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Jeju Air

RegistrationAircraft typeSerial number (MSN)Age
HL7213 Boeing 737-86N
HL7780 Boeing 737-85F
HL8019 Boeing 737-86N
HL8020 Boeing 737-86N
HL8031 Boeing 737-8GJ
HL8032 Boeing 737-8GJ
HL8033 Boeing 737-8AL
HL8034 Boeing 737-8HX
HL8049 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8050 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8051 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8061 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8062 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8063 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8064 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8087 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8088 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8089 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8090 Boeing 737-8AS
HL8206 Boeing 737-86J
HL8234 Boeing 737-86Q
HL8239 Boeing 737-82R
HL8260 Boeing 737-8BK
HL8261 Boeing 737-8BK
HL8295 Boeing 737-8Q8
HL8296 Boeing 737-8Q8
HL8301 Boeing 737-8BK
HL8302 Boeing 737-8FH
HL8303 Boeing 737-8FH
HL8304 Boeing 737-8JP
HL8305 Boeing 737-8JP
HL8316 Boeing 737-8LC
HL8317 Boeing 737-8LC
HL8318 Boeing 737-8LC
HL8321 Boeing 737-8K5
HL8322 Boeing 737-8K5
HL8331 Boeing 737-8JP
HL8332 Boeing 737-8JP
HL8333 Boeing 737-8JP
HL8334 Boeing 737-8JP
HL8335 Boeing 737-8JP
HL8336 Boeing 737-8JP
HL8337 Boeing 737-82R
HL8339 Boeing 737-82R