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Cathay Pacific

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-HPB Airbus A321-251NX
B-HPD Airbus A321-251NX
B-HPE Airbus A321-251NX
B-HPF Airbus A321-251NX
B-HPG Airbus A321-251NX
B-HPH Airbus A321-251NX
B-HPI Airbus A321-251NX
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-HTG Airbus A321-231
B-HTH Airbus A321-231
B-HTI Airbus A321-231
B-HTK Airbus A321-231
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-HLM Airbus A330-343
B-HLN Airbus A330-343
B-HLO Airbus A330-343
B-HLP Airbus A330-343
B-HLQ Airbus A330-343
B-HLR Airbus A330-343
B-HLS Airbus A330-343
B-HLT Airbus A330-343
B-HLU Airbus A330-343
B-HLV Airbus A330-343
B-HLW Airbus A330-343
B-HWM Airbus A330-343
B-HYG Airbus A330-343
B-HYI Airbus A330-343
B-HYJ Airbus A330-343
B-HYQ Airbus A330-343
B-LAA Airbus A330-342
B-LAB Airbus A330-342
B-LAD Airbus A330-342
B-LAE Airbus A330-342
B-LAF Airbus A330-342
B-LAJ Airbus A330-342
B-LAK Airbus A330-343
B-LAL Airbus A330-343
B-LAM Airbus A330-343
B-LAN Airbus A330-343
B-LAO Airbus A330-343
B-LAP Airbus A330-343
B-LAQ Airbus A330-343
B-LAR Airbus A330-343
B-LAX Airbus A330-343
B-LAZ Airbus A330-343
B-LBA Airbus A330-343
B-LBB Airbus A330-343
B-LBC Airbus A330-343
B-LBD Airbus A330-343
B-LBE Airbus A330-343
B-LBF Airbus A330-343
B-LBG Airbus A330-343
B-LBH Airbus A330-343
B-LBI Airbus A330-343
B-LBJ Airbus A330-343
B-LBK Airbus A330-343
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-LQA Airbus A350-941
B-LQB Airbus A350-941
B-LQC Airbus A350-941
B-LQD Airbus A350-941
B-LQE Airbus A350-941
B-LQF Airbus A350-941
B-LRA Airbus A350-941
B-LRB Airbus A350-941
B-LRC Airbus A350-941
B-LRD Airbus A350-941
B-LRE Airbus A350-941
B-LRF Airbus A350-941
B-LRG Airbus A350-941
B-LRI Airbus A350-941
B-LRJ Airbus A350-941
B-LRK Airbus A350-941
B-LRL Airbus A350-941
B-LRM Airbus A350-941
B-LRN Airbus A350-941
B-LRO Airbus A350-941
B-LRP Airbus A350-941
B-LRQ Airbus A350-941
B-LRR Airbus A350-941
B-LRS Airbus A350-941
B-LRT Airbus A350-941
B-LRU Airbus A350-941
B-LRV Airbus A350-941
B-LRX Airbus A350-941
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-LXA Airbus A350-1041
B-LXB Airbus A350-1041
B-LXC Airbus A350-1041
B-LXD Airbus A350-1041
B-LXE Airbus A350-1041
B-LXF Airbus A350-1041
B-LXG Airbus A350-1041
B-LXH Airbus A350-1041
B-LXI Airbus A350-1041
B-LXJ Airbus A350-1041
B-LXK Airbus A350-1041
B-LXL Airbus A350-1041
B-LXM Airbus A350-1041
B-LXN Airbus A350-1041
B-LXO Airbus A350-1041
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-LIA Boeing 747-467F(ER)
B-LIB Boeing 747-467F(ER)
B-LIC Boeing 747-467F(ER)
B-LID Boeing 747-467F(ER)
B-LIE Boeing 747-467F(ER)
B-LIF Boeing 747-467F(ER)
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-LJA Boeing 747-867F
B-LJB Boeing 747-867F
B-LJC Boeing 747-867F
B-LJD Boeing 747-867F
B-LJE Boeing 747-867F
B-LJF Boeing 747-867F
B-LJG Boeing 747-867F
B-LJH Boeing 747-867F
B-LJI Boeing 747-867F
B-LJJ Boeing 747-867F
B-LJK Boeing 747-867F
B-LJL Boeing 747-867F
B-LJM Boeing 747-867F
B-LJN Boeing 747-867F
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-HNE Boeing 777-367
B-HNF Boeing 777-367
B-HNG Boeing 777-367
B-HNH Boeing 777-367
B-HNI Boeing 777-367
B-HNJ Boeing 777-367
B-HNK Boeing 777-367
B-HNM Boeing 777-367
B-HNN Boeing 777-367
B-HNO Boeing 777-367
B-HNP Boeing 777-367
B-HNQ Boeing 777-367
B-HNS Boeing 777-31H
B-HNU Boeing 777-31H
B-HNV Boeing 777-31H
B-HNW Boeing 777-31H
B-HNX Boeing 777-31H
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-HNR Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPA Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPD Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPE Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPF Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPI Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPO Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPQ Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPR Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPS Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPT Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPU Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPV Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPW Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPX Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPY Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KPZ Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQC Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQD Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQE Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQF Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQG Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQH Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQI Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQJ Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQK Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQL Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQM Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQN Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQO Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQP Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQQ Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQR Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQS Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQT Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQU Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQV Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQW Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQX Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQY Boeing 777-367(ER)
B-KQZ Boeing 777-367(ER)
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