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Production lists - Airbus A220 family - BCS3

Total number of aircraft: 69

55071 YL-AAV Air Baltic
55068 SU-GFC EgyptAir
55067 C-GROV Air Canada
55066 VP-BMV State Transport Leasing Company
55065 VP-BMZ State Transport Leasing Company
55064 YL-AAU Air Baltic
55063 SU-GFB EgyptAir
55062 SU-GFD Air Sinai
55061 SU-GFA Air Sinai
55060 SU-GEZ EgyptAir
55059 SU-GEY EgyptAir
55058 SU-GEX EgyptAir
55057 VP-BJC Private owner
55056 VP-BJB Private owner
55055 YL-AAT Air Baltic
55054 YL-AAS Air Baltic
55053 YL-AAR Air Baltic
55052 YL-AAQ Air Baltic
55051 YL-AAP Air Baltic
55050 YL-AAO Air Baltic
55049 HL8091 Korean Air
55048 5H-TCI Air Tanzania
55047 5H-TCH Air Tanzania
55046 HB-JCT Swiss
55045 HB-JCS Swiss
55044 HB-JCR Swiss
55043 YL-CSN Air Baltic
55042 YL-CSM Air Baltic
55041 YL-CSL Air Baltic
55040 HB-JCQ Swiss
55039 YL-CSK Air Baltic
55038 YL-CSJ Air Baltic
55037 HL8315 Korean Air
55036 HB-JCP Swiss
55035 HL8314 Korean Air
55034 YL-CSI Air Baltic
55033 HB-JCO Swiss
55032 HB-JCN Swiss
55031 HL8313 Korean Air
55030 HB-JCM Swiss
55029 HB-JCL Swiss
55028 HL8312 Korean Air
55027 HB-JCK Swiss
55026 HL8311 Korean Air
55025 HB-JCJ Swiss
55024 HL7201 Korean Air
55023 HB-JCI Swiss
55022 HL7200 Korean Air
55021 HB-JCH Swiss
55020 HB-JCG Swiss
55019 HL8093 Korean Air
55018 HL8092 Korean Air
55016 YL-CSH Air Baltic
55015 HB-JCF Swiss
55014 HB-JCE Swiss
55013 HB-JCD Swiss
55012 HB-JCC Swiss
55011 HB-JCB Swiss
55010 HB-JCA Swiss
55009 YL-CSG Air Baltic
55008 YL-CSF Air Baltic
55007 YL-CSE Air Baltic
55006 YL-CSD Air Baltic
55005 YL-CSC Air Baltic
55004 YL-CSB Air Baltic
55003 YL-CSA Air Baltic
55002 C-FFDO Bombardier
55001 C-FFDK Bombardier