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Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. Flightradar24 tracks 180,000+ flights, from 1,200+ airlines, flying to or from 4,000+ airports around the world in real time. Our service is currently available online and for your iOS or Android device.

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Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker

Airlines list

21 Air2I / CSB2 aircraft
2Excel AviationBRO22 aircraft
748 Air ServicesFE / IHO6 aircraft
9 AirAQ / JYH25 aircraft
Abakan AirS5 / NKP7 aircraft
ABS JetsABP1 aircraft
Abu Dhabi AviationBAR1 aircraft
ABX AirGB / ABX15 aircraft
Acass IrelandSON2 aircraft
Advanced AirAN / WSN15 aircraft
Aegean AirlinesA3 / AEE58 aircraft
Aer LingusEI / EIN69 aircraft
AerCaribeJK / ACL6 aircraft
AeroTD / BLK4 aircraft
AeroN2 / NIG7 aircraft
Aero Asahi CorporationAKF12 aircraft
Aero CharterGLT8 aircraft
Aero Charter and TransportCTA2 aircraft
Aero KRF / EOK2 aircraft
Aero MongoliaM0 / MNG4 aircraft
Aero Nomad AirlinesANK2 aircraft
Aero SotraviaASR5 aircraft
Aero-Beta Flight TrainingABA12 aircraft
Aero-DienstADN4 aircraft
AeroflotSU / AFL178 aircraft
AeroitaliaXZ / AEZ2 aircraft
Aerolineas ArgentinasAR / ARG79 aircraft
Aerolineas EjecutivasLET17 aircraft
AeroLogic3S / BOX13 aircraft
AeromarVW / TAO9 aircraft
AeromexicoAM / AMX142 aircraft
Aeronaves TSMVTM55 aircraft
AeropartnerDFC8 aircraft
AeroregionalRER3 aircraft
Aeroservicios de la CostaTAA5 aircraft
AerostanBSC3 aircraft
AerosucreKRE5 aircraft
Aerosul Linhas AereasASO2 aircraft
AerotecAEP13 aircraft
AerotoursATU3 aircraft
AerotranscargoF5 / ATG6 aircraft
AeroUnion6R / TNO5 aircraft
Aerovias DAPV5 / DAP7 aircraft
Aerovis AirlinesVIZ4 aircraft
Aerro Direkt4D / DIR1 aircraft
Africa AirlinesAAT1 aircraft
Africa World AirlinesAW / AFW8 aircraft
African Express AirwaysXU / AXK2 aircraft
AfrijetJ7 / ABS2 aircraft
Afriqiyah Airways8U / AAW9 aircraft
Air 1st AviationRUF2 aircraft
Air AlbaniaZB / ABN2 aircraft
Air AlgerieAH / DAH56 aircraft
Air AllianceAYY12 aircraft
Air Alsie6I / MMD9 aircraft
Air AnkaTAH1 aircraft
Air Antilles3S / GUY11 aircraft
Air ArabiaG9 / ABY63 aircraft
Air AstanaKC / KZR34 aircraft
Air Atlanta IcelandicCC / ABD5 aircraft
Air AustralUU / REU9 aircraft
Air BalticBT / BTI36 aircraft
Air BelgiumKF / ABB4 aircraft
Air BohemiaBOH4 aircraft
Air BorealisLBR9 aircraft
Air BotswanaBP / BOT3 aircraft
Air BucharestBUR2 aircraft
Air Burkina2J / VBW4 aircraft
Air BusanBX / ABL25 aircraft
Air CairoSM / MSC13 aircraft
Air CaledonieTY / TPC4 aircraft
Air CanadaAC / ACA297 aircraft
Air Canada RougeRV / ROU31 aircraft
Air CaraibesTX / FWI13 aircraft
Air Care AllianceCMF6 aircraft
Air Cargo Carriers2Q / SNC35 aircraft
Air CenturyY2 / CEY10 aircraft
Air Changan9H / CGN13 aircraft
Air Charity NetworkNGF14 aircraft
Air Charter ScotlandEDC12 aircraft
Air Chathams3C / CVA6 aircraft
Air ChinaCA / CCA489 aircraft
Air China CargoCAO15 aircraft
Air China Inner MongoliaCNM9 aircraft
Air Choice One3E / ACO10 aircraft
Air CM GlobalRJR8 aircraft
Air CorporateCPV4 aircraft
Air CorsicaXK / CCM12 aircraft
Air Cote d'IvoireHF / VRE9 aircraft
Air CreebecYN / CRQ18 aircraft
Air DoHD / ADO15 aircraft
Air DolomitiEN / DLA17 aircraft
Air EuropaUX / AEA57 aircraft
Air FalconFS / FPK1 aircraft
Air FlamencoF4 / WAF13 aircraft
Air FranceAF / AFR255 aircraft
Air GeorgiaDC / AGF2 aircraft
Air GreenlandGL / GRL13 aircraft
Air GuilinGT / CGH11 aircraft
Air HamburgAHO43 aircraft
Air HorizontHT / HAT4 aircraft
Air IncheonKJ / AIH5 aircraft
Air IndiaAI / AIC123 aircraft
Air India ExpressIX / AXB24 aircraft
Air Inuit3H / AIE31 aircraft
Air KBZK7 / KBZ8 aircraft
Air KiribatiIK / AKL3 aircraft
Air KoryoJS / KOR10 aircraft
Air LiaisonDU / LSJ12 aircraft
Air Libya7I / TLR6 aircraft
Air LoyauteRLY5 aircraft
Air MacauNX / AMU22 aircraft
Air MadagascarMD / MDG4 aircraft
Air MaltaKM / AMC9 aircraft
Air ManasZM / MBB1 aircraft
Air MauritiusMK / MAU11 aircraft
Air MediterraneanMV / MAR1 aircraft
Air Moldova9U / MLD5 aircraft
Air MontenegroMNE3 aircraft
Air New ZealandNZ / ANZ100 aircraft
Air NiuginiPX / ANG26 aircraft
Air North4N / ANT9 aircraft
Air NostrumYW / ANE5 aircraft
Air NunavutBFF14 aircraft
Air Panama7P / PST3 aircraft
Air PeaceP4 / APK28 aircraft
Air PremiaYP / APZ1 aircraft
Air RarotongaGZ / RAR4 aircraft
Air Saint-PierrePJ / SPM2 aircraft
Air SenegalHC / SZN10 aircraft
Air SeoulRS / ASV6 aircraft
Air SeychellesHM / SEY7 aircraft
Air SprayASB45 aircraft
Air SunshineRSI8 aircraft
Air TahitiVT / VTA9 aircraft
Air Tahiti NuiTN / THT4 aircraft
Air TanzaniaTC / ATC12 aircraft
Air Taxi & Charter InternationalIBJ1 aircraft
Air ThanlwinST / RTL4 aircraft
Air Tindi8T / TIN8 aircraft
Air TransatTS / TSC31 aircraft
Air Transport EuropeEAT5 aircraft
Air Transport International8C / ATN13 aircraft
Air TravelA6 / OTC15 aircraft
Air Urga3N / URG7 aircraft
Air VanuatuNF / AVN1 aircraft
Air VoltaVLB2 aircraft
Air X CharterAX / AXY15 aircraft
Air ZimbabweUM / AZW4 aircraft
Air-GlaciersAGV25 aircraft
Air-Taxi EuropeTWG4 aircraft
AirACT9T / RUN5 aircraft
AirAsiaAK / AXM239 aircraft
AirAsia XD7 / XAX22 aircraft
AirBluePA / ABQ11 aircraft
AirBridgeCargo AirlinesRU / ABW16 aircraft
AirbusAIB949 aircraft
Airbus Transport International4Y / BGA9 aircraft
AircalinSB / ACI6 aircraft
Aircompany ArmeniaRM / NGT3 aircraft
Aircraft Management GroupRVJ6 aircraft
AirestAEG7 aircraft
AirExploreED / AXE5 aircraft
Airfast IndonesiaAFE9 aircraft
AirGO Private AirlineXGO5 aircraft
Airhub AirlinesGJM7 aircraft
Airkenya ExpressP2 / XAK6 aircraft
Airlec Air EspaceARL8 aircraft
AirliftALI4 aircraft
AirlinkJAR14 aircraft
Airlink4Z / LNK55 aircraft
AirNetUSC30 aircraft
AirnorthTL / ANO10 aircraft
Airpac AirlinesAPC11 aircraft
AirPinkPNK15 aircraft
AirSERBIAJU / ASL20 aircraft
AirSF Flight ServicesXSN5 aircraft
AirShareXSR48 aircraft
AirSialPF / SIF4 aircraft
AirSmartXSM6 aircraft
AirSprintASP23 aircraft
AirSWIFTT6 / ATX4 aircraft
AirTanker9L / TOW2 aircraft
AirwingNWG6 aircraft
AirworkAWK10 aircraft
AIS AirlinesPNX7 aircraft
Ajwaa AirlinesAJY1 aircraft
Akasa AirQP / AKJ4 aircraft
Alante Air CharterSVL3 aircraft
Alaska AirlinesAS / ASA344 aircraft
Alaska Central ExpressKO / AER19 aircraft
AlbaStarAP / LAV6 aircraft
Albatros AirlinesG0 / GAL1 aircraft
Albawings2B / AWT3 aircraft
Albinati AeronauticsLUC1 aircraft
Alexandria AirlinesDQ / KHH2 aircraft
AlidauniaD4 / LID8 aircraft
AlisCargo AirlinesCP / LSI4 aircraft
AliserioTJD6 aircraft
ALK AirlinesVBB4 aircraft
Alkan AirALN2 aircraft
Alkan AirAKN19 aircraft
All Nippon AirwaysNH / ANA244 aircraft
Allegiant AirG4 / AAY128 aircraft
Alliance Air9I / LLR21 aircraft
Alliance AirlinesQQ / UTY59 aircraft
Allied Air4W / AJK4 aircraft
AlMasria Universal AirlinesUJ / LMU5 aircraft
Aloha Air CargoKH / AAH5 aircraft
Alphaland AviationBIC2 aircraft
Alpine Air Express5A / AIP70 aircraft
Alpine FlightserviceFSE2 aircraft
Alrosa6R / DRU5 aircraft
ALSALW4 aircraft
AltagnaAGH2 aircraft
Amakusa AirlinesMZ / AHX1 aircraft
Amapola FlygHP / APF11 aircraft
AmaszonasZ8 / AZN12 aircraft
AMC AirlinesAMV4 aircraft
AMC AviationAMQ13 aircraft
Amelia InternationalNL / AEH17 aircraft
American Air CharterGTW6 aircraft
American AirlinesAA / AAL1543 aircraft
AmeriflightA8 / AMF136 aircraft
Amerijet InternationalM6 / AJT14 aircraft
Ameristar7Z / AJI13 aircraft
AMREF Flying DoctorsFDS5 aircraft
Anap JetsAJP4 aircraft
Anda AirDM / SSV1 aircraft
Andes Lineas AereasANS5 aircraft
Angara Airlines2G / AGU2 aircraft
Anguilla Air ServicesQ3 / AXL5 aircraft
AnimawingsA2 / AWG2 aircraft
Antonov AirlinesADB7 aircraft
APG AirlinesGP / RIV1 aircraft
ArajetDM / DWI5 aircraft
Arcus AirAZE9 aircraft
Ariana Afghan AirlinesFG / AFG4 aircraft
Arik AirW3 / ARA20 aircraft
Arkhangelsk AirlinesOAO4 aircraft
Arkia Israeli AirlinesIZ / AIZ5 aircraft
Armenia Airways6A / AMW2 aircraft
Aruba AirlinesAG / ARU3 aircraft
ASG Business AviationESW6 aircraft
Asia Pacific AirlinesP9 / MGE5 aircraft
Asiana AirlinesOZ / AAR81 aircraft
Asky AirlinesKP / SKK12 aircraft
ASL AirlinesABR61 aircraft
ASL Airlines Belgium3V / TAY1 aircraft
Asta Linhas Aereas0A / SUL2 aircraft
AstonjetASJ10 aircraft
Astral Aviation8V / ACP6 aircraft
ATA AirlinesI3 / TBZ17 aircraft
ATI JetCYO11 aircraft
Atlantic AirwaysRC / FLI5 aircraft
Atlas Air5Y / GTI55 aircraft
Atlas Air ServiceATL14 aircraft
AtranV8 / VAS9 aircraft
Auckland Rescue HelicopterWPR4 aircraft
Aura AirlinesU5 / GWR2 aircraft
Auric AirUI / AUK11 aircraft
Aurigny Air ServicesGR / AUR7 aircraft
AuroraHZ / SHU19 aircraft
Austrian AirlinesOS / AUA62 aircraft
Av8JetAJO1 aircraft
Avanti AirATV1 aircraft
AvcenterTTE5 aircraft
Avcon JetAOJ16 aircraft
Avcon Jet MaltaVCJ5 aircraft
Avcon Jet San MarinoVAJ1 aircraft
Avelo AirlinesXP / VXP11 aircraft
Avia TrafficYK / AVJ5 aircraft
Aviacon ZitotransZR / AZS4 aircraft
AviancaAV / AVA129 aircraft
Avianca CargoQT / TPA6 aircraft
AviastarVIT1 aircraft
Aviastar-TU4B / TUP8 aircraft
Aviation AdvisorLKF17 aircraft
Aviation HorizonsZS / HZS8 aircraft
Avion ExpressX9 / NVD13 aircraft
AvionordVND4 aircraft
Avior Airlines9V / ROI13 aircraft
AviostartVSR2 aircraft
Azerbaijan AirlinesJ2 / AHY30 aircraft
AzimuthA4 / AZO15 aircraft
Azman AirZQ / AZM7 aircraft
Azores AirlinesS4 / RZO8 aircraft
Aztec AirwaysAJ / AZY12 aircraft
Azul Linhas AereasAD / AZU181 aircraft
Azur AirZF / AZV22 aircraft
Azur Air UkraineQU / UTN10 aircraft
Babcock MCS EspanaINR30 aircraft
Babcock MCS ItaliaELH43 aircraft
Babcock MCS OffshoreBND42 aircraft
Babcock MCS OnshoreRHD67 aircraft
Babcock MCS PortugalBBO1 aircraft
Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulanceDFL19 aircraft
Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulanceBNO12 aircraft
Baden Aircraft OperationsBAO5 aircraft
Badr AirlinesJ4 / BDR12 aircraft
BAe SystemsBAE5 aircraft
BAe Systems MarineVSB5 aircraft
BahamasairUP / BHS8 aircraft
BairlineBRJ2 aircraft
Bamboo AirwaysQH / BAV29 aircraft
Bangkok AirwaysPG / BKP36 aircraft
BankAirBKA6 aircraft
Bar XH AirBXH4 aircraft
Bassaka Air5B / BSX2 aircraft
Batik AirID / BTK77 aircraft
Beijing AirlinesBJN8 aircraft
Bel Air AviationBBX5 aircraft
BelaviaB2 / BRU13 aircraft
Bemidji AirlinesCH / BMJ42 aircraft
Bering Air8E / BRG37 aircraft
Berjaya AirJ8 / BVT2 aircraft
Berniq AirwaysNB / BNL2 aircraft
Berry AviationBYA19 aircraft
Bestfly ArubaBFY6 aircraft
Bestfly Cabo Verde3B / BCV5 aircraft
BH Air8H / BGH1 aircraft
Bhutan AirlinesB3 / BTN2 aircraft
Bighorn AirwaysBHR20 aircraft
Biman Bangladesh AirlinesBG / BBC22 aircraft
BinAirBID2 aircraft
Binter CanariasNT / IBB32 aircraft
BioflightBIO10 aircraft
Blue Air0B / BLA14 aircraft
Blue Dart AviationBZ / BDA6 aircraft
Blue IslandsSI / BCI5 aircraft
Blue Square AviationBSG6 aircraft
Bluebird AirwaysBZ / BBG5 aircraft
Bluebird AviationBBZ8 aircraft
Bluebird NordicBO / BBD10 aircraft
BoeingBOE332 aircraft
Boliviana de AviacionOB / BOV23 aircraft
BookajetBOO4 aircraft
Boutique Air4B / BTQ24 aircraft
BRATF / BRX13 aircraft
Bravo AirwaysBAY2 aircraft
Breeze AirwaysMX / MXY24 aircraft
Bristow HelicoptersBHL129 aircraft
British AirwaysBA / BAW288 aircraft
Bromma Air MaintenanceCFL1 aircraft
Brussels AirlinesSN / BEL40 aircraft
Budapest Aircraft ServiceRP / BPS3 aircraft
Buddha AirU4 / BHA16 aircraft
Buffalo AirwaysBFL51 aircraft
Bul AirLB / BVL8 aircraft
Bulgaria - GovernmentBGF1 aircraft
Bulgaria AirFB / LZB7 aircraft
Buraq AirUZ / BRQ2 aircraft
Business WingsJMP4 aircraft
BuzzRR / RYS8 aircraft
BySkyBYS3 aircraft
Cabo Verde AirlinesVR / TCV2 aircraft
Caicos Express Airways9Q / CXE6 aircraft
Calafia AirlinesA7 / CFV4 aircraft
Calm AirMO / CAV6 aircraft
CalstarCMD20 aircraft
Camair-CoQC / CRC3 aircraft
Cambodia AirwaysKR / KME6 aircraft
Cambodia Angkor AirK6 / KHV7 aircraft
Canada - Department of TransportTGO40 aircraft
Canadian Airways CongoTWC1 aircraft
Canadian North5T / AKT30 aircraft
CanaryFlyPM / CNF7 aircraft
CanaviaCNA7 aircraft
Canlink AviationMFC59 aircraft
CanWest AirCWA9 aircraft
Cape Air9K / KAP109 aircraft
Capital Air AmbulanceEGL4 aircraft
Capital AirlinesJD / CBJ94 aircraft
Capital City Air CarriersCCQ3 aircraft
Cardig AirCAD1 aircraft
CareFlightCFH17 aircraft
Cargo AirCGF11 aircraft
Cargojet AirwaysW8 / CJT28 aircraft
CargoLogicAirP3 / CLU2 aircraft
CargoluxCV / CLX30 aircraft
Caribbean AirlinesBW / BWA24 aircraft
CarpatairV3 / KRP3 aircraft
Carson AirCRN17 aircraft
Caspian AirlinesRV / CPN10 aircraft
Castle AviationCSJ24 aircraft
Cathay PacificCX / CPA175 aircraft
CatreusVCG10 aircraft
Cavok AirCVK9 aircraft
Cayman AirwaysKX / CAY7 aircraft
Cebu Pacific5J / CEB72 aircraft
Ceiba IntercontinentalC2 / CEL5 aircraft
CemAir5Z / KEM16 aircraft
Central Air SouthwestCTL28 aircraft
Central AirlinesI9 / HLF6 aircraft
Central Mountain Air9M / GLR27 aircraft
CentrelineCLF12 aircraft
Chabahar AirlinesIRU3 aircraft
Chair AirlinesGM / GSW3 aircraft
Chalair AviationCE / CLG12 aircraft
Challenge AirlinesX7 / CHG4 aircraft
Cham Wings Airlines6Q / SAW3 aircraft
Charter JetsLTC4 aircraft
Chartright AirHRT14 aircraft
CHC HelicopterHMB79 aircraft
Chengdu AirlinesEU / UEA62 aircraft
China AirlinesCI / CAL95 aircraft
China Cargo AirlinesCK / CKK14 aircraft
China Central Longhao AirlinesGI / LHA11 aircraft
China Eastern AirlinesMU / CES606 aircraft
China Express AirlinesG5 / HXA59 aircraft
China Postal AirlinesCF / CYZ33 aircraft
China Southern AirlinesCZ / CSN666 aircraft
China Southern CargoCSG2 aircraft
China United AirlinesKN / CUA55 aircraft
Chongqing AirlinesOQ / CQN33 aircraft
Chrono AviationMB / NDL12 aircraft
Chrono JetMB / MBK6 aircraft
CITIC Offshore HelicopterCHC12 aircraft
CitilinkQG / CTV57 aircraft
CityjetWX / BCY2 aircraft
Civil Air PatrolCAP614 aircraft
Clipper JetORO4 aircraft
CMA CGM AirCargo2C / CMA6 aircraft
Coastal AviationCQ / CSV8 aircraft
Cobham AviationNC / JTE17 aircraft
Cobham Flight InspectionCLB2 aircraft
Colorful GuiZhou AirlinesGY / CGZ17 aircraft
Comlux ArubaCS / CXB2 aircraft
Comlux AviationCLA1 aircraft
Comlux Aviation MaltaMLM4 aircraft
Compagnia Aeronautica ItalianaCPI6 aircraft
Compass Cargo AirlinesADZ3 aircraft
ConairFGD76 aircraft
CondorDE / CFG57 aircraft
Congo Airways8Z / CGA4 aircraft
Conquest AirC4 / QAI3 aircraft
Contour AviationLF / VTE20 aircraft
ConviasaV0 / VCV20 aircraft
Copa AirlinesCM / CMP85 aircraft
Copenhagen AirtaxiCAT4 aircraft
Corendon AirlinesXC / CAI48 aircraft
Corporate AirMLN3 aircraft
CorsairSS / CRL9 aircraft
Costa Rica Green AirwaysGW / GRA3 aircraft
Coulson AviationCUL8 aircraft
CristaluxZ7 / AUZ1 aircraft
Croatia AirlinesOU / CTN12 aircraft
Cronos AirlinesC8 / CRA4 aircraft
CSI AviationCSI2 aircraft
CubanaCU / CUB13 aircraft
Cygnus AirRGN4 aircraft
Cyprus AirwaysCY / CYP3 aircraft
Czech AirlinesOK / CSA2 aircraft
Daallo AirlinesD3 / DAO1 aircraft
Dalian AirlinesCCD13 aircraft
Dan AirJOC2 aircraft
Dana Air9J / DAN7 aircraft
Dassault Falcon ServiceDSO10 aircraft
DATDX / DTR20 aircraft
DC AviationDCS10 aircraft
DEA AviationWKT4 aircraft
Deer JetDER29 aircraft
Deer Jet BeijingBDJ1 aircraft
Delta Air LinesDL / DAL1269 aircraft
Delta Private JetsDPJ74 aircraft
DerayaDRY1 aircraft
Desert JetDJR5 aircraft
DHLD0 / DHK204 aircraft
Diamond SkyDMS6 aircraft
DirectflightDCT2 aircraft
Divi Divi Air3R / DVR5 aircraft
Donghai AirlinesDZ / EPA26 aircraft
Dornier Aviation Nigeria AiepDO / DAV4 aircraft
DragonFly ExecutiveCBM4 aircraft
Dreamline AviationDLX10 aircraft
DRF Luftrettung1I / AMB54 aircraft
Druk AirKB / DRK5 aircraft
Dubai Air WingDUB1 aircraft
E+S AirCAH11 aircraft
E-AviationEFD2 aircraft
E-Cargo AirlinesRF / ERF1 aircraft
Eagle Air IcelandFEI4 aircraft
Eagle Creek AviationEGC8 aircraft
EagleMedEMD18 aircraft
East Coast JetsECJ4 aircraft
Eastar JetZE / ESR8 aircraft
Eastern Airlines2D / EAL18 aircraft
Eastern AirwaysT3 / EZE11 aircraft
EasyFlyVE / EFY22 aircraft
easyJetU2 / EZY325 aircraft
EATISSRK4 aircraft
Eclair AviationECC1 aircraft
EcoJet8J / ECO4 aircraft
Edelweiss AirWK / EDW16 aircraft
EGT JetEGT3 aircraft
EgyptAirMS / MSR66 aircraft
EgyptAir CargoMSX4 aircraft
EJM EuropeJME7 aircraft
El AlLY / ELY44 aircraft
Electra AirwaysEAF2 aircraft
ElifriuliaEFG12 aircraft
ElilombardaEOA6 aircraft
EliossolaEOS3 aircraft
ElitalianaELA10 aircraft
Elitavia MaltaMA / EAU14 aircraft
Elite Airways7Q / MNU10 aircraft
ElitellinaFGS6 aircraft
EmbraerEMB95 aircraft
EmiratesEK / UAE266 aircraft
Emirates Flight Training AcademyEFC26 aircraft
Emperor AviationEMM6 aircraft
Empire AviationMJE3 aircraft
Empyreal JetRLJ1 aircraft
ENAC Ecole Aviation CivileNAK99 aircraft
Encore Air CargoDKT17 aircraft
Enter AirE4 / ENT28 aircraft
Envoy AirMQ / ENY2 aircraft
Epsilon AviationGRV6 aircraft
EquairHN / EQX2 aircraft
EstafetaE7 / ESF6 aircraft
EstelarES / ETR3 aircraft
ETF AirwaysLI / EZZ2 aircraft
Ethiopian AirlinesET / ETH126 aircraft
Etihad AirwaysEY / ETD99 aircraft
Euro LinkEUL4 aircraft
Euro-Asia Air5B / EAK4 aircraft
EuroAtlantic AirwaysYU / MMZ6 aircraft
European Air CharterH6 / BUC16 aircraft
European CargoURO8 aircraft
European Flight AcademyPTO34 aircraft
European Flight ServiceEUW7 aircraft
European FlyersFYS10 aircraft
EurowingsEW / EWG116 aircraft
Eurowings Discover4Y / OCN17 aircraft
EVA AirBR / EVA91 aircraft
Everts Air Alaska5V / VTS17 aircraft
EWA AirZD / EWR3 aircraft
Excellent AirECA17 aircraft
ExecuflightEFT1 aircraft
Execujet Middle EastEJO6 aircraft
Execujet ScandinaviaVMP7 aircraft
Executive Jet CharterEXJ2 aircraft
Executive Jet ManagementEJM72 aircraft
Express Air Cargo7A / XRC3 aircraft
ExpressJetEV / ASQ1 aircraft
ExpressJet AirlinesXE / BTA1 aircraft
ExxaeroXRO9 aircraft
EZ Air7Z / EZR3 aircraft
Eznis AirwaysMG / EZA1 aircraft
FAI rent-a-jetIFA21 aircraft
Fast AirPBR8 aircraft
Fastjet ZimbabweFN / FJW5 aircraft
FedExFX / FDX718 aircraft
Fenix Air CharterFNX6 aircraft
Feuerwehr-Flugdienst NiedersachsenFFD2 aircraft
Fiji AirwaysFJ / FJI21 aircraft
FinistairFTR1 aircraft
FinnairAY / FIN83 aircraft
FinnHEMSFIH3 aircraft
FireflyFY / FFM14 aircraft
FitsAir8D / EXV4 aircraft
Flair AirlinesF8 / FLE22 aircraft
Fleet Air InternationalFRF1 aircraft
FlexflightW2 / FXT13 aircraft
FlexjetLXJ184 aircraft
Flexjet EuropeFLJ7 aircraft
Flexjet Operations MaltaFJO8 aircraft
Flight Calibration ServicesFCK3 aircraft
Flight Calibration ServicesVOR8 aircraft
Flight optionsOPT32 aircraft
Flight Training EuropeAYR24 aircraft
FlightExecFEX2 aircraft
FlightlineFTL4 aircraft
FlightlinkYS / FLZ1 aircraft
Flightpath Charter AirwaysKNT13 aircraft
FltplanDCM15 aircraft
Fly 7FSF24 aircraft
Fly AcrossACW6 aircraft
Fly AllWays8W / EDR3 aircraft
Fly AngolaEQ / FLA1 aircraft
Fly BaghdadIF / FBA8 aircraft
Fly Gangwon4V / FGW3 aircraft
Fly JordanF0 / FJR2 aircraft
Fly One5F / FIA5 aircraft
Fly OyaYI / OYA1 aircraft
Fly ProFP / PVV1 aircraft
Fly SAXEXZ1 aircraft
Fly Sky AirlinesFSQ2 aircraft
Fly Sky AirlinesFSU3 aircraft
Fly TyrolFTY7 aircraft
Fly2SkyF6 / VAW5 aircraft
Fly5405H / FFV4 aircraft
FlyadealF3 / FAD25 aircraft
FlyArnaG6 / ACY1 aircraft
FlybeBE / BEE9 aircraft
FlyBigS9 / FLG3 aircraft
FlybondiFO / FBZ8 aircraft
FlyDubaiFZ / FDB68 aircraft
FlyEgyptFT / FEG9 aircraft
FlyGTA AirlinesSX / TOR6 aircraft
FlyMeVP / VQI4 aircraft
FlyMontserrat5M / MNT1 aircraft
FlynasXY / KNE38 aircraft
FlyPelicanFP / FRE5 aircraft
FlyrFS / FOX12 aircraft
FlySafairFA / SFR29 aircraft
FlySchoolFSM13 aircraft
FR AviationFRA14 aircraft
Freebird AirlinesFH / FHY13 aircraft
Freedom Airline Express4F / FDT5 aircraft
Freight Runners ExpressFRG28 aircraft
French BeeBF / FBU5 aircraft
Frontier AirlinesF9 / FFT115 aircraft
Fuji Dream AirlinesJH / FDA16 aircraft
Fuzhou AirlinesFU / FZA16 aircraft
GalistairGH / GTR2 aircraft
Gama Aviation (UK)GMA23 aircraft
Gama Aviation (US)GAJ99 aircraft
Garuda IndonesiaGA / GIA106 aircraft
Gazpromavia4G / GZP41 aircraft
General Atomic AeroTech SystemsDOR1 aircraft
GenexGNX2 aircraft
Genghis Khan Airlines9D / NMG5 aircraft
Geo Sky AirlineGEL2 aircraft
Georgian AirlinesGH / IGT1 aircraft
Georgian AirwaysA9 / TGZ4 aircraft
German AirwaysZQ / GER6 aircraft
Germany - Air AmbulanceCHX48 aircraft
Gesellschaft Fur FlugzieldarstellungGFD16 aircraft
GestairGES25 aircraft
GetJet AirlinesGW / GJT6 aircraft
Global Air ChartersGJE6 aircraft
Global Air Transport5S / GAK3 aircraft
Global AirwaysGBL3 aircraft
Global Crossing AirlinesG6 / GXA7 aircraft
Global Jet LuxembourgSVW42 aircraft
GlobeAirGAC21 aircraft
Go FirstG8 / GOW57 aircraft
GOL Linhas AereasG3 / GLO144 aircraft
Goldeck FlugGDK4 aircraft
Golden Myanmar AirlinesY5 / GMR1 aircraft
Gouvernement du QuebecQUE20 aircraft
GP AviationIV / GPX2 aircraft
GrafairGFM7 aircraft
Grand Canyon AirlinesYR / CVU11 aircraft
Grand China AirCN / GDC3 aircraft
Grant AviationGV / GUN15 aircraft
Greater Bay AirlinesHB / HGB2 aircraft
Green Africa AirwaysQ9 / GWG3 aircraft
Greybird AviationGAG11 aircraft
GTA AirGTX16 aircraft
Gulf AirGF / GFA36 aircraft
Gulf WingsGWC3 aircraft
GullivAirG2 / GBG5 aircraft
Guna AirlinesGUA4 aircraft
GX AirlinesGX / CBG26 aircraft
Hahn AirHR / HHN3 aircraft
Hai Au AviationHAI2 aircraft
Hainan AirlinesHU / CHH225 aircraft
Harmony JetsHMJ5 aircraft
Hawaiian AirlinesHA / HAL62 aircraft
Hebei AirlinesNS / HBH28 aircraft
Heli Air MonacoYO / MCM2 aircraft
Heli Air ServicesHLR4 aircraft
Heli HollandHHE14 aircraft
Heli Service InternationalHSO10 aircraft
Héli-UnionHLU5 aircraft
HelicolHEL6 aircraft
Helijet InternationalJBA15 aircraft
HelistarHTS10 aircraft
HelistarHSR4 aircraft
HelitransHDR17 aircraft
HELITY Copter AirlinesHTY4 aircraft
Hello JetsH3 / HLJ1 aircraft
Helvetic Airways2L / OAW16 aircraft
Hera FlightHER6 aircraft
Heron AviationHRN8 aircraft
Heston AirlinesHN / HST5 aircraft
Hi Air4H / HGG3 aircraft
Hi Fly5K / HFY12 aircraft
Hibernian AirlinesHG / HBN3 aircraft
Himalaya AirlinesH9 / HIM4 aircraft
Hinterland AviationOI / HND16 aircraft
HiSkyH7 / HYM5 aircraft
Hokkaido Air SystemNTH3 aircraft
Hong Kong Air CargoRH / HKC5 aircraft
Hong Kong AirlinesHX / CRK32 aircraft
Hong Kong ExpressUO / HKE26 aircraft
Hop-A-JetHPJ9 aircraft
HTM Helicopter Travel MunichHTM12 aircraft
Hummingbird AviationETI6 aircraft
Hunnu AirMR / MML4 aircraft
Hydro Quebec0Q / HYD3 aircraft
Hyperion AviationHYP16 aircraft
I-FlyF7 / RSY8 aircraft
iAero AirwaysWQ / SWQ32 aircraft
IBC AirwaysII / CSQ14 aircraft
IberiaIB / IBE113 aircraft
Iberia ExpressI2 / IBS24 aircraft
IberojetE9 / EVE5 aircraft
Ibex AirlinesFW / IBX10 aircraft
Ibom AirQI / IAN3 aircraft
IcelandairFI / ICE40 aircraft
ICS-AeroICF2 aircraft
IFL GroupIFL22 aircraft
ImperialJetJTI3 aircraft
IndiGo6E / IGO260 aircraft
Intel Air ShuttleHGT6 aircraft
InterCaribbean AirwaysJY / IWY15 aircraft
InterJet WestK8 / IJW1 aircraft
International Committee of the Red CrossRED2 aircraft
International Jet ManagementIJM11 aircraft
IrAeroIO / IAE13 aircraft
Iran AirIR / IRA35 aircraft
Iran AirtourB9 / IRB13 aircraft
Iran Aseman AirlinesEP / IRC19 aircraft
Iraq Gate CompanyIGC4 aircraft
Iraqi AirwaysIA / IAW32 aircraft
Israir Airlines6H / ISR7 aircraft
ITA AirwaysAZ / ITY64 aircraft
ItalflyITL12 aircraft
iXAirIXR5 aircraft
IzhaviaI8 / IZA4 aircraft
JambojetJM / JMA7 aircraft
Japan Air Commuter3X / JAC11 aircraft
Japan AirlinesJL / JAL154 aircraft
Japan Transocean AirNU / JTA13 aircraft
Jasmin AirwaysJO / JAW2 aircraft
Jazeera AirwaysJ9 / JZR17 aircraft
JC AirlinesQD / JCC5 aircraft
JC Bamford ExcavatorsJCB3 aircraft
Jeju Air7C / JJA39 aircraft
Jet Airways9W / JAI1 aircraft
Jet Aviation Business JetsPP / PJS13 aircraft
Jet Aviation Flight ServicesJAS4 aircraft
Jet EdgeEDG19 aircraft
Jet ExecutiveJEI4 aircraft
Jet ExpressRFE3 aircraft
Jet Fly AirlineJFL3 aircraft
Jet ItJIT25 aircraft
Jet Linx AviationJTL72 aircraft
Jet LogisticsJLG8 aircraft
Jet StoryJDI18 aircraft
Jet2LS / EXS103 aircraft
Jetair Caribbean4J / JRC2 aircraft
Jetbee CzechJBC2 aircraft
JetBlue AirwaysB6 / JBU291 aircraft
JetcallJCL5 aircraft
Jetfly AviationJFA35 aircraft
JetkontorJKH4 aircraft
JetNetherlandsJNL14 aircraft
JetRightJRT7 aircraft
JetSMARTJA / JAT19 aircraft
Jetstar AirwaysJQ / JST106 aircraft
JetStreamJSH10 aircraft
Jetsuite AirRSP3 aircraft
JettimeJTD9 aircraft
Jetways AirlinesWU / JWX7 aircraft
Jhonlin Air TransportJLB4 aircraft
Jiangsu Jingdong Cargo AirlinesJDL1 aircraft
Jiangxi AirRY / CJX15 aircraft
Jin AirLJ / JNA27 aircraft
Jinxiang AirlinesJXX1 aircraft
JivairJIV3 aircraft
JonairJON7 aircraft
JonikaJNK4 aircraft
Jordan AviationR5 / JAV12 aircraft
JoyAirJR / JOY5 aircraft
JSXXE / JSX26 aircraft
Jump AirJUP1 aircraft
Juneyao AirHO / DKH88 aircraft
Jung SkyJSY2 aircraft
K-Mile Air8K / KMI4 aircraft
KaiserAirKAI4 aircraft
Kalitta AirK4 / CKS29 aircraft
Kalitta ChartersK9 / KFS22 aircraft
Kalitta Charters IIK5 / KII13 aircraft
Kam AirRQ / KMF10 aircraft
Kamaka AirKMK9 aircraft
Kargo XpressWW / KXP3 aircraft
Karun AirlinesKRU12 aircraft
Keewatin AirFK / KEW1 aircraft
Kelowna Flightcraft AirFK / KFA6 aircraft
Kenmore AirM5 / KEN35 aircraft
Kenn Borek Air4K / KBA36 aircraft
Kenya AirwaysKQ / KQA33 aircraft
Key Lime AirKG / LYM22 aircraft
KhabAviaKHF1 aircraft
Kish AirKIS10 aircraft
KlasJetKLJ7 aircraft
KLMKL / KLM168 aircraft
KN HelicoptersSHW7 aircraft
Korean AirKE / KAL169 aircraft
Kosmos AirlinesKSM7 aircraft
KrasaviaKI / SSJ15 aircraft
Kudlik AviationKUK4 aircraft
Kunming AirlinesKY / KNA35 aircraft
Kuwait AirwaysKU / KAC30 aircraft
La CompagnieB0 / DJT2 aircraft
La CostenaNIS3 aircraft
LabcorpSKQ9 aircraft
LAMTM / LAM3 aircraft
Lanmei AirlinesLQ / MKR5 aircraft
Lao AirlinesQV / LAO11 aircraft
Lao SkywayLK / LLL2 aircraft
LAS Cargo4L / LAU6 aircraft
Laser AirlinesQL / LER9 aircraft
LATAM AirlinesLA / LAN287 aircraft
LATAM CargoUC / LCO15 aircraft
Lauda EuropeLW / LDA29 aircraft
LeaderLSA5 aircraft
Leav AviationKK / NGN1 aircraft
Legacy AirwaysLGF2 aircraft
Legend AirlinesLAL4 aircraft
Legends AirwaysDVY6 aircraft
LIATLI / LIA3 aircraft
Libyan AirlinesLN / LAA8 aircraft
Libyan WingsYL / LWA4 aircraft
Liebherr AerospaceLHB6 aircraft
Lift AirlineGE / GBB9 aircraft
Lion AirJT / LNI120 aircraft
Lipican AerLIP5 aircraft
LoganairLM / LOG47 aircraft
LongJiang AirlinesLT / SNG5 aircraft
Longtail Aviation6T / LGT3 aircraft
Loong AirGJ / CDC68 aircraft
LOTLO / LOT75 aircraft
Lucky Air8L / LKE56 aircraft
LufthansaLH / DLH297 aircraft
Lufthansa CargoGEC13 aircraft
LufttransportLTR5 aircraft
Lunds UniversitetUNY7 aircraft
LuxairLG / LGL20 aircraft
Luxaviation BelgiumAAB20 aircraft
Luxaviation E.ALMJ2 aircraft
Luxaviation GermanyLXG2 aircraft
Luxaviation UKLNX13 aircraft
Luxembourg Air AmbulanceLRQ6 aircraft
LuxwingBN / LWG19 aircraft
Lydd AirLYD1 aircraft
Lynden Air CargoL2 / LYC12 aircraft
Lynx AirY9 / DAT5 aircraft
MAE Aircraft ManagementMA / MEN1 aircraft
Maersk Air CargoDJ / SRR16 aircraft
MagnichartersUJ / GMT16 aircraft
Mahan AirW5 / IRM41 aircraft
Makers AirWMA5 aircraft
Malawian Airlines3W / MWI2 aircraft
Malaysia AirlinesMH / MAS80 aircraft
MaldivianQ2 / DQA23 aircraft
Maleth-AeroDB / MLT1 aircraft
Mali AirMAE4 aircraft
Malta AirMAY6 aircraft
Manasik AviationMNM1 aircraft
Mandarin AirlinesAE / MDA9 aircraft
Mann Yadanarpon Airlines7Y / MYP3 aircraft
Manta AirNR / MAV15 aircraft
Map Linhas Aereas7M / PAM1 aircraft
Marathon AirlinesMTO2 aircraft
Martinair HollandMP / MPH1 aircraft
MartinaireMRA26 aircraft
MasAir Cargo AirlineM7 / MAA7 aircraft
MASwingsMY / MWG16 aircraft
Mauritania Airlines InternationalL6 / MAI8 aircraft
Mavi Gok AviationMGH3 aircraft
Max AirVM / NGL10 aircraft
Max AviationMAX12 aircraft
MaxairNTW4 aircraft
Maya Island Air2M / MYD6 aircraft
McNeely Charter ServicesMDS4 aircraft
MEAME / MEA25 aircraft
Med-View AirlineVL / MEV2 aircraft
MedaviaMDM3 aircraft
Mel Air5M / MDO1 aircraft
Meraj AirlinesMRJ6 aircraft
MeridianMEM4 aircraft
Meridian Air CompanyMMM6 aircraft
Mesa AirlinesYV / ASH8 aircraft
MHS AviationM2 / MHV10 aircraft
Miami Air InternationalLL / BSK4 aircraft
MIAT Mongolian AirlinesOM / MGL6 aircraft
Midwest AviationDZR8 aircraft
Midwest Aviation DivisionMWT6 aircraft
MJetMJF1 aircraft
MNG AirlinesMB / MNB9 aircraft
Moçambique ExpressoMXE4 aircraft
Modern LogisticsWD / MWM4 aircraft
MonacairQM / MCR6 aircraft
Motor Sich AirlinesM9 / MSI10 aircraft
Mountain AviationFTH51 aircraft
MultiflightMFT4 aircraft
My Indo Airlines2Y / MYU7 aircraft
My Jet SaverMJS2 aircraft
MY Jet Xpress AirlinesN7 / NEP5 aircraft
Myanmar Airways International8M / MMA11 aircraft
Myanmar National AirlinesUB / UBA11 aircraft
MyWay AirlinesMJ / MYW2 aircraft
Naljets LimitedAPX3 aircraft
Nam AirIN / LKN15 aircraft
National AirlinesN8 / NCR8 aircraft
National Airways CorporationNTN6 aircraft
Nauru AirlinesON / RON5 aircraft
NeosNO / NOS15 aircraft
Nepal AirlinesRA / RNA5 aircraft
Nesma AirlinesNE / NMA4 aircraft
NetJets1I / EJA507 aircraft
NetJets EuropeNJE104 aircraft
Netjets UKNJU4 aircraft
New England AirlinesEJ / NEA8 aircraft
NHC Northern HelicopterNHC6 aircraft
NHV HelicoptersNHZ1 aircraft
Nicholas AirJTZ1 aircraft
Nile AirNP / NIA7 aircraft
Nippon Cargo AirlinesKZ / NCA8 aircraft
Nok AirDD / NOK16 aircraft
Nolinor AviationN5 / NRL12 aircraft
Nomad AviationNUM1 aircraft
Noordzee Helikopters VlaanderenNHX27 aircraft
NordicaND / NDA2 aircraft
NordStarY7 / TYA9 aircraft
Nordwind AirlinesN4 / NWS29 aircraft
NorlandairFNA5 aircraft
Norse Atlantic AirwaysN0 / NBT11 aircraft
Norsk LuftambulanseDOC36 aircraft
North Cariboo AirNCB18 aircraft
North CentralNCJ1 aircraft
North FlyingNFA7 aircraft
North Star AviationMVK37 aircraft
North-West Air Company0E / NWC6 aircraft
North-Western Cargo International AirlinesCO / CNW4 aircraft
North-Wright AirwaysHW / NWL18 aircraft
Northeastern Aviation CorporationNEW5 aircraft
Northern AirNLI9 aircraft
Northern Air CargoNC / NAC9 aircraft
Northern Jet ManagementNJM11 aircraft
Northern Thunderbird AirNTA5 aircraft
Northway AviationNAL9 aircraft
Northwestern AirJ3 / PLR13 aircraft
Norwegian Air Shuttle AOCDY / NOZ71 aircraft
Nouvelair TunisieBJ / LBT10 aircraft
Nova AirwaysNOV1 aircraft
NovairNG / NAI1 aircraft
NovairN9 / NVR2 aircraft
NovaJetNOJ3 aircraft
NovoairVQ / NVQ7 aircraft
Nxt JetKPO5 aircraft
NyxairOJ / NYX12 aircraft
OK Aviation GroupNTF17 aircraft
Okay AirwaysBK / OKA27 aircraft
Olympic AirOA / OAL17 aircraft
Olympus AirwaysOLY3 aircraft
Oman AirWY / OMA55 aircraft
Omni Air TransportDRL8 aircraft
Omni AviationOAV2 aircraft
Omni Taxi AereoOMI52 aircraft
One AirHGO1 aircraft
Oriental Air BridgeOC / ORC1 aircraft
Origin AirOG / OGN4 aircraft
Ornge AirPUL21 aircraft
Oscar JetOSJ3 aircraft
OSM Aviation AcademySCQ15 aircraft
OTT AirlinesJF / OTT7 aircraft
Overland AirwaysOF / OLA3 aircraft
Oxford Aviation AcademyOXF120 aircraft
OyonnairOYO11 aircraft
PaccairWIS15 aircraft
Pacific AirlineBL / PIC15 aircraft
Pacific Coast JetPXT17 aircraft
Pacific Coastal Airlines8P / PCO21 aircraft
PADAviationPVD6 aircraft
Pakistan International AirlinesPK / PIA31 aircraft
PAL AirlinesPB / PVL18 aircraft
Pan Europeenne Air ServicePEA3 aircraft
Pan Pacific Airlines8Y / AAV2 aircraft
PanaviaticVPC6 aircraft
Panellenic AirlinesRJB1 aircraft
Panorama AviationPNO7 aircraft
ParanairZP / AZP3 aircraft
Pascan AviationP6 / PSC19 aircraft
PassionAirOP / DIG5 aircraft
Patria Pilot TrainingPPT9 aircraft
PeachMM / APJ34 aircraft
Pegas FlyEO / KAR14 aircraft
Pegasus AirlinesPC / PGT92 aircraft
Pegasus Elite AviationPEG10 aircraft
Pel-AirPFY11 aircraft
Pelita AirIP / PAS12 aircraft
People'sPE / PEV1 aircraft
Perimeter AviationYP / PAG9 aircraft
Petroleum Air ServiceUF / PER13 aircraft
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky AirPTK10 aircraft
PHIPHM147 aircraft
Philippine AirlinesPR / PAL76 aircraft
Phoenix AirPH / GRB35 aircraft
Pilatus FlugzeugwerkePCH117 aircraft
Pilot Flight AcademyPIP21 aircraft
Pineapple AirPNP3 aircraft
Pink SparrowSOW8 aircraft
Pionair AustraliaSFZ12 aircraft
Pivot AirlinesZX / GGN1 aircraft
PixAir SurveyPXR4 aircraft
Planemaster ServicesPMS5 aircraft
PlaneSenseCNS49 aircraft
PlayOG / FPY13 aircraft
Plus UltraPU / PUE7 aircraft
PNG AirCG / TOK13 aircraft
PobedaDP / PBD42 aircraft
Polar AirlinesPI / RKA4 aircraft
Polish Medical Air RescueLPR36 aircraft
Porter AirlinesPD / POE29 aircraft
Poste Air CargoM4 / MSA7 aircraft
Pratt and WhitneyPWC3 aircraft
Precision AirPW / PRF7 aircraft
Priester AviationPWA6 aircraft
Prince AviationPNC5 aircraft
Priority Air CharterPRY6 aircraft
PrivairaPVO5 aircraft
Private JetsOKC9 aircraft
Private Wings8W / PWF10 aircraft
Privilege StyleP6 / PVG5 aircraft
ProAir AviationPAV8 aircraft
Proflight Air ServicesP0 / PFZ5 aircraft
PropairPRO10 aircraft
QA AviationQAV4 aircraft
Qanot SharqHH / QNT2 aircraft
QantasQF / QFA244 aircraft
Qatar - Amiri FlightQAF2 aircraft
Qatar AirwaysQR / QTR243 aircraft
Qatar ExecutiveQE / QQE19 aircraft
Qazaq AirIQ / QAZ5 aircraft
Qeshm AirlinesQB / QSM15 aircraft
Qingdao AirlinesQW / QDA33 aircraft
Qingdao Jiutian International Flight AcademyQJT4 aircraft
Quest DiagnosticsLBQ25 aircraft
Quick Air Jet CharterQAJ7 aircraft
RAF-AviaMT / MTL6 aircraft
RavenairRVR34 aircraft
Ravn Alaska7H / RVF11 aircraft
Raya AirwaysTH / RMY5 aircraft
Reach Air Medical ServicesREH26 aircraft
Real Tonga AirlineRLT2 aircraft
Red AirL5 / REA3 aircraft
Red Wing AviationLAK24 aircraft
Red WingsWZ / RWZ31 aircraft
Redding Aero EnterprisesBXR15 aircraft
Redstar AviationRHH7 aircraft
Regent AirwaysRX / RGE2 aircraft
Rennia AviationRNI6 aircraft
Republic AirwaysYX / RPA2 aircraft
RexZL / RXA64 aircraft
Richland AviationRCA5 aircraft
Rimbun AirRI / OEY2 aircraft
Rise Air4T / WEW30 aircraft
ROMCargo AirlinesNJ / RCR2 aircraft
RossiyaFV / SDM125 aircraft
Rossiya - Special Flight SquadronRSD60 aircraft
Rotana JetRG / RJD2 aircraft
Royal Air FreightRAX34 aircraft
Royal Air MarocAT / RAM50 aircraft
Royal Brunei AirlinesBI / RBA15 aircraft
Royal JordanianRJ / RJA26 aircraft
Royalair PhilippinesRW / RYL7 aircraft
RubystarRSB8 aircraft
Ruili AirlinesDR / RLH22 aircraft
RUS AviationR4 / RLB3 aircraft
Rusline7R / RLU13 aircraft
Russia - Ministry of Emergency Situations (MChS)SUM22 aircraft
Rutaca Airlines5R / RUC3 aircraft
RVL AviationREV12 aircraft
RwandAirWB / RWD12 aircraft
RWL German Flight AcademyRWL15 aircraft
Ryan Air (USA)7S / RYA19 aircraft
RyanairFR / RYR473 aircraft
Ryukyu Air CommuterRAC6 aircraft
S7 AirlinesS7 / SBI105 aircraft
SA Red Cross Air Mercy ServiceAMD8 aircraft
SAAB AircraftSCT19 aircraft
SAF HelicopteresSHP26 aircraft
Safarilink AviationF2 / XLK11 aircraft
Saha AirlinesIRZ4 aircraft
Sahel Aviation ServiceSAO5 aircraft
SalamAirOV / OMS9 aircraft
Salzburg Jet AviationMOZ6 aircraft
Samoa AirwaysOL / PAO3 aircraft
San Marino Executive AviationSMF2 aircraft
SansaLRS8 aircraft
SansaLRS8 aircraft
Sardinian Sky ServiceSSR4 aircraft
SASSK / SAS141 aircraft
SATA Air AcoresSP / SAT7 aircraft
Satena9R / NSE12 aircraft
SaudiaSV / SVA157 aircraft
Saurya AirlinesSAU3 aircraft
Sawyer AviationSJA8 aircraft
SaxonAirSXN13 aircraft
ScanwingsABF5 aircraft
SCATDV / VSV20 aircraft
ScootTR / TGW65 aircraft
SeaborneBB / SBS2 aircraft
SearcaSRC21 aircraft
Secure Air CharterJCM8 aircraft
Sepehran AirlinesIS / SHI6 aircraft
Serene AirER / SEP7 aircraft
Servizi AereiSNM3 aircraft
SevenairRVP26 aircraft
Severstal AircompanyD2 / SSF8 aircraft
SF AirlinesO3 / CSS73 aircraft
Shandong AirlinesSC / CDG145 aircraft
Shanghai AirlinesFM / CSH104 aircraft
Shenzhen AirlinesZH / CSZ218 aircraft
Shirak AviaSHS1 aircraft
Shree AirlinesN9 / SHA8 aircraft
Shuttle AmericaS5 / TCF1 aircraft
Sichuan Airlines3U / CSC180 aircraft
Sideral Linhas AereasSID14 aircraft
Sierra Pacific AirlinesSI / SPA2 aircraft
Sierra West AirlinesP8 / PKW11 aircraft
Silesia AirSUA3 aircraft
Silk Way AirlinesZP / AZQ5 aircraft
Silk Way West Airlines7L / AZG12 aircraft
Silver AirSIS17 aircraft
Silver AirSLD2 aircraft
Silver Airways3M / SIL17 aircraft
Silver Cloud AirSCR8 aircraft
Silverhawk AviationSLH19 aircraft
Silverstone Air ServicesSLR8 aircraft
Singapore AirlinesSQ / SIA158 aircraft
Sino JetSJM1 aircraft
SirioSIO3 aircraft
Sirius AeroSA / CIG12 aircraft
SKS AirwaysKI / SJB2 aircraft
Sky AirlineH2 / SKU28 aircraft
Sky Angkor AirlinesZA / SWM3 aircraft
Sky BusHVY3 aircraft
Sky CanaRD / SNA4 aircraft
Sky ExpressGQ / SEH24 aircraft
Sky HelicopterosHSY9 aircraft
Sky High Aviation ServicesDO / SHH5 aircraft
Sky KG AirlinesKGK3 aircraft
Sky Lease CargoGG / KYE2 aircraft
Sky MaliML / FML2 aircraft
Sky Prime AviationUY / SPD2 aircraft
Sky QuestERY19 aircraft
Skyborne Airline AcademySFY44 aircraft
SkybusIOS8 aircraft
SkyJet AirlinesM8 / MSJ2 aircraft
SkyLink ExpressSLQ15 aircraft
Skymark AirlinesBC / SKY30 aircraft
Skyservice Business AviationSYB9 aircraft
SkytaxiTE / IGA2 aircraft
SkytransQN / SKP10 aircraft
SkyUp AirlinesPQ / SQP9 aircraft
Skyward ExpressOW / SEW10 aircraft
Skyway EnterprisesSKZ3 aircraft
SkyWest AirlinesOO / SKW54 aircraft
Slam Lavori AereiSLJ4 aircraft
Sloane HelicoptersSLN8 aircraft
Smart AviationSME5 aircraft
Smart JetSAH6 aircraft
Smartavia5N / AUL13 aircraft
SmartlineSMG4 aircraft
SmartLynx6Y / ART26 aircraft
SmartLynx Airlines EstoniaMYX1 aircraft
SmartwingsQS / TVS47 aircraft
Solairus AviationTWY24 aircraft
Solaseed Air6J / SNJ14 aircraft
Solenta AviationSET16 aircraft
SolinairSP / SOP1 aircraft
Solomon AirlinesIE / SOL4 aircraft
Somon AirSZ / SMR6 aircraft
Sounds AirS8 / SDA10 aircraft
South African AirwaysSA / SAA14 aircraft
Southern Air CharterPL / SOA2 aircraft
Southern Airways Express9X / FDY32 aircraft
Southern Cross InternationalSXI1 aircraft
Southwest AirlinesWN / SWA759 aircraft
SouthwindSTW3 aircraft
Sparfell LuftfahrtLDX7 aircraft
Specialist Aviation ServicesPLC14 aircraft
Speedwings Executive JetSPG1 aircraft
SpiceJetSG / SEJ98 aircraft
Spirit AirlinesNK / NKS181 aircraft
SpiritJetsSJJ7 aircraft
Spring Airlines9C / CQH117 aircraft
Spring JapanIJ / SJO6 aircraft
SprintAirP8 / SRN19 aircraft
SriLankan AirlinesUL / ALK25 aircraft
Sriwijaya AirSJ / SJY6 aircraft
St Barth CommuterPV / SBU5 aircraft
St Barth ExecutiveSTB3 aircraft
STAjetsKFB3 aircraft
Star AirS5 / SDG2 aircraft
Star Air CargoBRH9 aircraft
Star East Airlines4R / SEK2 aircraft
Star Peru2I / SRU9 aircraft
Star WingsSTQ7 aircraft
Star Work SkySWP9 aircraft
Starflyer7G / SFJ11 aircraft
Starlink AviationQ4 / TLK5 aircraft
Starlite AviationTRL5 aircraft
StarluxJX / SJX11 aircraft
Sterling AviationNSH5 aircraft
Suburban Air FreightSUB17 aircraft
Sudan AirwaysSD / SUD3 aircraft
Summit AirSUT22 aircraft
Sun Country AirlinesSY / SCX44 aircraft
Sun-AirEZ / SUS11 aircraft
Sunair AviationZU / SAV12 aircraft
Sunclass AirlinesDK / VKG11 aircraft
SundairSR / SDR9 aircraft
Sundt AirAKK3 aircraft
Sundt AirMDT8 aircraft
SunExpressXQ / SXS54 aircraft
Sunkar AirBBK2 aircraft
Sunlight Air2R / RLB3 aircraft
Sunrise AirwaysS6 / KSZ1 aircraft
Sunwest AviationCNK22 aircraft
Sunwing AirlinesWG / SWG18 aircraft
Suparna AirlinesY8 / YZR21 aircraft
Super Air JetIU / SJV28 aircraft
Surf AirURF10 aircraft
Surinam AirwaysPY / SLM1 aircraft
Surveillance AustraliaBDF1 aircraft
Susi AirSQS15 aircraft
Svenskt AmbulansflygSWE6 aircraft
Svenskt IndustriflygJET12 aircraft
SVG AirSVD6 aircraft
Sweden - Swedish Maritime AdministrationHMF7 aircraft
SwiftairWT / SWT40 aircraft
SwissLX / SWR89 aircraft
Swiss Air-AmbulanceSAZ3 aircraft
Swiss Flight ServicesSFS9 aircraft
SwoopWO / WSW13 aircraft
Sylt Air7E / AWU11 aircraft
Syphax AirlinesFS / SYA2 aircraft
Syrian AirRB / SYR8 aircraft
T'way AirTW / TWB30 aircraft
TAAG Angola AirlinesDT / DTA18 aircraft
TAB Cargo2L / BOL1 aircraft
Taban AirlinesTBN6 aircraft
TAG Airlines5U / TGU1 aircraft
TAG AviationVIP21 aircraft
TAG Aviation MaltaTEU7 aircraft
Tailwind AirTQ / PGN6 aircraft
Tailwind AirlinesTI / TWI5 aircraft
Talon AirTFF5 aircraft
Tanana Air ServiceZ3 / TNR2 aircraft
TAP Air PortugalTP / TAP107 aircraft
TAR AerolineasYQ / LCT11 aircraft
Tarco Aviation3T / TQQ11 aircraft
TaromRO / ROT23 aircraft
Tassili AirlinesSF / DTH13 aircraft
Tatra JETTTJ1 aircraft
Terra AviaT8 / TVR3 aircraft
Texel AirXLR2 aircraft
Tez Jet AirlinesTEZ3 aircraft
Thai AirwaysTG / THA64 aircraft
Thai Lion AirSL / TLM17 aircraft
Thai SmileWE / THD20 aircraft
ThalairTLJ9 aircraft
The Little Jet CompanyLJC5 aircraft
ThriveTIV12 aircraft
Thunder AirlinesTHU14 aircraft
Tianjin Air CargoHT / CTJ4 aircraft
Tianjin AirlinesGS / GCR97 aircraft
Tibet AirlinesTV / TBA38 aircraft
Tigerair TaiwanIT / TTW15 aircraft
Time AirTIE9 aircraft
Titan AirwaysZT / AWC10 aircraft
Toll AviationTFX18 aircraft
Total Linhas AereasL1 / TTL3 aircraft
Toyo AviationTOY6 aircraft
Trade AirC3 / TDR5 aircraft
Tradewind AviationTJ / GPD20 aircraft
Trans Air CongoQ8 / TSG3 aircraft
Trans Guyana AirwaysTGY12 aircraft
Trans Island AirwaysGGT6 aircraft
Trans Maldivian AirwaysTMW62 aircraft
TransairR2 / GTS3 aircraft
TransairR9 / MUI13 aircraft
TransaviaHV / TRA100 aircraft
TransaviabaltikaKTB5 aircraft
Transaviaexport AirlinesTXC5 aircraft
TransNusa8B / TNU2 aircraft
Travel Management CompanyTMC2 aircraft
Tri-MG Intra Asia AirlinesGM / TMG8 aircraft
Trigana AirIL / TGN10 aircraft
Tropic Air9N / TOS4 aircraft
TsaradiaTZ / TDS4 aircraft
TUI AirwaysBY / TOM1 aircraft
TUI flyX3 / TUI140 aircraft
TUIfly BelgiumTB / JAF1 aircraft
TUM AeroCargaMCS8 aircraft
TunisairTU / TAR25 aircraft
Tunisair ExpressUG / TUX3 aircraft
Turkish AirlinesTK / THY325 aircraft
Turkmenistan AirlinesT5 / TUA19 aircraft
Turpial AirlinesT9 / VTU3 aircraft
Tus AirwaysU8 / CYF5 aircraft
Twin JetT7 / TJT13 aircraft
Tyrol Air AmbulanceTYW7 aircraft
Uganda AirlinesUR / UGD6 aircraft
Ukraine Air AllianceUKL4 aircraft
Ukraine International AirlinesPS / AUI24 aircraft
Ukrainian WingsUWJ3 aircraft
ULS Airlines CargoGO / KZU3 aircraft
Ultimate Air ShuttleUE / UJC7 aircraft
Ultra AirOL / ULS6 aircraft
UNI AirB7 / UIA15 aircraft
Union AviationUAG8 aircraft
United AirlinesUA / UAL1430 aircraft
United Kingdom - Air AmbulanceHLE41 aircraft
United NationsUNO34 aircraft
United States - US Forest ServiceXCN46 aircraft
Uniworld Air CargoU7 / UCG1 aircraft
UPS5X / UPS291 aircraft
UR AirlinesUD / UBD2 aircraft
Ural AirlinesU6 / SVR54 aircraft
Urumqi AirlinesUQ / CUH16 aircraft
US-Bangla AirlinesBS / UBG16 aircraft
USA Jet AirlinesJUS28 aircraft
UTairUT / UTA64 aircraft
UVT AeroRT / UVT8 aircraft
Uzbekistan AirwaysHY / UZB38 aircraft
ValairVVV6 aircraft
ValljetVLJ18 aircraft
Van Air EuropeV9 / VAA4 aircraft
Varesh AirlinesVRH5 aircraft
Vasco0V / VFC5 aircraft
VenezolanaVNE2 aircraft
ViaAirVC / SRY2 aircraft
Vieques Air LinkV4 / VES10 aircraft
VietJet AirVJ / VJC95 aircraft
Vietnam AirlinesVN / HVN101 aircraft
Vietravel AirlinesVU / VAG3 aircraft
Virgin AtlanticVS / VIR37 aircraft
Virgin AustraliaVA / VOZ97 aircraft
Vision Air InternationalVIS3 aircraft
VistaJetVJT80 aircraft
VistaraUK / VTI55 aircraft
Viva AirVH / VVC23 aircraft
VivaAerobusVB / VIV62 aircraft
VoePass Linhas Aereas2Z / PTB12 aircraft
Volare AviationVLZ11 aircraft
VolarisY4 / VOI113 aircraft
VolatoTMB7 aircraft
Volga-Dnepr AirlinesVI / VDA17 aircraft
VoloteaV7 / VOE41 aircraft
VoluxisVXS7 aircraft
Voyage AirVRG4 aircraft
Voyageur AirwaysVC / VAL22 aircraft
VuelingVY / VLG125 aircraft
VW Air ServiceBTX8 aircraft
Wamos AirEB / PLM9 aircraft
Warbelows Air Ventures4W / WAV6 aircraft
Wasaya AirwaysWSG22 aircraft
West AirPN / CHB38 aircraft
West AtlanticNPT35 aircraft
West Coast ChartersWCC14 aircraft
Westair AviationWV / WAA7 aircraft
Western AirWU / WST5 aircraft
Western Air ExpressWAE8 aircraft
Western AircraftST / STT14 aircraft
Western Global AirlinesKD / WGN21 aircraft
WestJetWS / WJA156 aircraft
WhiteWI / WHT3 aircraft
WideroeWF / WIF43 aircraft
Wiggins AirwaysWIG20 aircraft
Wiking Helikopter ServiceWHS8 aircraft
WinairWM / WIA4 aircraft
Windrose Air JetcharterQGA3 aircraft
Windrose Airlines7W / WRC14 aircraft
WingoP5 / RPB8 aircraft
Wings AirIW / WON68 aircraft
Wizz AirW6 / WZZ163 aircraft
World Atlantic AirlinesWL / WAL10 aircraft
World Cargo Airlines3G / WCM4 aircraft
World2Fly2W / WFL