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Production lists - ATR 42 family

Total number of aircraft: 286

1610 AT46 JA13HC Hokkaido Air System
1607 AT46 JA10JC Japan Air Commuter
1605 AT46 F-ORLB Air Saint-Pierre
1603 AT46 JA12HC Hokkaido Air System
1419 AT46 HK-5351 EasyFly
1418 AT46 HK-5349 EasyFly
1417 AT46 JA11HC Hokkaido Air System
1415 AT46 HK-5341 EasyFly
1414 AT46 JA09JC Japan Air Commuter
1413 AT46 HK-5331 EasyFly
1412 AT46 A5-JNW Druk Air
1411 AT46 N407SV Silver Airways
1410 AT46 HK-5314 EasyFly
1409 AT46 HK-5321 EasyFly
1408 AT46 JA07JC Japan Air Commuter
1407 AT46 HK-5313 EasyFly
1406 AT46 HK-5315 EasyFly
1405 AT46 N406SV Silver Airways
1404 AT46 JA05JC Japan Air Commuter
1403 AT46 N405SV Silver Airways
1402 AT46 JA04JC Japan Air Commuter
1401 AT46 JA03JC Japan Air Commuter
1219 AT46 N403SV Silver Airways
1218 AT46 JA02JC Japan Air Commuter
1217 AT46 N402SV Silver Airways
1216 AT46 N401SV Silver Airways
1215 AT46 JA01JC Japan Air Commuter
1214 AT46 N400SV Silver Airways
1213 AT46 G-LMSA Loganair
1212 AT46 XA-UYL Aeromar
1211 AT46 XA-UYK Aeromar
1210 AT46 HK-5310 EasyFly
1209 AT46 C6-BFV Bahamasair
1208 AT46 RP-C4203 AirSWIFT
1207 AT46 C6-BFT Bahamasair
1206 AT46 C6-BFS Bahamasair
1205 AT46 RP-C4202 AirSWIFT
1204 AT46 HK-5282 EasyFly
1203 AT46 HK-5130 Satena
1202 AT46 JA01AM Amakusa Airlines
1201 AT46 HK-5129 Satena
1019 AT46 HK-5114 Satena
1018 AT46 V2-LIM LIAT
1017 AT46 PK-TVI Travira Air
1016 AT46 SX-OAX Olympic Air
1014 AT46 DQ-FJY Fiji Airways
1013 AT46 F-ORVC Air Tahiti
1012 AT46 V2-LIK LIAT
1011 AT46 SX-OAW Olympic Air
1010 AT46 F-OIXO Air Antilles
1009 AT46 V2-LIG LIAT
1008 AT46 V2-LIF LIAT
1007 AT46 F-ORVB Air Tahiti
1006 AT46 V2-LID LIAT
1005 AT46 SX-OAZ Olympus Airways
1004 AT46 PK-JBA Jhonlin Air Transport
1002 AT46 SX-OAY Olympic Air
0859 AT46 HZ-A10 Horizon Airlines
0839 AT45 RA-67608 Krasavia
0835 AT45 VQ-BKP NordStar
0831 AT45 F-OIXH Air Antilles
0827 AT45 RA-67605 Krasavia
0823 AT45 VQ-BKN NordStar
0819 AT45 5H-PWF Precision Air
0815 AT45 5H-PWE Precision Air
0811 AT46 F-WWLY ATR Test Flight
0807 AT45 F-OIXE Air Antilles
0803 AT44 MM62270 Italy - Coast Guard
0801 AT45 F-OFSP Air Saint-Pierre
0695 AT45 F-OIXD Air Antilles
0689 AT45 PK-TNG TransNusa N/A
689 AT45 OY-YBV Private owner
0675 AT44 MM62251 Italian Customs Police
0673 AT45 4K-AZ808 Private owner
0671 AT45 3C-LLH Ceiba Intercontinental
0669 AT45 HK-5266 EasyFly
0667 AT45 PK-JKG Nusantara Air Charter
0665 AT45 AP-BHP Pakistan International Airlines
0663 AT45 AP-BHO Pakistan International Airlines
0659 AT45 AP-BHM Pakistan International Airlines
0655 AT45 HK-5070 Easyfly
655 AT45 ES-NTA Nyxair N/A
0653 AT45 AP-BHI Pakistan International Airlines
0651 AT45 ES-NTB Nyxair
0649 AT45 HK-5199 EasyFly
0647 AT45 8Q-VAX FlyMe
0645 AT45 AP-BHH Pakistan International Airlines
0643 AT45 ZS-AFR Solenta Aviation
0641 AT45 RA-67601 Krasavia
0639 AT45 P2-KSA Hevilift
0637 AT45 F-HAIB Air Corsica
0631 AT45 HK-5104 Satena
0629 AT45 N801HC Hawaiian Airlines
0627 AT45 PK-PAX Pelita Air Service
0625 AT45 N805HC Hawaiian Airlines
0623 AT45 N804HC Hawaiian Airlines
0622 AT45 F-HLIA Amelia International
621 AT45 VQ-THM InterCaribbean Airways
0621 AT45 2-LFEA Private owner
0620 AT44 MM62230 Italian Customs Police
0619 AT45 CU-T1456 Aerogaviota
0617 AT45 CU-T1240 Cubana
0616 AT45 CU-T1454 Aerogaviota
0615 AT44 MM62208 Italy - Coast Guard
0611 AT45 PK-THT Indonesia Air Transport
0609 AT45 C-FTIQ Canadian North
0608 AT45 XA-TRJ Aeromar
608 AT45 M-ABOC Private owner
0607 AT45 XA-TRI Aeromar
606 AT45 OY-YAA Private owner
0606 AT45 HK-5159 Easyfly
0605 AT45 YR-ATG Tarom
0604 AT45 C-FTIK Canadian North
0603 AT45 HK-4979 Satena
0599 AT45 YR-ATF Tarom
0596 AT45 YR-ATE Tarom
0594 AT45 N806HC Hawaiian Airlines
0591 AT45 YR-ATD Tarom
0589 AT45 YR-ATC Tarom (SkyTeam Livery)
0584 AT45 G-LMRD Loganair
581 AT45 PR-PDP VoePass Linhas Aereas
0579 AT45 C-FTIL Canadian North
0576 AT45 2-GJSB Flair Aviation
0571 AT45 HK-4862 Satena
0569 AT45 YR-ATB Tarom
0566 AT45 YR-ATA Tarom
0564 AT45 XA-TLN Aeromar
0561 AT45 HK-5219 EasyFly
0556 AT45 C-FTIZ Canadian North
0554 AT45 PR-OHS Omni Taxi Aereo
0551 AT45 P2-KSD Hevilift
0544 AT45 SX-SIX Sky Express
0542 AT45 SX-TEN Sky Express
0539 AT45 F-GPYN Chalair Aviation
0537 AT45 F-GPYK Chalair Aviation
534 AT45 OY-YAL Private owner
0534 AT45 SX-GRI Sky Express
0530 AT45 SX-EIT Sky Express
0528 AT45 HB-ALN Zimex Aviation
0524 AT45 SX-FOR Sky Express
0520 AT45 F-GPYM Chalair Aviation
0518 AT45 PK-KSF KalStar Aviation N/A
0516 AT45 SX-TWO Sky Express
0515 AT45 OY-RUF DAT
0514 AT45 OY-RUO DAT
0513 AT45 HK-4806 Satena
0512 AT45 A2-ABP Air Botswana
0511 AT45 A2-ABO Air Botswana
0510 AT45 C-FTID Canadian North
0507 AT45 A2-ABN Air Botswana
0503 AT45 C-FTIR Canadian North
0502 AT44 MM62166 Italian Customs Police
0501 AT45 P2-KSV Hevilift
0500 AT44 MM62165 Italian Customs Police
0497 AT45 P2-KSL Hevilift
0495 AT45 F-GPYF Air Antilles
0490 AT45 G-LMRA Loganair
0484 AT45 G-LMRB Loganair
0480 AT45 G-LMRC Loganair
0474 AT45 XA-TAI Aeromar
0471 AT45 XA-TAH Aeromar
0466 AT44 MM62170 Italy - Coast Guard
0462 AT45 XA-UAU Aeromar
457 AT45 OY-YDG Private owner
0457 AT45 SX-JOY Sky Express
0445 AT45 LY-DAT DAT
0443 AT45 ZS-XCG Solenta Aviation
0412 AT43 XA-UFA Aeromar
0409 AT43 9N-AIT Buddha Air
0403 AT43 9N-AIN Buddha Air
0397 AT43 N45838 United Express
0392 AT43 VT-ABB Alliance Air
0390 AT43 VT-ABA Alliance Air
0388 AT43 9N-AIM Buddha Air
0380 AT43 PNC0242 Colombian Police
0378 AT43 HB-AMC Zimex Aviation
0374 AT43 C-GLDE Transwest Air
0363 AT43 5N-BND Overland Airways
0354 AT43 N917FX FedEx
0351 AT43 5N-BRQ Overland Airways
0337 AT43 CS-DVO Lease Fly
0333 AT43 CS-DVL Chalair Aviation
0331 AT43 C-GKLB Canadian North
0329 AT43 C-GDSS Calm Air
0327 AT43 EI-FXE FedEx
0325 AT43 N920FX FedEx
0321 AT43 EC-JAD Swiftair
0319 AT43 N921FX FedEx
0317 AT43 HB-AMB Zimex Aviation
0315 AT43 ARC703 Colombia - Navy
0314 AT43 N916FX FedEx
0312 AT43 TG-TRA Aviateca
0310 AT43 EI-FXC FedEx
0304 AT43 VH-YWX Hevilift Australia
0298 AT43 C-FAFS Calm Air
0295 AT43 PT-MFE Map Linhas Aereas
0293 AT43 N914FX FedEx
0291 AT43 SX-NIK Sky Express
0287 AT43 PNC0243 Colombian Police
0286 AT43 N907FX FedEx
0284 AT43 N285DG Private owner
0282 AT43 EI-FXA FedEx
0280 AT43 N906FX FedEx
0278 AT43 SX-DIR Astra Airlines
0277 AT43 N910FX FedEx
0275 AT43 N909FX FedEx
0273 AT43 C-FVGY Air North
0269 AT43 N915FX FedEx
0266 AT43 N919FX FedEx
0264 AT43 C-GVGX Air North
0262 AT43 N918FX FedEx
0257 AT43 LV-CZJ American Jet
0255 AT43 PNC0244 Colombian Police
0254 AT43 EC-JBX Swiftair
0252 AT43 N315CR Blue Ridge Aero Services
0250 AT43 N913FX FedEx
0247 AT43 N470JF Blue Ridge Aero Services
0243 AT43 EI-FXB FedEx
0242 AT43 EC-ISX Swiftair
0240 AT43 C-GWEA Transwest Air
0238 AT43 C-GWWR Transwest Air
0235 AT43 C-FJYW Calm Air
0231 AT43 EC-IVP Swiftair
0230 AT43 TT-ABE Republique du Tchad
0228 AT43 YV638T DHL
0218 AT43 EC-JBN Swiftair
0216 AT43 C-FJYV Calm Air
0211 AT43 C-GWWD Transwest Air
0209 AT43 C-GWWC Transwest Air
0203 AT43 C-FECI Calm Air
0202 AT43 PK-TZF Express Air
0200 AT43 N42836 United Express
0199 AT43 EI-CBK Aer Lingus Regional
0197 AT43 C-GKKR Calm Air
0194 AT43 VH-YWH Hevilift Australia
0193 AT43 N14834 United Express
0179 AT43 N903FX FedEx
0173 AT43 G-ISLH Blue Islands
0172 AT43 N901FX FedEx
0170 AT43 N900FX FedEx
0161 AT43 EI-BYO Aer Lingus Regional
0158 AT43 C-GPEA Pascan Aviation
0155 AT43 C-GULU Canadian North
0143 AT43 C-FVGP Air North
0142 AT43 C-FMAK Calm Air
0141 AT43 EC-KAI FedEx
0139 AT43 C-FCIJ Calm Air
0138 AT43 C-FIQU Canadian North
0135 AT43 N923FX FedEx
0133 AT43 C-FIQR Canadian North
0132 AT43 C-GUNO Canadian North
0128 AT43 N228DG DGI LLC
0125 AT43 C-GSRR Canadian North
0123 AT43 C-GHCP Canadian North
0122 AT43 N722KA Kolob Canyons Air Services
0121 AT43 HA-KAN Fleet Air International
0119 AT43 C-FVGF Air North
0117 AT43 6V-AFW Asecna
0112 AT43 OY-CIU DAT
0107 AT43 OY-CIR DAT
0096 AT43 P2-KSJ Hevilift
0095 AT43 CS-DTO Lease Fly
0093 AT43 OE-HZA Zimex Aviation
0081 AT43 HC-CDX DHL
0079 AT43 VH-TOQ Hevilift
0078 AT43 F-HMTO Meteo France
0066 AT43 HA-KAM Fleet Air International
0063 AT43 OY-JRY DAT
0062 AT43 XA-SYH Aeromar
0060 AT43 ZS-ATR Solenta Aviation
0058 AT43 XA-TIC Aeromar
0052 AT43 TG-DHP DHL
0051 AT43 PNC0245 Colombian Police
0047 AT43 N912FX FedEx
0045 AT43 N911FX FedEx
0036 AT43 OY-JRJ DAT
0033 AT43 F-HBCS Chalair Aviation
0032 AT43 ZS-LUC Solenta Aviation
0024 AT43 VH-TOX Toll Aviation
0023 AT43 N908FX FedEx
0016 AT43 N212AZ Blue Ridge Aero Services