
PK-LAT Airbus A320-214
PK-LAW Airbus A320-214
PK-LAY Airbus A320-214
PK-LAZ Airbus A320-214
PK-LUF Airbus A320-214
PK-LUG Airbus A320-214
PK-LUH Airbus A320-214
PK-LUI Airbus A320-214
PK-LUJ Airbus A320-214
PK-LUK Airbus A320-214
PK-LUO Airbus A320-214
PK-LUP Airbus A320-214
PK-LUQ Airbus A320-214
PK-LUR Airbus A320-214
PK-LUS Airbus A320-214
PK-LUT Airbus A320-214
PK-LUU Airbus A320-214
PK-LUV Airbus A320-214
PK-LUW Airbus A320-214
PK-LUY Airbus A320-214
PK-LUZ Airbus A320-214
PK-LZH Airbus A320-214
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
PK-LEK Airbus A330-343
PK-LEL Airbus A330-343
PK-LEM Airbus A330-343
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
9M-LMF ATR 72-600
9M-LMG ATR 72-600
9M-LMH ATR 72-600
9M-LMJ ATR 72-600
9M-LMK ATR 72-600
9M-LML ATR 72-600
9M-LMO ATR 72-600
9M-LMU ATR 72-600
9M-LMV ATR 72-600
9M-LMW ATR 72-600
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
9M-LRC Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRD Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRF Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRG Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRH Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRJ Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRK Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRL Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRQ Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRR Boeing 737 MAX 8
9M-LRT Boeing 737 MAX 8
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
9M-LCR Boeing 737-8GP
9M-LNP Boeing 737-8GP
9M-LNV Boeing 737-8GP
PK-BGF Boeing 737-8U3
PK-BGJ Boeing 737-8U3
PK-BGP Boeing 737-86N
PK-BGQ Boeing 737-86N
PK-LBK Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LBS Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LBW Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LBZ Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LDH Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LDI Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LDJ Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LDK Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LDL Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LDM Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LDO Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LDP Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LZM Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LZO Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LZP Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LZQ Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LZS Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LZT Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LZV Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LZY Boeing 737-8GP
PK-LZZ Boeing 737-8GP
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