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Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker

Production lists - Bombardier Dash 8 - DH8B

Total number of aircraft: 92

666 7T-VCS Tassili Airlines
665 7T-VCR Tassili Airlines
664 7T-VCQ Tassili Airlines
661 7T-VCP Tassili Airlines
655 N805MR US Department of Homeland Security
649 N649CC Private owner
646 N646CC Private owner
637 N637CC Private owner
626 N803MR US Department of Homeland Security
612 N802MR US Department of Homeland Security
606 N801MR US Department of Homeland Security
579 JA802B Oriental Air Bridge
572 AMT-230 Marina Armada de Mexico
566 JA801B Oriental Air Bridge
559 XC-LOY Banco de Mexico
558 XC-BCO Banco de Mexico
551 VH-ZZJ Surveillance Australia
550 VH-ZZI Surveillance Australia
542 8Q-IAQ Maldivian
541 N541AV Berry Aviation
536 C-GYUP Sunwest Aviation
530 N379PH Elix Aviation Capital
529 C-GIWQ Field Aviation
528 N374PH CommutAir
526 N365PH Elix Aviation Capital
524 N364PH CommutAir
522 P2-ANL Air Niugini
520 N363PH CommutAir
518 N362PH Elix Aviation Capital
516 N361PH CommutAir
515 N360PH Elix Aviation Capital
514 N359PH CommutAir
513 N369PH CommutAir
512 N368PH CommutAir
511 N367PH CommutAir
510 N366PH CommutAir
509 N965HA Avmax Aircraft Leasing
507 N840HA Avmax Group
506 5Y-SLM SafariLink
504 OY-GRG Air Greenland
498 OY-GRK Air Greenland
497 C-GKJQ Avmax Aircraft Leasing
496 OY-GRJ Air Greenland
494 N8200H US Army
492 VH-LCL Surveillance Australia
490 N351PH CommutAir
488 OY-GRH Air Greenland
486 N349PH Win Win Services
484 N480AV WFBN
482 OY-GRO Air Greenland
480 CS-TRC SATA Air Acores
479 N985HA Avmax Group
478 N8200J Dynamic Avlease
477 OY-GRI Air Greenland
476 CS-TRB SATA Air Acores
470 C-GQBT Gouvernement du Quebec
468 N841HA Avmax Aircraft Leasing
463 P2-ANX Link PNG
461 P2-ANK Air Niugini
460 P2-PXI Air Niugini
459 RA-67259 Aurora
457 C-GKIY Avmax
456 N997MG Sierra Nevada Corporation
455 N8200L Dynamic Aviation
454 N454YV
453 OY-GRP Air Greenland
450 TF-FXH Air Iceland Connect
449 N449YV WFBN
448 HC-CTY Avioandes
447 N447YV Airworks
446 TF-FXK Air Iceland Connect
445 TF-FXG Air Iceland Connect
444 N444YV LC Peru
441 LN-WSC Wideroe
440 LN-WSB Wideroe
439 VH-TQX QantasLink
437 N437YV Berry Aviation
436 N436YV WFBN
435 LN-WSA Wideroe
434 OY-GRM Air Greenland
433 VH-ZZC Surveillance Australia
431 N991HA Sierra Nevada Corporation
430 VH-TQG QantasLink
429 8Q-AMD Maldivian
427 N989HA Berry Aviation
425 N8200R Dynamic Avlease
424 VH-ZZB Surveillance Australia
421 N986HA Sierra Nevada Corporation
419 VH-ZZA Surveillance Australia
418 VH-TQS QantasLink
413 N556PM Sierra Nevada Corporation
411 VH-ZZP Surveillance Australia