British Airways

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-TTNA Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNB Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNC Airbus A320-251N
G-TTND Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNE Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNF Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNG Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNH Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNI Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNJ Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNK Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNL Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNM Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNN Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNO Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNP Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNR Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNS Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNT Airbus A320-251N
G-TTNU Airbus A320-251N
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-NEOP Airbus A321-251NX
G-NEOR Airbus A321-251NX
G-NEOS Airbus A321-251NX
G-NEOT Airbus A321-251NX
G-NEOU Airbus A321-251NX
G-NEOV Airbus A321-251NX
G-NEOW Airbus A321-251NX
G-NEOX Airbus A321-251NX
G-NEOY Airbus A321-251NX
G-NEOZ Airbus A321-251NX
G-TNEA Airbus A321-251NX
G-TNEC Airbus A321-251NX
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-DBCA Airbus A319-131
G-DBCB Airbus A319-131
G-DBCC Airbus A319-131
G-DBCD Airbus A319-131
G-DBCE Airbus A319-131
G-DBCF Airbus A319-131
G-DBCG Airbus A319-131
G-DBCH Airbus A319-131
G-DBCJ Airbus A319-131
G-DBCK Airbus A319-131
G-EUOA Airbus A319-131
G-EUOE Airbus A319-131
G-EUOF Airbus A319-131
G-EUOG Airbus A319-131
G-EUPD Airbus A319-131
G-EUPG Airbus A319-131
G-EUPJ Airbus A319-131
G-EUPK Airbus A319-131
G-EUPL Airbus A319-131
G-EUPM Airbus A319-131
G-EUPN Airbus A319-131
G-EUPO Airbus A319-131
G-EUPP Airbus A319-131
G-EUPR Airbus A319-131
G-EUPS Airbus A319-131
G-EUPT Airbus A319-131
G-EUPU Airbus A319-131
G-EUPW Airbus A319-131
G-EUPY Airbus A319-131
G-EUPZ Airbus A319-131
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-EUUA Airbus A320-232
G-EUUB Airbus A320-232
G-EUUC Airbus A320-232
G-EUUD Airbus A320-232
G-EUUE Airbus A320-232
G-EUUF Airbus A320-232
G-EUUG Airbus A320-232
G-EUUH Airbus A320-232
G-EUUI Airbus A320-232
G-EUUJ Airbus A320-232
G-EUUK Airbus A320-232
G-EUUL Airbus A320-232
G-EUUM Airbus A320-232
G-EUUN Airbus A320-232
G-EUUO Airbus A320-232
G-EUUP Airbus A320-232
G-EUUR Airbus A320-232
G-EUUS Airbus A320-232
G-EUUT Airbus A320-232
G-EUUU Airbus A320-232
G-EUUV Airbus A320-232
G-EUUW Airbus A320-232
G-EUUX Airbus A320-232
G-EUUY Airbus A320-232
G-EUUZ Airbus A320-232
G-EUYA Airbus A320-232
G-EUYB Airbus A320-232
G-EUYC Airbus A320-232
G-EUYD Airbus A320-232
G-EUYE Airbus A320-232
G-EUYF Airbus A320-232
G-EUYG Airbus A320-232
G-EUYH Airbus A320-232
G-EUYI Airbus A320-232
G-EUYJ Airbus A320-232
G-EUYK Airbus A320-232
G-EUYL Airbus A320-232
G-EUYM Airbus A320-232
G-EUYN Airbus A320-232
G-EUYO Airbus A320-232
G-EUYP Airbus A320-232
G-EUYR Airbus A320-232
G-EUYS Airbus A320-232
G-EUYT Airbus A320-232
G-EUYU Airbus A320-232
G-EUYV Airbus A320-232
G-EUYW Airbus A320-232
G-EUYX Airbus A320-232
G-EUYY Airbus A320-232
G-GATH Airbus A320-232
G-GATJ Airbus A320-232
G-GATK Airbus A320-232
G-GATL Airbus A320-232
G-GATM Airbus A320-232
G-GATN Airbus A320-232
G-GATP Airbus A320-232
G-GATR Airbus A320-232
G-GATS Airbus A320-232
G-GATU Airbus A320-232
G-MEDK Airbus A320-232
G-MIDO Airbus A320-232
G-MIDS Airbus A320-232
G-MIDT Airbus A320-232
G-MIDX Airbus A320-232
G-TTOB Airbus A320-232
G-TTOE Airbus A320-232
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-EUXC Airbus A321-231
G-EUXD Airbus A321-231
G-EUXE Airbus A321-231
G-EUXF Airbus A321-231
G-EUXG Airbus A321-231
G-EUXH Airbus A321-231
G-EUXI Airbus A321-231
G-EUXJ Airbus A321-231
G-EUXK Airbus A321-231
G-EUXL Airbus A321-231
G-EUXM Airbus A321-231
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-XWBA Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBB Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBC Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBD Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBE Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBF Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBG Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBH Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBI Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBJ Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBK Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBL Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBM Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBN Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBO Airbus A350-1041
G-XWBP Airbus A350-1041
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-XLEA Airbus A380-841
G-XLEB Airbus A380-841
G-XLEC Airbus A380-841
G-XLED Airbus A380-841
G-XLEE Airbus A380-841
G-XLEF Airbus A380-841
G-XLEG Airbus A380-841
G-XLEH Airbus A380-841
G-XLEI Airbus A380-841
G-XLEJ Airbus A380-841
G-XLEK Airbus A380-841
G-XLEL Airbus A380-841
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-RAES Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIA Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIB Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIC Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIID Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIE Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIF Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIG Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIH Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIJ Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIK Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIL Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIM Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIN Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIO Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIP Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIR Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIS Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIT Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIU Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIV Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIW Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIX Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-VIIY Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMA Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMB Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMC Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMD Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMME Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMF Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMG Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMH Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMI Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMJ Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMK Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMML Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMN Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMO Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMP Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMR Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMS Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMT Boeing 777-236(ER)
G-YMMU Boeing 777-236(ER)
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-STBA Boeing 777-336(ER)
G-STBB Boeing 777-36N(ER)
G-STBC Boeing 777-36N(ER)
G-STBD Boeing 777-36N(ER)
G-STBE Boeing 777-36N(ER)
G-STBF Boeing 777-336(ER)
G-STBG Boeing 777-336(ER)
G-STBH Boeing 777-336(ER)
G-STBI Boeing 777-336(ER)
G-STBJ Boeing 777-336(ER)
G-STBK Boeing 777-336(ER)
G-STBL Boeing 777-336(ER)
G-STBM Boeing 777-300(ER)
G-STBN Boeing 777-300(ER)
G-STBO Boeing 777-300(ER)
G-STBP Boeing 777-300(ER)
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-ZBJA Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJB Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJC Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJD Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJE Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJF Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJG Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJH Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJI Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJJ Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJK Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
G-ZBJM Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-ZBKA Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKB Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKC Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKD Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKE Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKF Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKG Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKH Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKI Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKJ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKK Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKL Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKM Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKN Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKO Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKP Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKR Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
G-ZBKS Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-ZBLA Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
G-ZBLB Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
G-ZBLC Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
G-ZBLD Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
G-ZBLE Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
G-ZBLF Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
G-ZBLG Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
G-LCAB Embraer E190SR
G-LCAC Embraer E190LR
G-LCAD Embraer E190LR
G-LCAE Embraer E190LR
G-LCAF Embraer E190SR
G-LCAG Embraer E190SR
G-LCAH Embraer E190SR
G-LCYJ Embraer E190SR
G-LCYK Embraer E190SR
G-LCYL Embraer E190SR
G-LCYM Embraer E190SR
G-LCYN Embraer E190SR
G-LCYO Embraer E190SR
G-LCYP Embraer E190SR
G-LCYR Embraer E190SR
G-LCYS Embraer E190SR
G-LCYT Embraer E190SR
G-LCYU Embraer E190SR
G-LCYV Embraer E190SR
G-LCYZ Embraer E190SR
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
OY-NCM Dornier 328-310 Jet
OY-NCO Dornier 328-310 Jet
OY-NCP Dornier 328-300 Jet
OY-NCW Dornier 328-300 Jet
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