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Production lists - Embraer E190 family - E195

Total number of aircraft: 168

19000772 EW-545PO Belavia
19000766 EW-533PO Belavia
19000765 EW-532PO Belavia
19000756 EW-514PO Belavia
19000754 EW-513PO Belavia
19000752 B-3345 Tianjin Airlines
19000749 B-3289 Tianjin Airlines
19000747 B-3287 Tianjin Airlines
19000745 4X-EMF Arkia Israeli Airlines
19000743 B-3267 Tianjin Airlines
19000740 B-3265 Tianjin Airlines
19000738 B-3263 Tianjin Airlines
19000736 B-3259 Tianjin Airlines
19000734 B-3257 Tianjin Airlines
19000729 B-3247 Tianjin Airlines
19000727 B-3238 Tianjin Airlines
19000725 B-3236 Tianjin Airlines
19000723 B-3245 Tianjin Airlines
19000721 B-3243 Tianjin Airlines
19000720 B-3235 Tianjin Airlines
19000719 B-3232 Tianjin Airlines
19000717 B-3143 Tianjin Airlines
19000713 4X-EMC Arkia Israeli Airlines
19000706 B-3119 Tianjin Airlines
19000704 B-3117 Tianjin Airlines
19000702 B-3108 Tianjin Airlines
19000700 B-3100 Tianjin Airlines
19000699 PR-AUQ Azul Linhas Aereas
19000698 PR-AUP Azul Linhas Aereas
19000697 PR-AUO Azul Linhas Aereas
19000696 PR-AUN Azul Linhas Aereas
19000693 PR-AUM Azul Linhas Aereas
19000692 PR-AUK Azul Linhas Aereas
19000688 PR-AUJ Azul Linhas Aereas
19000686 PR-AUI Azul Linhas Aereas
19000685 PR-AUH Azul Linhas Aereas
19000678 PR-AUF Azul Linhas Aereas
19000677 PR-AUE Azul Linhas Aereas
19000671 G-NSEY Aurigny Air Services
19000669 SP-LNM LOT
19000668 EW-400PO Belavia
19000667 EW-399PO Belavia
19000662 N192BZ Breeze Airways
19000660 N190BZ Breeze Airways
19000652 N193BZ Breeze Airways
19000650 PR-AXZ Azul Linhas Aereas
19000648 PR-AXY Azul Linhas Aereas
19000647 PR-AXX Azul Linhas Aereas
19000638 PR-AXW Azul Linhas Aereas
19000628 CS-TTZ TAP Air Portugal
19000626 PR-AXU Azul Linhas Aereas
19000621 PR-AXT Azul Linhas Aereas
19000620 PR-AXS Azul Linhas Aereas
19000615 PR-AXR Azul Linhas Aereas
19000609 CS-TTY TAP Air Portugal
19000606 I-ADJT Air Dolomiti
19000600 PR-AXP Azul Linhas Aereas
19000597 I-ADJS Air Dolomiti
19000596 SP-LNF LOT
19000595 I-ADJR Air Dolomiti
19000592 PR-AXO Azul Linhas Aereas
19000590 PR-AXN Azul Linhas Aereas
19000588 PR-AXL Azul Linhas Aereas
19000587 I-ADJQ Air Dolomiti
19000585 PR-AXK Azul Linhas Aereas
19000583 SP-LNE LOT
19000580 PR-AXJ Azul Linhas Aereas
19000578 I-ADJP Air Dolomiti
19000575 PR-AXI Azul Linhas Aereas
19000569 PR-AXH Azul Linhas Aereas
19000565 OE-LWQ Austrian Airlines
19000558 OE-LWP Austrian Airlines
19000555 OE-LWO Austrian Airlines
19000553 OE-LWN Austrian Airlines
19000542 OE-LWM Austrian Airlines
19000540 PR-AXG Azul Linhas Aereas
19000532 OE-LWL Austrian Airlines
19000530 PR-AXF Azul Linhas Aereas
19000523 OE-LWK Austrian Airlines
19000521 PR-AXE Azul Linhas Aereas
19000516 SP-LND LOT
19000514 PR-AXD Azul Linhas Aereas
19000510 PR-AXC Azul Linhas Aereas
19000507 OE-LWJ Austrian Airlines
19000500 OE-LWI Austrian Airlines
19000498 PR-AXB Azul Linhas Aereas
19000491 PR-AXA Azul Linhas Aereas
19000486 OE-LWH Austrian Airlines
19000484 PR-AYZ Azul Linhas Aereas
19000475 PR-AYY Azul Linhas Aereas
19000471 PR-AYX Azul Linhas Aereas
19000464 OE-LWG Austrian Airlines
19000462 SP-LNC LOT
19000458 PR-AYW Azul Linhas Aereas
19000452 EC-LLR Air Europa
19000449 PR-AYV Azul Linhas Aereas
19000447 OE-LWF Austrian Airlines
19000444 SP-LNB LOT
19000437 EC-LKX Air Europa
19000434 PR-AYU Azul Linhas Aereas N/A
19000429 CS-TTX TAP Air Portugal
19000425 EC-LKM Air Europa
19000423 OE-LWE Austrian Airlines
19000415 SP-LNA LOT
19000413 SP-LNN LOT
19000411 OE-LWD Austrian Airlines
19000407 CS-TTW TAP Air Portugal
19000401 EC-LIN Air Europa
19000391 PR-AYO Azul Linhas Aereas
19000386 PR-AYN Azul Linhas Aereas
19000382 SP-LNL LOT
19000378 PR-AYL Azul Linhas Aereas
19000374 PR-AYK Azul Linhas Aereas
19000370 PR-AYJ Azul Linhas Aereas
19000366 PR-AYI Azul Linhas Aereas
19000361 PR-AYH Azul Linhas Aereas N/A
19000358 4O-AOC Air Montenegro
19000357 EC-LFZ Air Europa Express
19000356 PR-AYG Azul Linhas Aereas
19000353 PR-AYF Azul Linhas Aereas
19000350 OE-LWC Austrian Airlines
19000344 EC-LEK Air Europa
19000324 OE-LWB Austrian Airlines
19000320 I-JENB Air Dolomiti N/A
19000316 I-ADJZ Air Dolomiti
19000314 OE-LWA Austrian Airlines
19000308 I-ADJV Air Dolomiti
19000305 I-ADJX Air Dolomiti
19000303 EC-LCQ Air Europa Express
19000300 I-ADJY Air Dolomiti
19000297 I-ADJW Air Dolomiti
19000290 I-ADJU Air Dolomiti
19000283 4O-AOB Air Montenegro
19000281 N145BZ Breeze Airways
19000280 I-ADJO Air Dolomiti
19000276 N143BZ Breeze Airways
19000270 I-ADJN Air Dolomiti
19000260 PR-AYE Azul Linhas Aereas
19000258 I-ADJM Air Dolomiti
19000256 I-ADJL Air Dolomiti
19000247 SP-LNK LOT
19000245 I-ADJK Air Dolomiti
19000244 N140BZ Breeze Airways
19000240 SP-LNI LOT
19000239 SP-LNH LOT
19000237 SP-LNG LOT
19000213 OY-GDA Great Dane Airlines
19000204 OY-GDC Great Dane Airlines
19000196 N137BZ Breeze Airways
19000184 OY-GDB Great Dane Airlines
19000180 4O-AOA Air Montenegro
19000172 4X-EMA Arkia Israeli Airlines
19000169 SU-BUA CIAF Leasing
19000168 G-FBEK Flybe
19000157 SU-BTZ CIAF Leasing
19000155 G-FBEJ Flybe (Welcome to Yorkshire Livery)
19000143 G-FBEI Flybe
19000131 JY-EMB Royal Jordanian
19000128 G-FBEH Flybe
19000120 SE-RSK SAS
19000107 JY-EMA Royal Jordanian
19000104 G-FBEF Flybe
19000093 SP-LNP LOT
19000088 UR-EMG Ukraine International Airlines
19000084 SP-LNO LOT
19000069 UR-EMF Ukraine International Airlines
19000067 XT-ABV Air Burkina
19000029 4L-MGT Georgian Airways
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