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Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. Flightradar24 tracks 180,000+ flights, from 1,200+ airlines, flying to or from 4,000+ airports around the world in real time. Our service is currently available online and for your iOS or Android device.

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Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker



RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EI-IMB Airbus A319-112
EI-IMC Airbus A319-112
EI-IMD Airbus A319-112
EI-IME Airbus A319-112
EI-IMF Airbus A319-112
EI-IMG Airbus A319-112
EI-IMH Airbus A319-112
EI-IMI Airbus A319-112
EI-IMJ Airbus A319-112
EI-IML Airbus A319-112
EI-IMM Airbus A319-111
EI-IMN Airbus A319-111
EI-IMO Airbus A319-112
EI-IMP Airbus A319-111
EI-IMR Airbus A319-111
EI-IMS Airbus A319-111
EI-IMT Airbus A319-111
EI-IMU Airbus A319-111
EI-IMV Airbus A319-111
EI-IMW Airbus A319-112
EI-IMX Airbus A319-111
I-BIMA Airbus A319-112
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EI-DSA Airbus A320-216
EI-DSG Airbus A320-216
EI-DSL Airbus A320-216
EI-DSU Airbus A320-216
EI-DSV Airbus A320-216
EI-DSW Airbus A320-216
EI-DSX Airbus A320-216
EI-DSY Airbus A320-216
EI-DSZ Airbus A320-216
EI-DTA Airbus A320-216
EI-DTB Airbus A320-216
EI-DTD Airbus A320-216
EI-DTE Airbus A320-216
EI-DTF Airbus A320-216
EI-DTG Airbus A320-216
EI-DTH Airbus A320-216
EI-DTI Airbus A320-216
EI-DTJ Airbus A320-216
EI-DTK Airbus A320-216
EI-DTL Airbus A320-216
EI-DTM Airbus A320-216
EI-DTN Airbus A320-216
EI-DTO Airbus A320-216
EI-EIA Airbus A320-216
EI-EIB Airbus A320-216
EI-EIC Airbus A320-216
EI-EID Airbus A320-216
EI-EIE Airbus A320-216
EI-IKB Airbus A320-214
EI-IKF Airbus A320-214
EI-IKG Airbus A320-214
EI-IKL Airbus A320-214
EI-IKU Airbus A320-214
I-BIKA Airbus A320-214
I-BIKC Airbus A320-214
I-BIKD Airbus A320-214
I-BIKI Airbus A320-214
I-BIKO Airbus A320-214
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EI-IXH Airbus A321-112
EI-IXJ Airbus A321-112
EI-IXV Airbus A321-112
EI-IXZ Airbus A321-112
I-BIXK Airbus A321-112
I-BIXR Airbus A321-112
I-BIXS Airbus A321-112
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EI-DIP Airbus A330-202
EI-DIR Airbus A330-202
EI-EJG Airbus A330-202
EI-EJH Airbus A330-202
EI-EJI Airbus A330-202
EI-EJJ Airbus A330-202
EI-EJK Airbus A330-202
EI-EJL Airbus A330-202
EI-EJM Airbus A330-202
EI-EJN Airbus A330-202
EI-EJO Airbus A330-202
EI-EJP Airbus A330-202
I-EJGA Airbus A330-202
I-EJGB Airbus A330-202
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EI-DBK Boeing 777-243(ER)
EI-DBL Boeing 777-243(ER)
EI-DBM Boeing 777-243(ER)
EI-DDH Boeing 777-243(ER)
EI-FNI Boeing 777-2Q8(ER)
EI-ISA Boeing 777-243(ER)
EI-ISB Boeing 777-243(ER)
EI-ISD Boeing 777-243(ER)
EI-ISE Boeing 777-243(ER)
EI-ISO Boeing 777-243(ER)
I-DISU Boeing 777-243(ER)
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EI-WLA Boeing 777-3Q8(ER)
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EI-RNA Embraer E190STD
EI-RNB Embraer E190STD
EI-RNC Embraer E190STD
EI-RND Embraer E190STD
EI-RNE Embraer E190STD
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EI-RDA Embraer E175STD
EI-RDB Embraer E175STD
EI-RDC Embraer E175STD
EI-RDD Embraer E175STD
EI-RDE Embraer E175STD
EI-RDF Embraer E175STD
EI-RDG Embraer E175STD
EI-RDH Embraer E175STD
EI-RDI Embraer E175STD
EI-RDJ Embraer E175STD
EI-RDK Embraer E175STD
EI-RDL Embraer E175STD
EI-RDM Embraer E175STD
EI-RDN Embraer E175STD
EI-RDO Embraer E175STD