Production lists - Airbus A220 family

Total number of aircraft: 294

50001 BCS1 C-FBCS Bombardier
50002 BCS1 C-GWYD Bombardier
50003 BCS1 C-GWXJ Bombardier
50005 BCS1 C-GWXZ Bombardier
50006 BCS1 C-FFCO Bombardier
50010 BCS1 HB-JBA Swiss
50011 BCS1 HB-JBB Swiss
50012 BCS1 HB-JBC Swiss
50013 BCS1 HB-JBD Swiss
50014 BCS1 HB-JBE Swiss
50015 BCS1 HB-JBF Swiss
50016 BCS1 HB-JBG Swiss
50017 BCS1 HB-JBH Swiss
50018 BCS1 HB-JBI Swiss
50020 BCS1 N101DU Delta Air Lines
50021 BCS1 N102DU Delta Air Lines
50022 BCS1 N103DU Delta Air Lines
50023 BCS1 N104DU Delta Air Lines
50024 BCS1 N105DU Delta Air Lines
50025 BCS1 N106DU Delta Air Lines
50026 BCS1 N107DU Delta Air Lines
50027 BCS1 N108DQ Delta Air Lines
50028 BCS1 N109DU Delta Air Lines
50029 BCS1 N110DU Delta Air Lines
50030 BCS1 N111NG Delta Air Lines
50031 BCS1 N112DU Delta Air Lines
50032 BCS1 N113DQ Delta Air Lines
50033 BCS1 N114DU Delta Air Lines
50034 BCS1 N115DU Delta Air Lines
50035 BCS1 N116DU Delta Air Lines
50036 BCS1 N117DU Delta Air Lines
50037 BCS1 N118DU Delta Air Lines
50038 BCS1 N119DU Delta Air Lines
50039 BCS1 N120DU Delta Air Lines
50040 BCS1 N121DU Delta Air Lines
50041 BCS1 N122DU Delta Air Lines
50042 BCS1 N123DQ Delta Air Lines
50043 BCS1 N124DU Delta Air Lines
50044 BCS1 N125DU Delta Air Lines
50045 BCS1 N126DU Delta Air Lines
50046 BCS1 N127DU Delta Air Lines
50047 BCS1 N128DU Delta Air Lines
50048 BCS1 N129DU Delta Air Lines
50049 BCS1 N130DU Delta Air Lines
50050 BCS1 N131DU Delta Air Lines
50051 BCS1 N132DU Delta Air Lines
50052 BCS1 N133DU Delta Air Lines
50053 BCS1 N134DU Delta Air Lines
50054 BCS1 N135DQ Delta Air Lines
50055 BCS1 N136DQ Delta Air Lines
50056 BCS1 N137DU Delta Air Lines
50057 BCS1 N138DU Delta Air Lines
50058 BCS1 N139DU Delta Air Lines
50059 BCS1 N140DU Delta Air Lines
50060 BCS1 N142DU Delta Air Lines
50061 BCS1 N141DU Delta Air Lines
50062 BCS1 9H-FIVE Comlux
50063 BCS1 N143DU Delta Air Lines
50064 BCS1 N144DU Delta Air Lines
50066 BCS1 N145DQ Delta Air Lines
50067 BCS1 9H-220CJ Comlux
55001 BCS3 C-FFDK Bombardier
55002 BCS3 C-FFDO Bombardier
55003 BCS3 YL-CSA Air Baltic
55004 BCS3 YL-CSB Air Baltic
55005 BCS3 YL-CSC Air Baltic
55006 BCS3 YL-CSD Air Baltic
55007 BCS3 YL-CSE Air Baltic
55008 BCS3 YL-CSF Air Baltic
55009 BCS3 YL-CSG Air Baltic
55010 BCS3 HB-JCA Swiss
55011 BCS3 HB-JCB Swiss
55012 BCS3 HB-JCC Swiss
55013 BCS3 HB-JCD Swiss
55014 BCS3 HB-JCE Swiss
55015 BCS3 HB-JCF Swiss
55016 BCS3 YL-CSH Air Baltic
55018 BCS3 HL8092 Korean Air
55019 BCS3 HL8093 Korean Air
55020 BCS3 HB-JCG Swiss
55021 BCS3 HB-JCH Swiss
55022 BCS3 HL7200 Korean Air
55023 BCS3 HB-JCI Swiss
55024 BCS3 HL7201 Korean Air
55025 BCS3 HB-JCJ Swiss
55026 BCS3 HL8311 Korean Air
55027 BCS3 HB-JCK Swiss
55028 BCS3 HL8312 Korean Air
55029 BCS3 HB-JCL Swiss
55030 BCS3 HB-JCM Swiss
55031 BCS3 HL8313 Korean Air
55032 BCS3 HB-JCN Swiss
55033 BCS3 HB-JCO Swiss
55034 BCS3 YL-CSI Air Baltic
55035 BCS3 HL8314 Korean Air
55036 BCS3 HB-JCP Swiss
55037 BCS3 HL8315 Korean Air
55038 BCS3 YL-CSJ Air Baltic
55039 BCS3 YL-CSK Air Baltic
55040 BCS3 HB-JCQ Swiss
55041 BCS3 YL-CSL Air Baltic
55042 BCS3 YL-CSM Air Baltic
55043 BCS3 YL-CSN Air Baltic
55044 BCS3 HB-JCR Swiss
55045 BCS3 HB-JCS Swiss
55046 BCS3 HB-JCT Swiss
55047 BCS3 5H-TCH Air Tanzania
55048 BCS3 5H-TCI Air Tanzania
55049 BCS3 HL8091 Korean Air
55050 BCS3 YL-AAO Air Baltic
55051 BCS3 YL-AAP Air Baltic
55052 BCS3 YL-AAQ Air Baltic
55053 BCS3 YL-AAR Air Baltic
55054 BCS3 YL-AAS Air Baltic
55055 BCS3 YL-AAT Air Baltic
55056 BCS3 VP-BJB Private owner
55057 BCS3 VP-BJC Private owner
55058 BCS3 SU-GEX Egyptair
55059 BCS3 SU-GEY Egyptair
55060 BCS3 SU-GEZ Egyptair
55061 BCS3 SU-GFA Egyptair
55062 BCS3 SU-GFD Egyptair
55063 BCS3 SU-GFB Egyptair
55064 BCS3 YL-AAU Air Baltic
55065 BCS3 VP-BMZ Private owner
55066 BCS3 VP-BMV Private owner
55067 BCS3 C-GROV Air Canada
55068 BCS3 SU-GFC Egyptair
55069 BCS3 N301DU Delta Air Lines
55070 BCS3 N302DU Delta Air Lines
55071 BCS3 YL-AAV Air Baltic
55072 BCS3 EX-22002 Air Manas
55073 BCS3 VP-BMQ Private owner
55074 BCS3 SU-GFE Egyptair
55075 BCS3 N303DU Delta Air Lines
55076 BCS3 C-GJXE Air Canada
55077 BCS3 SU-GFF Egyptair
55078 BCS3 C-GJXN Air Canada
55079 BCS3 C-GJXV Air Canada
55080 BCS3 N304DU Delta Air Lines
55081 BCS3 SU-GFG Egyptair
55082 BCS3 C-GJXW Air Canada
55083 BCS3 C-GJXY Air Canada
55084 BCS3 N305DU Delta Air Lines
55085 BCS3 N306DU Delta Air Lines
55086 BCS3 YL-AAW Air Baltic
55087 BCS3 SU-GFH Egyptair
55088 BCS3 C-GJYA Air Canada
55089 BCS3 6V-AOA Air Senegal
55090 BCS3 C-GJYC Air Canada
55091 BCS3 SU-GFI Egyptair
55092 BCS3 C-GJYE Air Canada
55093 BCS3 C-GJYI Air Canada
55094 BCS3 YL-AAX Air Baltic
55095 BCS3 YL-AAY Air Baltic
55096 BCS3 N307DU Delta Air Lines
55097 BCS3 C-GMYU Air Canada
55098 BCS3 C-GMZN Air Canada
55099 BCS3 N3008J JetBlue Airways
55100 BCS3 C-GMZR Air Canada
55101 BCS3 N308DU Delta Air Lines
55102 BCS3 C-GMZY Air Canada
55103 BCS3 C-GNGV Air Canada
55104 BCS3 N3023J JetBlue Airways
55105 BCS3 C-GNAM Air Canada
55106 BCS3 F-OLAV Air Austral
55107 BCS3 N309DU Delta Air Lines
55108 BCS3 N3044J JetBlue Airways
55109 BCS3 C-GTZH Air Canada
55110 BCS3 HB-JCU Swiss
55111 BCS3 C-GNBE Air Canada
55112 BCS3 C-GNBN Air Canada
55113 BCS3 N3058J JetBlue Airways
55114 BCS3 YL-AAZ Air Baltic
55115 BCS3 N3062J JetBlue Airways
55116 BCS3 F-OMER Air Austral
55117 BCS3 C-GTZS Air Canada
55118 BCS3 C-GTZU Air Canada
55119 BCS3 C-GUAC Air Canada
55120 BCS3 N3065J JetBlue Airways
55121 BCS3 YL-ABA Air Baltic
55122 BCS3 C-GUPG Air Canada
55123 BCS3 C-GUPK Air Canada
55124 BCS3 N3077J JetBlue Airways
55125 BCS3 F-OTER Air Austral
55126 BCS3 YL-ABB Air Baltic
55127 BCS3 YL-ABC Air Baltic
55128 BCS3 N203BZ Breeze Airways
55129 BCS3 YL-ABD Air Baltic
55130 BCS3 5H-TCL Air Tanzania
55131 BCS3 YL-ABE Air Baltic
55132 BCS3 N3085J JetBlue Airways
55133 BCS3 YL-ABF Air Baltic
55134 BCS3 F-HZUA Air France
55135 BCS3 5H-TCM Air Tanzania
55136 BCS3 YI-ARE Iraqi Airways N/A
55137 BCS3 N204BZ Breeze Airways
55138 BCS3 C-GUPL Air Canada
55139 BCS3 F-HZUB Air France
55140 BCS3 F-HZUC Air France
55141 BCS3 F-HZUD Air France
55142 BCS3 N310DU Delta Air Lines
55143 BCS3 N206BZ Breeze Airways
55144 BCS3 N3102J JetBlue Airways
55145 BCS3 YI-ARF Iraqi Airways
55146 BCS3 F-HZUE Air France
55147 BCS3 C-GVDP Air Canada
55148 BCS3 N208BZ Breeze Airways
55149 BCS3 F-HZUF Air France
55150 BCS3 N3104J JetBlue Airways
55151 BCS3 N211BZ Breeze Airways
55152 BCS3 C-GVDQ Air Canada
55153 BCS3 N311DU Delta Air Lines
55154 BCS3 YL-ABG Air Baltic
55155 BCS3 F-HZUG Air France
55156 BCS3 N213BZ Breeze Airways
55157 BCS3 F-HZUH Air France
55158 BCS3 N3112J JetBlue Airways
55159 BCS3 F-HZUI Air France
55160 BCS3 N214BZ Breeze Airways
55161 BCS3 C-GVUH Air Canada
55162 BCS3 YL-ABH Air Baltic
55163 BCS3 YL-ABI Air Baltic
55164 BCS3 N3113J JetBlue Airways
55165 BCS3 YL-ABJ Air Baltic
55166 BCS3 C-GVUN Air Canada
55167 BCS3 N215BZ Breeze Airways
55168 BCS3 EI-HHI ITA Airways
55169 BCS3 C-GVUO Air Canada
55170 BCS3 N312DU Delta Air Lines
55171 BCS3 F-HZUJ Air France
55172 BCS3 N216BZ Breeze Airways
55173 BCS3 F-HZUK Air France
55174 BCS3 F-HZUL Air France
55175 BCS3 N313DU Delta Air Lines
55176 BCS3 EI-HHJ ITA Airways
55177 BCS3 EI-HHK ITA Airways
55178 BCS3 N217BZ Breeze Airways
55179 BCS3 C-GWUQ Air Canada
55180 BCS3 EI-HHL ITA Airways
55181 BCS3 N3115J JetBlue Airways
55182 BCS3 YL-ABK Air Baltic
55183 BCS3 YL-ABL Air Baltic
55184 BCS3 N218BZ Breeze Airways
55185 BCS3 F-HZUM Air France
55186 BCS3 N3118J JetBlue Airways
55187 BCS3 F-HZUN Air France
55188 BCS3 YI-ARG Iraqi Airways
55189 BCS3 N219BZ Breeze Airways
55190 BCS3 C-GWUS Air Canada
55191 BCS3 YL-ABM Air Baltic
55192 BCS3 N314DU Delta Air Lines
55193 BCS3 F-HZUO Air France
55194 BCS3 YI-ARH Iraqi Airways
55195 BCS3 N315DU Delta Air Lines
55196 BCS3 F-HZUP Air France
55197 BCS3 F-HZUQ Air France
55198 BCS3 F-HZUR Air France
55199 BCS3 N3121J JetBlue Airways
55200 BCS3 F-HZUS Air France
55201 BCS3 YI-ARI Iraqi Airways
55202 BCS3 N220BZ Breeze Airways
55203 BCS3 5B-DEA Cyprus Airways
55204 BCS3 N3123J JetBlue Airways
55205 BCS3 C-GWUT Air Canada
55206 BCS3 N221BZ Breeze Airways
55207 BCS3 N316DU Delta Air Lines
55208 BCS3 5B-DEB Cyprus Airways
55209 BCS3 N223BZ Breeze Airways
55210 BCS3 F-HZUT Air France
55211 BCS3 N3125J JetBlue Airways
55212 BCS3 N317DU Delta Air Lines
55213 BCS3 F-HZUU Air France
55214 BCS3 N3132J JetBlue Airways
55215 BCS3 YL-ABN Air Baltic
55216 BCS3 F-HZUV Air France
55217 BCS3 N224BZ Breeze Airways
55218 BCS3 F-HZUX Air France
55219 BCS3 YL-ABO Air Baltic
55220 BCS3 N318DU Delta Air Lines
55221 BCS3 F-HZUY Air France
55222 BCS3 N3138J JetBlue Airways
55223 BCS3 F-HZUZ Air France
55224 BCS3 YL-ABP Air Baltic
55226 BCS3 LZ-ROM Bulgaria Air
55227 BCS3 F-HPNA Air France
55229 BCS3 F-HPNB Air France
55230 BCS3 F-HPNC Air France
55233 BCS3 F-HPND Air France
55235 BCS3 EI-HHM ITA Airways
55236 BCS3 LZ-LON Bulgaria Air
55238 BCS3 YL-ABQ Air Baltic
55240 BCS3 YL-ABR Air Baltic
55243 BCS3 F-HPNG Air France
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