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Production lists - Boeing 747 family

Total number of aircraft: 668

67147 B748 N860GT Atlas Air
65787 B748 N620UP UPS
65785 B748 N621UP UPS
65784 B748 N622UP UPS
65783 B748 N623UP UPS
65782 B748 N625UP UPS
65781 B748 N626UP UPS
65780 B748 N627UP UPS
65779 B748 N628UP UPS
65778 B748 N629UP UPS
65777 B748 N630UP UPS
65776 B748 N631UP UPS
65775 B748 N632UP UPS
65774 B748 N633UP UPS
64265 B748 N607UP UPS
64264 B748 N618UP UPS
64263 B748 N617UP UPS
64262 B748 N616UP UPS
64261 B748 N615UP UPS
64260 B748 N614UP UPS
64259 B748 N613UP UPS
64258 B748 N612UP UPS
64257 B748 N611UP UPS
64256 B748 N610UP UPS
64255 B748 N608UP UPS
64254 B748 N609UP UPS
64253 B748 N606UP UPS
64252 B748 N605UP UPS
63787 B748 VP-BJS AirBridgeCargo Airlines
63784 B748 N624UP UPS
63781 B748 VP-BBY AirBridgeCargo Airlines
63659 B748 VP-BBP AirBridgeCargo Airlines
63378 B748 VP-BBL AirBridgeCargo Airlines
63199 B748 A7-BGB Qatar Airways
62823 B748 B-LJN Cathay Pacific
62709 B748 VQ-BBM Silk Way West Airlines
62708 B748 VQ-BBH Silk Way West Airlines
62441 B748 N859GT Atlas Air
61169 B748 LX-VCM Cargolux
60687 B748 VQ-BVR AirBridgeCargo Airlines
60411 B748 HL7644 Korean Air
60410 B748 HL7643 South Korea - Government
60409 B748 HL7642 Korean Air
60408 B748 HL7638 Korean Air
60407 B748 HL7636 Korean Air
60120 B748 VQ-BWY Silk Way West Airlines
60119 B748 VP-BIN AirBridgeCargo Airlines
60118 B748 VQ-BFE AirBridgeCargo Airlines
60117 B748 VQ-BFU AirBridgeCargo Airlines
44937 B748 VQ-BVC Silk Way West Airlines
44933 B748 B-2482 Air China
44932 B748 B-2487 Air China
44444 B748 VQ-BVB Silk Way West Airlines
43825 B748 B-LJM Cathay Pacific
43536 B748 B-LJL Cathay Pacific
43394 B748 B-LJK Cathay Pacific
42417 B748 N895BA Boeing
42416 B748 N894BA Boeing
42096 B748 TC-TRK Turkuaz Airlines
41847 B748 B-2481 Air China
41194 B748 B-2480 Air China
41193 B748 B-2479 Air China
41192 B748 B-2486 Air China
41191 B748 B-2485 Air China
41060 B748 V8-BKH Brunei Government
40909 B748 HL7637 Korean Air
40908 B748 HL7633 Korean Air
40907 B748 HL7632 Korean Air
40906 B748 HL7631 Korean Air
40905 B748 HL7630 Korean Air
40065 B748 N458BJ Private owner
39749 B748 A4O-HMS Royal Flight of Oman
39247 B748 B-LJI Cathay Pacific
39246 B748 B-LJJ Cathay Pacific
39245 B748 B-LJH Cathay Pacific
39244 B748 B-LJG Cathay Pacific
39243 B748 B-LJF Cathay Pacific
39242 B748 B-LJE Cathay Pacific
39241 B748 B-LJD Cathay Pacific
39240 B748 B-LJC Cathay Pacific
39239 B748 B-LJB Cathay Pacific
39238 B748 B-LJA Cathay Pacific
38636 B748 9K-GAA State of Kuwait
38078 B748 LX-VCK Cargolux
38077 B748 LX-VCJ Cargolux
38076 B748 LX-VCN Cargolux
37845 B748 D-ABYU Lufthansa
37844 B748 D-ABYT Lufthansa
37843 B748 D-ABYS Lufthansa
37842 B748 D-ABYR Lufthansa
37841 B748 D-ABYO Lufthansa
37840 B748 D-ABYQ Lufthansa
37839 B748 D-ABYP Lufthansa
37838 B748 D-ABYN Lufthansa
37837 B748 D-ABYM Lufthansa
37836 B748 D-ABYL Lufthansa
37835 B748 D-ABYK Lufthansa
37834 B748 D-ABYJ Lufthansa
37833 B748 D-ABYI Lufthansa
37832 B748 D-ABYH Lufthansa
37831 B748 D-ABYG Lufthansa
37830 B748 D-ABYF Lufthansa
37829 B748 D-ABYD Lufthansa
37828 B748 D-ABYC Lufthansa
37827 B748 D-ABYA Lufthansa
37826 B748 N828BA Boeing
37670 B748 VQ-BRJ AirBridgeCargo Airlines
37669 B748 VQ-BRH AirBridgeCargo Airlines
37668 B748 VQ-BLR AirBridgeCargo Airlines
37657 B748 HL7629 Korean Air
37656 B748 HL7624 Korean Air
37655 B748 HL7623 Korean Air
37654 B748 HL7617 Korean Air
37653 B748 HL7639 Korean Air
37581 B748 VQ-BLQ AirBridgeCargo Airlines
37580 B748 VQ-BGZ AirBridgeCargo Airlines
37572 B748 N853GT DHL
37571 B748 N852GT DHL
37570 B748 N850GT Atlas Air
37569 B748 N858GT DHL
37568 B748 N857GT DHL
37567 B748 N855GT DHL
37566 B748 N854GT Atlas Air
37565 B748 N851GT DHL
37564 B748 A7-BGA Qatar Airways
37563 B748 OE-LFD Air Belgium
37562 B748 M-ABOV Private owner
37561 B748 N856GT Atlas Air
37544 B748 A7-HHE Qatar - Amiri Flight
37501 B748 A7-HHF Qatar - Amiri Flight
37500 B748 CN-MBH Royal Moroccan Air Force
37394 B748 JA14KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines
37393 B748 JA16KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines
37304 B744 N782CK Kalitta Air
37303 B744 LX-ECV Cargolux
37299 B744 B-LIA Cathay Pacific
37133 B748 HL7610 Korean Air
37132 B748 HL7609 Korean Air
37075 B748 A7-HBJ Qatar - Amiri Flight
36871 B744 B-LIF Cathay Pacific
36870 B744 B-LIE Cathay Pacific
36869 B744 B-LID Cathay Pacific
36868 B744 B-LIC Cathay Pacific
36867 B744 B-LIB Cathay Pacific
36785 B744 OE-IFM ASL Airlines
36784 B744 OE-IFK ASL Airlines
36141 B748 JA18KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines
36140 B748 JA17KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines
36139 B748 JA15KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines
36138 B748 JA13KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines
36137 B748 JA12KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines
36136 B748 JA11KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines
36135 B744 N508KZ Atlas Air
36134 B744 N407KZ Atlas Air
36133 B744 N406KZ Atlas Air
36132 B744 N405KZ Atlas Air
35823 B748 LX-VCL Cargolux
35822 B748 LX-VCI Cargolux
35821 B748 LX-VCH Cargolux
35812 B748 LX-VCG Cargolux
35811 B748 LX-VCF Cargolux
35810 B748 LX-VCE Cargolux
35809 B748 LX-VCD Cargolux
35808 B748 LX-VCA Cargolux
35807 B748 LX-VCC Cargolux
35806 B748 LX-VCB Cargolux
35805 B744 LX-YCV Cargolux
35804 B744 LX-WCV Cargolux
35669 B744 N572UP UPS
35667 B744 N570UP UPS
35666 B744 N577UP UPS
35665 B744 N576UP UPS
35664 B744 N575UP UPS
35663 B744 N574UP UPS
35662 B744 N573UP UPS
35525 B744 HL7605 Korean Air
35421 B744 VP-BIK AirBridgeCargo Airlines
35420 B744 VP-BIG AirBridgeCargo Airlines
35237 B744 VP-BIM AirBridgeCargo Airlines
35236 B744 LX-KCL Cargolux
35235 B744 B-1340 Suparna Airlines
35234 B744 LX-LCL Cargolux
35233 B744 VQ-BWW AirBridgeCargo Airlines
35232 B744 LX-MCL Cargolux
35208 B744 B-2426 China Cargo Airlines
35207 B744 B-2425 China Cargo Airlines
35174 B744 B-2423 SF Airlines
35173 B744 B-2422 SF Airlines
35172 B744 4X-ICA Challenge Airlines
35171 B744 LX-JCV Cargolux
35170 B744 LX-NCL Cargolux
35169 B744 OO-ACF Challenge Airlines
34302 B744 HL7603 Korean Air
34301 B744 HL7602 Korean Air
34283 B744 N404KZ Atlas Air
34266 B744 B-18723 China Airlines
34265 B744 B-18722 China Airlines
34240 B744 B-2476 Air China Cargo
34239 B744 B-2475 Air China Cargo
34235 B744 LX-VCV Cargolux
34150 B744 LX-GCL Cargolux
34018 B744 N403KZ Kalitta Air
34017 B744 N402KZ Kalitta Air
34016 B744 N401KZ Kalitta Air
33949 B744 HL7601 Korean Air
33945 B744 OE-IFD ASL Airlines
33827 B744 LX-UCV Cargolux
33771 B744 HS-TGG Thai Airways
33770 B744 HS-TGF Thai Airways
33749 B744 G-CLAA CargoLogicAir
33748 B744 HL7616 Asiana Airlines
33739 B744 B-18719 China Airlines
33738 B744 B-18721 China Airlines
33737 B744 B-18215 China Airlines
33736 B744 B-18212 China Airlines
33735 B744 N373JX JetOneX
33734 B744 N337JX JetOneX
33733 B744 B-18720 China Airlines
33732 B744 B-18716 China Airlines
33731 B744 B-18715 China Airlines
33729 B744 B-18712 China Airlines
33696 B744 PH-CKC KLM
33695 B744 PH-CKB KLM
33694 B744 PH-CKA KLM
33684 B744 A9C-HMK Bahrain Royal Flight
33517 B744 N446MC Atlas Air
33516 B744 OE-IFB ASL Airlines
33515 B744 N445MC Atlas Air
33097 B744 N904AR Sky Lease Cargo
33096 B744 N903AR Sky Lease Cargo
33001 B744 N675NW Delta Air Lines
32914 B744 VH-OEJ Qantas
32913 B744 VH-OEI Qantas
32912 B744 VH-OEH Qantas
32911 B744 VH-OEG Qantas
32910 B744 VH-OEF Qantas (Oneworld Livery)
32909 B744 VH-OEE Qantas
32902 B744 9V-SFP Singapore Airlines
32901 B744 9V-SFQ Singapore Airlines
32900 B744 9V-SFO Singapore Airlines
32899 B744 9V-SFN Singapore Airlines
32898 B744 9V-SFM Singapore Airlines
32897 B744 TC-MCL MyCargo Airlines
32871 B744 9H-AZA Air Atlanta Icelandic
32870 B744 G-CLBA CargoLogicAir
32869 B744 TF-AAJ Air Atlanta Icelandic
32868 B744 TF-AAK Air Atlanta Icelandic
32867 B744 TC-ACM AirACT
32866 B744 TC-ACR AirACT
32840 B744 N418MC Atlas Air
32838 B744 N416MC Atlas Air
32837 B744 N415MC Atlas Air
32809 B744 N715CK Kalitta Air
32808 B744 N713CK Kalitta Air
32804 B744 B-2461 China Southern Airlines
32803 B744 B-2473 SF Airlines
32746 B744 ER-BAE Terra Avia
32745 B744 N744VG Virgin Orbit (Cosmic Girl)
32571 B744 4K-BCI Silk Way West Airlines
32445 B744 A4O-OMN Royal Flight of Oman
32370 B744 HS-TGB Thai Airways
32369 B744 HS-TGA Thai Airways
32340 B744 N482MC Atlas Air
32339 B744 N481MC Atlas Air
32338 B744 G-VLIP Virgin Atlantic
32337 B744 G-VGAL Virgin Atlantic
30885 B744 G-VROS Virgin Atlantic
30812 B744 N454PA DHL
30811 B744 N453PA DHL
30810 B744 N452PA Atlas Air
30809 B744 N451PA Atlas Air
30808 B744 N450PA Atlas Air
30805 B744 LX-ICL Cargolux
30804 B744 4K-BCH Silk Way West Airlines
30771 B744 B-18725 China Airlines
30770 B744 B-18718 China Airlines
30769 B744 B-18717 China Airlines
30768 B744 B-18711 China Airlines
30767 B744 B-18710 China Airlines
30766 B744 B-18709 China Airlines
30765 B744 B-18708 China Airlines
30764 B744 B-18707 China Airlines
30763 B744 B-18706 China Airlines
30762 B744 OE-ILC ASL Airlines
30761 B744 N297CL Private owner
30760 B744 N575CL Private owner
30759 B744 B-18701 China Airlines
30609 B744 N487MC Atlas Air
30608 B744 N486MC Atlas Air
30607 B744 N485MC Atlas Air
30559 B744 N412MC Atlas Air
30558 B744 N409MC Atlas Air
30455 B744 PH-BFY KLM
30454 B744 VQ-BWL Longtail Aviation
30401 B744 LX-TCV Cargolux
30400 B744 LX-RCV Cargolux
30322 B744 N322SG Atlas Air
30269 B744 N674US Delta Air Lines
30268 B744 N673US Delta Air Lines
30158 B744 B-2472 Air China
30023 B744 5N-ADM Max Air
29902 B744 4K-BCV Silk Way West Airlines
29901 B744 TF-AAH Air Atlanta Icelandic
29900 B744 TF-AAM Saudia
29899 B744 EI-XLG Rossiya
29872 B744 D-ABTL Lufthansa
29871 B744 D-ABTK Lufthansa
29870 B744 D-ABVZ Lufthansa
29869 B744 D-ABVY Lufthansa
29868 B744 D-ABVX Lufthansa
29733 B744 LX-SCV Cargolux
29732 B744 4K-SW008 Silk Way West Airlines
29731 B744 LX-OCV Cargolux
29730 B744 4K-SW888 Silk Way West Airlines
29729 B744 4K-SW800 Silk Way West Airlines
29493 B744 D-ABVW Lufthansa
29492 B744 D-ABVU Lufthansa
29406 B744 VQ-BZV JetOneX
29375 B744 HL7620 Asiana Airlines
29328 B744 4X-ELD El Al
29263 B744 N263SG Atlas Air
29262 B744 TF-AAC Air Atlanta Icelandic
29261 B744 N408MC Atlas Air
29260 B744 N499MC Atlas Air
29259 B744 N498MC Atlas Air
29258 B744 N258SN Western Global Airlines
29257 B744 N496MC Atlas Air
29256 B744 N476MC Atlas Air
29255 B744 N477MC Atlas Air
29254 B744 N493MC Atlas Air
29253 B744 N492MC Atlas Air
29252 B744 N475MC Atlas Air
29219 B744 B-18207 China Airlines
29170 B744 HL7436 Asiana Airlines
29112 B744 B-16412 EVA Air
29111 B744 B-16411 EVA Air
29101 B744 D-ABVM Lufthansa
29061 B744 B-16410 EVA Air
29053 B744 N582UP UPS
29031 B744 N508BB Aero Intelligence
29030 B744 B-18206 China Airlines (Skyteam Livery)
28961 B744 A9C-HAK Bahrain Royal Flight
28959 B744 ER-BAC Terra Avia
28859 B744 G-BYGG British Airways
28858 B744 G-BYGE British Airways
28857 B744 G-BYGD British Airways
28856 B744 G-BYGB British Airways
28855 B744 G-BYGA British Airways
28854 B744 G-CIVZ British Airways (Oneworld Livery)
28853 B744 G-CIVY British Airways
28852 B744 G-CIVX British Airways
28851 B744 G-CIVS British Airways
28850 B744 G-CIVP British Airways (Oneworld Livery)
28849 B744 G-CIVO British Airways
28848 B744 G-CIVN British Airways
28812 B744 N480MC Atlas Air
28757 B744 G-VAST Virgin Atlantic
28706 B744 HS-TGZ Thai Airways
28705 B744 HS-TGY Thai Airways
28700 B744 G-CIVM British Airways (Oneworld Livery)
28552 B744 HL7428 Asiana Airlines
28551 B744 A6-UAE Private owner N/A
28460 B744 VQ-BWM Longtail Aviation
28459 B744 PH-BFT KLM
28435 B744 EC-MRM Wamos Air
28434 B744 4K-BCR Silk Way West Airlines
28433 B744 YI-ASA Iraqi Airways
28427 B744 EC-MQK Wamos Air
28426 B744 TF-AAD Air Atlanta Icelandic
28367 B744 N419MC Atlas Air
28343 B744 HZ-HM1 Saudia
28341 B744 HZ-AIX Saudia
28339 B744 HZ-AIV Saudia
28335 B744 HL7473 Korean Air
28287 B744 D-ABVT Lufthansa
28286 B744 D-ABVS Lufthansa
28285 B744 D-ABVR Lufthansa
28284 B744 D-ABVP Lufthansa
28283 B744 B-2432 Suparna Airlines
28282 B744 B-2435 Suparna Airlines
28263 B744 TF-AMB Saudia
28196 B744 PH-BFU KLM
28195 B744 PH-BFS KLM
28194 B744 HS-STI Orient Thai Airlines
28096 B744 HL7495 Korean Air
28095 B744 VT-EVB Air India
28094 B744 VT-EVA Air India
28086 B744 D-ABVO Lufthansa
28032 B744 A6-GGP Dubai Air Wing
28031 B744 N281GH Private owner
28030 B744 9V-SFK Singapore Airlines
28029 B744 N747JV Private owner
28028 B744 EI-XLM Rossiya
28027 B744 9V-SFI Singapore Airlines
28026 B744 N908AR Sky Lease Cargo
28025 B744 N747KD Private owner
28022 B744 TF-AMV Air Atlanta Icelandic
27915 B744 4X-ELC El Al
27899 B744 TF-AMA Saudia
27898 B744 TF-AMR Saudia
27725 B744 HS-TGX Thai Airways
27724 B744 HS-TGW Thai Airways
27672 B744 TF-AAE Air Atlanta Icelandic
27662 B744 N579BC Kalitta Air
27650 B744 EI-XLH Rossiya
27648 B744 EI-XLI Rossiya
27646 B744 EI-XLJ Rossiya
27645 B744 EI-XLF Rossiya
27603 B744 TF-AMU Astral Aviation
27602 B744 TF-AMN Magma Aviation
27595 B744 B-HUJ Cathay Pacific
27503 B744 TF-AMK Air Atlanta Icelandic
27478 B744 G-CIVL British Airways (Oneworld Livery)
27350 B744 G-CIVE British Airways
27349 B744 G-CIVD British Airways (Oneworld Livery)
27338 B744 9K-ADE Kuwait Airways
27282 B744 HL7423 Asiana Airlines
27230 B744 B-HUI Cathay Pacific
27217 B744 N702CA National Airlines
27214 B744 VT-ESP Air India
27177 B744 HL7490 Korean Air
27174 B744 N473MC Atlas Air
27165 B744 VT-ESO Air India
27154 B744 N578UP UPS
27134 B744 EC-KSM Wamos Air
27132 B744 B-HKT Cathay Pacific
27100 B744 EI-XLC Rossiya
27099 B744 YI-AQQ Iraqi Airways
27092 B744 G-CIVA British Airways
27090 B744 G-BNLY British Airways (Landor Retro Livery)
27073 B744 N706CK Kalitta Air
27072 B744 N392BC Boeing Capital Corporation
27071 B744 ER-BAJ Aerotranscargo
27068 B744 N400SA Southern Air
27066 B744 TF-AMI Magma Aviation
27063 B744 N27063 Private owner
27062 B744 N472MC Atlas Air
27044 B744 9H-MSK Mesk Air
27043 B744 N774AS AerSale
26910 B744 EC-MDS Wamos Air
26906 B744 A6-MMM Dubai Air Wing
26903 B744 A6-HRM Dubai Air Wing
26880 B744 F-HSUN Corsair
26878 B744 5N-MDK Kabo Air
26877 B744 F-HSEA Corsair
26876 B744 HS-STA Orient Thai Airlines
26875 B744 F-GTUI Corsair
26616 B744 HS-TGT Thai Airways
26610 B744 HS-TGP Thai Airways
26609 B744 HS-TGO Thai Airways
26563 B744 TF-AMC Magma Aviation
26562 B744 ER-JAI Aerotranscargo
26561 B744 4X-ICB Challenge Airlines
26560 B744 B-2409 Air China Cargo
26559 B744 TC-MCT AirACT
26558 B744 ER-BBJ Aerotranscargo
26557 B744 N471MC Atlas Air
26555 B744 4X-ELH El Al
26553 B744 N489MC Atlas Air
26549 B744 EC-KQC Wamos Air
26548 B744 HS-STC Orient Thai Airlines
26547 B744 N756CA National Airlines
26477 B744 N671US Delta Air Lines
26426 B744 V8-ALI Sultan of Brunei
26416 B744 N701CK Kalitta Air
26414 B744 N712CK Kalitta Air
26413 B744 N705CK Kalitta Air
26412 B744 10001 South Korea - Government
26411 B744 N702CK Kalitta Air
26409 B744 5N-HMM Max Air
26408 B744 N716CK Kalitta Air
26407 B744 HL7402 Korean Air
26406 B744 N710CK Kalitta Air
26405 B744 HL7461 Korean Air
26404 B744 HL7460 Korean Air
26403 B744 5N-DBK Max Air
26402 B744 HL7498 Korean Air
26397 B744 HL7492 Korean Air
26396 B744 N709CK Kalitta Air
26395 B744 N707CK Kalitta Air
26374 B744 PH-BFP KLM (KLM Asia livery)
26373 B744 PH-BFM KLM (KLM Asia livery)
26372 B744 PH-BFN KLM
26362 B744 EI-XLE Rossiya
26361 B744 N745CK Kalitta Air
26360 B744 RA-73284 Rossiya
26356 B744 N356KD Western Global Airlines
26355 B744 N747GF General Electric
26353 B744 N744CK Kalitta Air
26350 B744 N743CK DHL
26346 B744 EC-LNA Wamos Air
26344 B744 N344KD Western Global Airlines
26343 B744 HL7618 Asiana Airlines
26341 B744 N464MC Atlas Air
26255 B744 G-VBIG Virgin Atlantic
26062 B744 N579UP UPS
26056 B744 4X-ELB El Al
26055 B744 4X-ELA El Al
25883 B744 B-2447 Air China
25882 B744 B-2445 Air China
25880 B744 HZ-WBT7 Kingdom Holding
25868 B744 N700CK Kalitta Air
25867 B744 N583UP UPS
25866 B744 N581UP UPS
25824 B744 G-BYGF British Airways
25823 B744 G-BYGC British Airways (BOAC Retro Livery)
25822 B744 G-CIVW British Airways
25821 B744 G-CIVT British Airways
25820 B744 G-CIVR British Airways
25819 B744 G-CIVV British Airways
25818 B744 G-CIVK British Airways (Oneworld Livery)
25817 B744 G-CIVJ British Airways
25814 B744 G-CIVI British Airways (Oneworld livery)
25813 B744 G-CIVG British Airways
25812 B744 G-CIVC British Airways (Oneworld Livery)
25811 B744 G-CIVB British Airways (Negus Retro Livery)
25810 B744 G-CIVU British Airways
25809 B744 G-CIVH British Airways
25784 B744 HL7421 Asiana Airlines
25783 B744 HL7420 Asiana Airlines
25781 B744 HL7419 Asiana Airlines
25780 B744 HL7418 Asiana Airlines
25779 B744 HL7417 Asiana Airlines
25778 B744 VH-OEB Qantas
25777 B744 HL7415 Asiana Airlines
25705 B744 PK-GSH Garuda Indonesia N/A
25704 B744 PK-GSG Garuda Indonesia N/A
25703 B744 EX-47003 Sky KG Airlines
25702 B744 N493EV Evergreen International Airlines
25701 B744 9M-MPD Saudia
25700 B744 TF-AMM Astral Aviation
25699 B744 N780AS Private owner
25645 B744 TC-ACF AirACT
25641 B744 TC-ACG AirACT
25632 B744 N580UP UPS
25629 B744 CN-RGA Royal Air Maroc
25628 B744 9M-ACM Eaglexpress Air
25566 B744 N747RR Rolls-Royce North America
25565 B744 VH-OJT Qantas
25564 B744 VH-OJS Qantas
25452 B744 N452SN Western Global Airlines
25435 B744 G-BNLX British Airways
25434 B744 G-CIVF British Airways
25432 B744 G-BNLW British Airways
25427 B744 G-BNLV British Airways
25406 B744 G-BNLU British Airways
25405 B744 HL7413 Asiana Airlines
25356 B744 PH-BFL KLM
25315 B744 N958JM Jet Midwest
25308 B744 N936CA National Airlines
25302 B744 N919CA National Airlines
25275 B744 N708CK Kalitta Air
25245 B744 VH-OJM Qantas
25238 B744 N952CA National Airlines
25207 B744 B-2437 Suparna Airlines
25205 B744 N570B Private owner
25171 B742 EP-FAB Fars Air Qeshm
25152 B744 VP-BYK Longtail Aviation
25151 B744 N953JM Private owner
25086 B744 PH-BFI KLM
25075 B744 ER-BBB Aerotranscargo
25074 B744 A6-COM Dubai Air Wing
25068 B744 N729CA National Airlines
25067 B744 5N-HMB Max Air
24998 B744 ER-BBC Aerotranscargo
24976 B744 B-HUR Cathay Pacific Cargo
24975 B744 VQ-BWT JetOneX
24925 B744 B-HOU Cathay Pacific Cargo
24883 B744 N278AW Ansett Worldwide (AWAS)
24837 B743 EW-465TQ Transaviaexport Airlines
24833 B744 N429MC Atlas Air
24801 B744 TF-AMP Magma Aviation N/A
24784 B744 N465MC Atlas Air
24735 B742 A6-MDH Midex Airlines
24731 B744 20-1102 Japanese Air Force
24730 B744 20-1101 Japanese Air Force
24619 B744 LX-DCV Cargolux
24576 B742 ER-BAU Fly Pro
24568 B742 B-HVX Cathay Pacific
24518 B744 PH-BFH KLM
24517 B744 PH-BFG KLM
24459 B744 ER-BAG Aerotranscargo
24458 B744 YR-FSA ROMCargo Airlines
24424 B744 N742CK Kalitta Air
24405 B744 N740CK DHL
24399 B742 EW-445TQ Transaviaexport Airlines
24383 B744 EP-MEE Mahan Air
24373 B744 N954JM Jet Midwest Group LLC
24363 B744 EP-MNB Mahan Air
24315 B744 N741CK Kalitta Air
24312 B744 ER-BAM Aerotranscargo
24311 B744 ER-BAS Terra Avia
24227 B744 OO-ACE Challenge Airlines
24226 B744 N703CK Kalitta Air
24225 B744 N670US Delta Air Lines
24224 B744 N669US Delta Air Lines
24223 B744 N668US Delta Air Lines
24222 B744 N667US Delta Air Lines
24200 B744 LX-ACV Cargolux
24199 B744 N779BA Evergreen International Airlines
24195 B742 N704SA Southern Air
24138 B742 N490EV Evergreen International Airlines
24134 B742 EP-ICD Iran Air
24066 B744 PH-MPS Martinair Holland
24065 B744 PK-LHG Lion Air N/A
24058 B744 G-BNLP British Airways
24057 B744 G-BNLO British Airways
24056 B744 G-BNLN British Airways
24053 B744 G-BNLK British Airways
24052 B744 G-BNLJ British Airways
24048 B744 G-BNLF British Airways
24018 B743 5N-MBB Max Air
24000 B744 PH-BFB KLM (Corendon Village Hotel)
23999 B744 PH-BFA KLM
23982 B744 PH-BFC KLM
23968 B743 5N-DBM Max Air
23919 B742 EW-460TQ Transaviaexport Airlines
23825 B742 92-9000 United States - US Air Force (USAF)
23824 B742 82-8000 United States - US Air Force (USAF)
23821 B744 N666US Delta Air Lines
23820 B744 N665US Delta Air Lines
23819 B744 N664US Delta Air Lines
23818 B744 N663US Delta Air Lines
23813 B742 ER-BAT Fly Pro
23746 B742 B-2450 Uni-Top Airlines
23737 B742 EX-47001 Aerostan
23736 B742 4L-GEL Geo-Sky
23735 B742 4L-GEN Geo Sky Airline
23720 B744 N662US Delta Air Lines
23719 B744 N661US Delta Air Lines
23711 B742 4L-GEO Geo Sky Airline
23698 B742 EK-74798 Veteran Avia
23502 B742 EP-FAA Qeshm Fars Air
23501 B742 SX-TIC Hellenic Imperial Airways
23480 B743 EP-MNE Mahan Air
23413 B743 YV3531 Emtrasur Cargo
23287 B742 N488EV Evergreen International Airlines
23286 B742 N487EV Evergreen International Airlines
23139 B742 N287DE Private owner
23138 B742 N758SA Southern Air
23111 B742 EX-47002 Aerostan
23070 B743 HZ-HM1A Saudia
22545 B742 ER-BAR Fly Pro N/A
22506 B742 AP-BIO Rayyan Air
22477 B742 4L-KAB The Cargo Airlines
22107 B742 N815SA AIR Mobility
21966 B742 N787RR Rolls-Royce North America
21833 B742 N765SA Southern Air
21832 B742 N761SA Southern Air
21787 B742 N753SA Southern Air
21784 B742 N524MC Atlas Air N/A
21705 B742 N706BL Baltia Air Lines
21576 B742 N754SA Southern Air
21486 B742 EP-SIP Iran - Air Force
21221 B742 N760SA Southern Air
21111 B742 N746SA Southern Air
21110 B742 N748SA Southern Air
20949 B742 75-0125 United States - US Air Force (USAF)
20888 B742 N486EV Evergreen International Airlines
20713 B742 N482EV Evergreen International Airlines
20712 B742 N485EV Evergreen International Airlines
20684 B742 74-0787 United States - US Air Force (USAF)
20683 B742 73-1677 United States - US Air Force (USAF)
20682 B742 73-1676 United States - US Air Force (USAF)
20653 B742 N470EV Evergreen International Airlines
20651 B742 N471EV Evergreen International Airlines
19667 B741 EP-CQB Caspian Airlines
19651 B741 N747GE General Electric
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