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Production lists - Boeing 747 family - B742

Total number of aircraft: 69

25266 A6-MDG Midex Airlines
25171 EP-FAB Fars Air Qeshm
24960 B-2462 Uni-Top Airlines
24879 A6-MDI Midex Airlines
24735 A6-MDH Midex Airlines
24576 ER-BAU Fly Pro
24568 B-HVX Cathay Pacific
24399 EW-445TQ Transaviaexport Airlines
24196 N708SA Southern Air
24195 N704SA Southern Air
24138 N490EV Evergreen International Airlines
24134 EP-ICD Iran Air
23919 EW-460TQ Transaviaexport Airlines
23825 92-9000 US Air Force (USAF)
23824 82-8000 US Air Force (USAF)
23813 ER-BAT Fly Pro
23746 B-2450 Uni-Top Airlines
23737 UP-B4702 Sigma Airlines
23736 4L-GEL Geo-Sky
23735 4L-GEN Geo-Sky
23711 4L-GEO The Cargo Airlines
23698 EK-74798 Veteran Avia
23549 5N-JRM Kabo Air
23548 5N-DKB Kabo Air
23502 EP-FAA Qeshm Fars Air
23501 SX-TIC Hellenic Imperial Airways
23461 B-2448 Uni-Top Airlines
23348 4X-ICO CAL Cargo Airlines
23287 N488EV Evergreen International Airlines
23286 N487EV Evergreen International Airlines
23139 ER-BBS Jet Star
23138 N758SA Southern Air
23111 4L-GEM Geo-Sky
22670 EP-IAI Iran Air
22585 4X-AXM El Al Israel Airlines
22545 ER-BAR Oscar Jet
22506 AP-BIO Rayyan Air
22477 4L-KAB The Cargo Airlines
22151 4X-AXK El Al Israel Airlines
22150 4X-AXL El Al Israel Airlines
22107 N815SA AIR Mobility
21966 N787RR Rolls-Royce North America
21965 4X-ICM CAL Cargo Airlines
21940 HS-ORA Orient Thai Airlines Cargo
21833 N765SA Southern Air
21832 N761SA Southern Air
21787 N753SA Southern Air
21705 N706BL Baltia Air Lines
21594 4X-AXF El Al Israel Airlines
21576 N754SA Southern Air
21507 EP-SHA Saha Airlines
21487 EP-SHH Caspian Airlines
21486 EP-SHB Saha Airlines
21221 N760SA Southern Air
21218 EP-IAH Iran Air
21217 EP-IAG Iran Air
21111 N746SA Southern Air
21110 N748SA Southern Air
21098 A6-GDP Dubai Air Wing
20949 75-0125 US Air Force (USAF)
20888 N486EV Evergreen International Airlines
20826 G-INTL Air Freight Express
20713 N482EV Evergreen International Airlines
20712 N485EV Evergreen International Airlines
20684 74-0787 US Air Force (USAF)
20683 73-1677 US Air Force (USAF)
20682 73-1676 US Air Force (USAF)
20653 N470EV Evergreen International Airlines
20651 N471EV Evergreen International Airlines