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RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-005G Airbus A330
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
D-AVWA Airbus A319-171N
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-007G Airbus A320-200N
B-007H Airbus A320-200N
B-007K Airbus A320-200N
B-007L Airbus A320-200N
B-007M Airbus A320-200N
F-WNEO Airbus A320-271N
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WWSX Airbus A300F4-622R
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
D-AVWB Airbus A319
D-AVWC Airbus A319
D-AVWD Airbus A319
D-AVWE Airbus A319
D-AVWF Airbus A319
D-AVWG Airbus A319
D-AVWH Airbus A319
D-AVWI Airbus A319
D-AVWJ Airbus A319
D-AVWK Airbus A319
D-AVWL Airbus A319
D-AVWM Airbus A319
D-AVWN Airbus A319
D-AVWO Airbus A319
D-AVWP Airbus A319
D-AVWQ Airbus A319
D-AVWR Airbus A319
D-AVWS Airbus A319
D-AVWT Airbus A319
D-AVWU Airbus A319
D-AVWV Airbus A319
D-AVWW Airbus A319
D-AVWX Airbus A319
D-AVWY Airbus A319
D-AVWZ Airbus A319
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
B-000A Airbus A320
B-000C Airbus A320
B-000D Airbus A320
B-000E Airbus A320
B-000F Airbus A320
B-000G Airbus A320
B-000H Airbus A320
B-000J Airbus A320
B-000K Airbus A320
B-000L Airbus A320
B-000M Airbus A320
B-000N Airbus A320
B-000P Airbus A320
B-000Q Airbus A320
B-000R Airbus A320
B-000S Airbus A320
B-000T Airbus A320
B-000U Airbus A320
B-000V Airbus A320
B-000W Airbus A320
B-007A Airbus A320
B-007C Airbus A320
B-007D Airbus A320
B-007E Airbus A320
B-007F Airbus A320
D-AUAA Airbus A320
D-AUAB Airbus A320
D-AUAC Airbus A320
D-AUAD Airbus A320
D-AUAE Airbus A320
D-AUAF Airbus A320
D-AUAG Airbus A320
D-AUAH Airbus A320
D-AUAI Airbus A320
D-AUAJ Airbus A320
D-AUAK Airbus A320
D-AUAL Airbus A320
D-AUAM Airbus A320
D-AUAN Airbus A320
D-AUAO Airbus A320
D-AUAP Airbus A320
D-AUAQ Airbus A320
D-AUAR Airbus A320
D-AUAS Airbus A320
D-AUAT Airbus A320
D-AUAU Airbus A320
D-AUAV Airbus A320
D-AUAW Airbus A320
D-AUAX Airbus A320
D-AUBA Airbus A320
D-AUBB Airbus A320
D-AUBC Airbus A320
D-AUBD Airbus A320
D-AUBE Airbus A320
D-AUBF Airbus A320
D-AUBG Airbus A320
D-AUBH Airbus A320
D-AUBI Airbus A320
D-AUBJ Airbus A320
D-AUBK Airbus A320
D-AUBL Airbus A320
D-AUBM Airbus A320
D-AUBN Airbus A320
D-AUBO Airbus A320
D-AUBP Airbus A320
D-AUBQ Airbus A320
D-AUBR Airbus A320
D-AUBS Airbus A320
D-AUBT Airbus A320
D-AUBU Airbus A320
D-AUBV Airbus A320
D-AUBW Airbus A320
D-AUBX Airbus A320
D-AUBY Airbus A320
D-AUBZ Airbus A320
D-AVVA Airbus A320
D-AVVB Airbus A320
D-AVVC Airbus A320
D-AVVD Airbus A320
D-AVVE Airbus A320
D-AVVF Airbus A320
D-AVVG Airbus A320
D-AVVH Airbus A320
D-AVVI Airbus A320
D-AVVJ Airbus A320
D-AVVK Airbus A320
D-AVVL Airbus A320
D-AVVM Airbus A320
D-AVVN Airbus A320
D-AVVO Airbus A320
D-AVVP Airbus A320
D-AVVQ Airbus A320
D-AVVR Airbus A320
D-AVVS Airbus A320
D-AVVT Airbus A320
D-AVVU Airbus A320
D-AVVV Airbus A320
D-AVVW Airbus A320
D-AVVX Airbus A320
D-AVVY Airbus A320
D-AVVZ Airbus A320
D-AXAA Airbus A320
D-AXAB Airbus A320
D-AXAC Airbus A320
D-AXAD Airbus A320
D-AXAE Airbus A320
D-AXAF Airbus A320
D-AXAG Airbus A320
D-AXAH Airbus A320
D-AXAI Airbus A320
D-AXAJ Airbus A320
D-AXAK Airbus A320
D-AXAL Airbus A320
D-AXAM Airbus A320
D-AXAN Airbus A320
D-AXAO Airbus A320
D-AXAP Airbus A320
D-AXAQ Airbus A320
D-AXAR Airbus A320
D-AXAS Airbus A320
D-AXAT Airbus A320
D-AXAU Airbus A320
D-AXAV Airbus A320
D-AXAW Airbus A320
D-AXAX Airbus A320
D-AXAY Airbus A320
D-AXAZ Airbus A320
F-WWBA Airbus A320-211
F-WWBB Airbus A320
F-WWBC Airbus A320
F-WWBD Airbus A320
F-WWBE Airbus A320
F-WWBF Airbus A320
F-WWBG Airbus A320
F-WWBH Airbus A320
F-WWBI Airbus A320
F-WWBJ Airbus A320
F-WWBK Airbus A320
F-WWBM Airbus A320
F-WWBN Airbus A320
F-WWBO Airbus A320
F-WWBP Airbus A320
F-WWBQ Airbus A320
F-WWBR Airbus A320
F-WWBS Airbus A320
F-WWBT Airbus A320
F-WWBU Airbus A320
F-WWBV Airbus A320
F-WWBX Airbus A320
F-WWBY Airbus A320
F-WWBZ Airbus A320
F-WWDA Airbus A320
F-WWDC Airbus A320
F-WWDD Airbus A320
F-WWDE Airbus A320
F-WWDF Airbus A320
F-WWDG Airbus A320
F-WWDH Airbus A320
F-WWDI Airbus A320
F-WWDJ Airbus A320
F-WWDK Airbus A320
F-WWDL Airbus A320
F-WWDM Airbus A320
F-WWDN Airbus A320
F-WWDO Airbus A320
F-WWDP Airbus A320
F-WWDQ Airbus A320
F-WWDR Airbus A320
F-WWDS Airbus A320
F-WWDT Airbus A320
F-WWDU Airbus A320
F-WWDV Airbus A320
F-WWDX Airbus A320
F-WWDY Airbus A320
F-WWDZ Airbus A320
F-WWIA Airbus A320
F-WWIB Airbus A320
F-WWIC Airbus A320
F-WWID Airbus A320
F-WWIE Airbus A320
F-WWIF Airbus A320
F-WWIG Airbus A320
F-WWIH Airbus A320
F-WWII Airbus A320
F-WWIJ Airbus A320
F-WWIK Airbus A320
F-WWIL Airbus A320
F-WWIM Airbus A320
F-WWIN Airbus A320
F-WWIO Airbus A320
F-WWIP Airbus A320
F-WWIQ Airbus A320
F-WWIR Airbus A320
F-WWIS Airbus A320
F-WWIT Airbus A320
F-WWIU Airbus A320
F-WWIV Airbus A320
F-WWIX Airbus A320
F-WWIY Airbus A320
F-WWIZ Airbus A320
F-WWTK Airbus A320
F-WWTL Airbus A320
F-WWTM Airbus A320
F-WWTN Airbus A320
F-WWTO Airbus A320
F-WWTP Airbus A320
F-WWTQ Airbus A320
F-WWTR Airbus A320
F-WWTS Airbus A320
F-WWTU Airbus A320
F-WWTV Airbus A320
F-WWTX Airbus A320
F-WWTY Airbus A320
F-WWTZ Airbus A320
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
D-AVXA Airbus A321
D-AVXB Airbus A321
D-AVXC Airbus A321
D-AVXD Airbus A321
D-AVXE Airbus A321
D-AVXF Airbus A321
D-AVXG Airbus A321
D-AVXH Airbus A321
D-AVXI Airbus A321
D-AVXJ Airbus A321
D-AVXK Airbus A321
D-AVXL Airbus A321
D-AVXM Airbus A321
D-AVXN Airbus A321
D-AVXO Airbus A321
D-AVXP Airbus A321
D-AVXQ Airbus A321
D-AVXR Airbus A321
D-AVXS Airbus A321
D-AVXT Airbus A321
D-AVXU Airbus A321
D-AVXV Airbus A321
D-AVXW Airbus A321
D-AVXX Airbus A321
D-AVXY Airbus A321
D-AVXZ Airbus A321
D-AVYA Airbus A321
D-AVYB Airbus A321
D-AVYC Airbus A321
D-AVYD Airbus A321
D-AVYE Airbus A321
D-AVYF Airbus A321
D-AVYG Airbus A321
D-AVYH Airbus A321
D-AVYI Airbus A321
D-AVYJ Airbus A321
D-AVYK Airbus A321
D-AVYL Airbus A321
D-AVYM Airbus A321
D-AVYN Airbus A321
D-AVYO Airbus A321
D-AVYP Airbus A321
D-AVYQ Airbus A321
D-AVYR Airbus A321
D-AVYS Airbus A321
D-AVYT Airbus A321
D-AVYU Airbus A321
D-AVYV Airbus A321
D-AVYW Airbus A3211
D-AVYX Airbus A321
D-AVYY Airbus A321
D-AVYZ Airbus A321
D-AVZA Airbus A321
D-AVZB Airbus A321
D-AVZC Airbus A321
D-AVZD Airbus A321
D-AVZE Airbus A321
D-AVZF Airbus A321
D-AVZG Airbus A321
D-AVZH Airbus A321
D-AVZI Airbus A321
D-AVZJ Airbus A321
D-AVZK Airbus A321
D-AVZL Airbus A321
D-AVZM Airbus A321
D-AVZN Airbus A321
D-AVZO Airbus A321
D-AVZP Airbus A321
D-AVZQ Airbus A321
D-AVZR Airbus A321
D-AVZS Airbus A321
D-AVZT Airbus A321
D-AVZU Airbus A321
D-AVZV Airbus A321
D-AVZW Airbus A321
D-AVZX Airbus A321
D-AVZY Airbus A321
D-AVZZ Airbus A321
D-AYAA Airbus A321
D-AYAB Airbus A321
D-AYAC Airbus A321
D-AYAD Airbus A321
D-AYAE Airbus A321
D-AYAF Airbus A321
D-AYAG Airbus A321
D-AYAH Airbus A321
D-AYAI Airbus A321
D-AYAJ Airbus A321
D-AYAK Airbus A321
D-AYAL Airbus A321
D-AYAM Airbus A321
D-AYAN Airbus A321
D-AYAO Airbus A321
D-AYAP Airbus A321
D-AYAQ Airbus A321
D-AYAR Airbus A321
D-AYAS Airbus A321
D-AYAT Airbus A321
D-AYAU Airbus A321
D-AYAV Airbus A321
D-AYAW Airbus A321
D-AYAX Airbus A321
D-AYAY Airbus A321
D-AYAZ Airbus A321
D-AZAA Airbus A321
D-AZAB Airbus A321
D-AZAC Airbus A321
D-AZAD Airbus A321
D-AZAE Airbus A321
D-AZAF Airbus A321
D-AZAG Airbus A321
D-AZAH Airbus A321
D-AZAI Airbus A321
D-AZAJ Airbus A321
D-AZAK Airbus A321
D-AZAL Airbus A321
D-AZAM Airbus A321
D-AZAN Airbus A321
D-AZAO Airbus A321
D-AZAP Airbus A321
D-AZAQ Airbus A321
D-AZAR Airbus A321
D-AZAS Airbus A321
D-AZAT Airbus A321
D-AZAU Airbus A321
D-AZAV Airbus A321
D-AZAW Airbus A321
D-AZAX Airbus A321
F-WZMA Airbus A321
F-WZMB Airbus A321
F-WZMC Airbus A321
F-WZMD Airbus A321
F-WZME Airbus A321
F-WZMF Airbus A321
F-WZMG Airbus A321
F-WZMH Airbus A321
F-WZMI Airbus A321
F-WZMJ Airbus A321
F-WZMK Airbus A321
F-WZML Airbus A321
F-WZMM Airbus A321
F-WZMN Airbus A321
F-WZMO Airbus A321
F-WZMP Airbus A321
F-WZMQ Airbus A321
F-WZMR Airbus A321
F-WZMS Airbus A321
F-WZMT Airbus A321
F-WZMU Airbus A321
F-WZMV Airbus A321
F-WZMW Airbus A321
F-WZMX Airbus A321
F-WZMY Airbus A321
F-WZMZ Airbus A321
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WWCB Airbus A330
F-WWCC Airbus A330
F-WWCD Airbus A330
F-WWCE Airbus A330
F-WWCG Airbus A330
F-WWCH Airbus A330
F-WWCI Airbus A330
F-WWCJ Airbus A330
F-WWCK Airbus A330
F-WWCL Airbus A330
F-WWCM Airbus A330
F-WWCN Airbus A330
F-WWCO Airbus A330
F-WWCP Airbus A330
F-WWCQ Airbus A330
F-WWCR Airbus A330
F-WWCS Airbus A330
F-WWCT Airbus A330
F-WWCU Airbus A330
F-WWCV Airbus A330
F-WWCX Airbus A330
F-WWCY Airbus A330
F-WWCZ Airbus A330
F-WWKA Airbus A330
F-WWKB Airbus A330
F-WWKD Airbus A330
F-WWKE Airbus A330
F-WWKF Airbus A330
F-WWKG Airbus A330
F-WWKH Airbus A330
F-WWKI Airbus A330
F-WWKJ Airbus A330
F-WWKK Airbus A330
F-WWKL Airbus A330
F-WWKM Airbus A330
F-WWKN Airbus A330
F-WWKO Airbus A330
F-WWKP Airbus A330
F-WWKQ Airbus A330
F-WWKR Airbus A330
F-WWKS Airbus A330
F-WWKT Airbus A330
F-WWKU Airbus A330
F-WWKV Airbus A330
F-WWKX Airbus A330
F-WWKY Airbus A330
F-WWKZ Airbus A330
F-WWYA Airbus A330
F-WWYC Airbus A330
F-WWYD Airbus A330
F-WWYE Airbus A330
F-WWYF Airbus A330
F-WWYG Airbus A330
F-WWYH Airbus A330
F-WWYI Airbus A330
F-WWYJ Airbus A330
F-WWYK Airbus A330
F-WWYL Airbus A330
F-WWYM Airbus A330
F-WWYN Airbus A330
F-WWYO Airbus A330
F-WWYP Airbus A330
F-WWYQ Airbus A330
F-WWYR Airbus A330
F-WWYS Airbus A330
F-WWYT Airbus A330
F-WWYU Airbus A330
F-WWYV Airbus A330
F-WWYX Airbus A330
F-WWYY Airbus A330
F-WWYZ Airbus A330
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WTTO Airbus A330-841
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WTTE Airbus A330-941
F-WTTN Airbus A330-941
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WWAI Airbus A340-311
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WWAW Airbus A350
F-WWBW Airbus A350
F-WWCF Airbus A350-941
F-WWDW Airbus A350
F-WWIW Airbus A350
F-WWTW Airbus A350
F-WWYB Airbus A350-900
F-WXAB Airbus A350
F-WXWB Airbus A350-941
F-WZFA Airbus A350
F-WZFB Airbus A350
F-WZFC Airbus A350
F-WZFD Airbus A350
F-WZFE Airbus A350
F-WZFF Airbus A350
F-WZFG Airbus A350
F-WZFH Airbus A350
F-WZFI Airbus A350
F-WZFJ Airbus A350
F-WZFK Airbus A350
F-WZFL Airbus A350
F-WZFM Airbus A350
F-WZFN Airbus A350
F-WZFO Airbus A350
F-WZFP Airbus A350
F-WZFQ Airbus A350
F-WZFR Airbus A350
F-WZFS Airbus A350
F-WZFT Airbus A350
F-WZFU Airbus A350
F-WZFV Airbus A350
F-WZFW Airbus A350
F-WZFX Airbus A350
F-WZFY Airbus A350
F-WZFZ Airbus A350
F-WZGA Airbus A350
F-WZGB Airbus A350
F-WZGC Airbus A350
F-WZGD Airbus A350
F-WZGE Airbus A350
F-WZGF Airbus A350
F-WZGG Airbus A350
F-WZGK Airbus A350
F-WZGL Airbus A350
F-WZGM Airbus A350
F-WZGN Airbus A350
F-WZGO Airbus A350
F-WZGP Airbus A350
F-WZGQ Airbus A350
F-WZGR Airbus A350
F-WZGS Airbus A350
F-WZGT Airbus A350
F-WZGU Airbus A350
F-WZGV Airbus A350
F-WZGW Airbus A350
F-WZGX Airbus A350
F-WZGY Airbus A350
F-WZGZ Airbus A350
F-WZHC Airbus A350
F-WZHD Airbus A350
F-WZHE Airbus A350
F-WZHF Airbus A350
F-WZHG Airbus A350
F-WZHH Airbus A350
F-WZHI Airbus A350
F-WZHJ Airbus A350
F-WZHK Airbus A350
F-WZHT Airbus A350
F-WZNA Airbus A350
F-WZNB Airbus A350
F-WZNC Airbus A350
F-WZND Airbus A350
F-WZNE Airbus A350
F-WZNF Airbus A350
F-WZNG Airbus A350
F-WZNI Airbus A350
F-WZNJ Airbus A350
F-WZNK Airbus A350
F-WZNL Airbus A350
F-WZNM Airbus A350
F-WZNN Airbus A350
F-WZNO Airbus A350
F-WZNP Airbus A350
F-WZNQ Airbus A350
F-WZNR Airbus A350
F-WZNS Airbus A350
F-WZNT Airbus A350
F-WZNU Airbus A350
F-WZNV Airbus A350
F-WZNW Airbus A350-941
F-WZNX Airbus A350
F-WZNY Airbus A350
F-WZNZ Airbus A350
F-XWAD Airbus A350
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WMIL Airbus A350-1041
F-WWXL Airbus A350-1000
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WWAB Airbus A380
F-WWAD Airbus A380
F-WWAE Airbus A380
F-WWAF Airbus A380
F-WWAG Airbus A380
F-WWAH Airbus A380
F-WWAJ Airbus A380
F-WWAK Airbus A380
F-WWAL Airbus A380
F-WWAM Airbus A380
F-WWAN Airbus A380
F-WWAO Airbus A380
F-WWAP Airbus A380
F-WWAQ Airbus A380
F-WWAR Airbus A380
F-WWAS Airbus A380
F-WWAT Airbus A380
F-WWAU Airbus A380
F-WWAV Airbus A380
F-WWAX Airbus A380
F-WWAY Airbus A380
F-WWAZ Airbus A380
F-WWEA Airbus A380
F-WWOW Airbus A380-841
F-WWSA Airbus A380
F-WWSB Airbus A380
F-WWSC Airbus A380
F-WWSD Airbus A380
F-WWSE Airbus A380
F-WWSF Airbus A380
F-WWSG Airbus A380
F-WWSH Airbus A380
F-WWSI Airbus A380
F-WWSJ Airbus A380
F-WWSK Airbus A380
F-WWSL Airbus A380
F-WWSM Airbus A380
F-WWSN Airbus A380
F-WWSO Airbus A380
F-WWSP Airbus A380
F-WWSQ Airbus A380
F-WWSR Airbus A380
F-WWSS Airbus A380
F-WWST Airbus A380
F-WWSU Airbus A380
F-WWSV Airbus A380
F-WWSY Airbus A380
F-WWSZ Airbus A380
F-WWTE Airbus A380
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
EC-402 Airbus A400M
EC-404 Airbus A400M
F-WWMS Airbus A400M
F-WWMT Airbus A400M
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WWLB ATR 42-600
F-WWLC ATR 42-600
F-WWLD ATR 42-600
F-WWLE ATR 42-600
F-WWLF ATR 42-600
F-WWLG ATR 42-600
F-WWLH ATR 42-600
F-WWLI ATR 42-600
F-WWLJ ATR 42-600
F-WWLK ATR 42-600
F-WWLL ATR 42-600
F-WWLM ATR 42-600
F-WWLN ATR 42-600
F-WWLO ATR 42-600
F-WWLP ATR 42-600
F-WWLQ ATR 42-600
F-WWLR ATR 42-600
F-WWLS ATR 42-600
F-WWLT ATR 42-600
F-WWLU ATR 42-600
F-WWLV ATR 42-600
F-WWLW ATR 42-600
F-WWLX ATR 42-600
F-WWLY ATR 42-600
F-WWLZ ATR 42-600
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
F-WWEB ATR 72-600
F-WWEC ATR 72-600
F-WWED ATR 72-600
F-WWEE ATR 72-600
F-WWEF ATR 72-600
F-WWEG ATR 72-600
F-WWEH ATR 72-600
F-WWEI ATR 72-600
F-WWEJ ATR 72-600
F-WWEK ATR 72-600
F-WWEL ATR 72-600
F-WWEM ATR 72-600
F-WWEN ATR 72-600
F-WWEO ATR 72-600
F-WWEP ATR 72-600
F-WWEQ ATR 72-600
F-WWER ATR 72-600
F-WWES ATR 72-600
F-WWET ATR 72-600
F-WWEU ATR 72-600
F-WWEV ATR 72-600
F-WWEW ATR 72-600
F-WWEX ATR 72-600
F-WWEY ATR 72-600
F-WWEZ ATR 72-600
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
C-FOUY Airbus A220-100
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
C-FOVG Airbus A220-300
C-GPCA Airbus A220-300
RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
D-HADF Airbus Helicopters H145
D-HADL Airbus Helicopters H145