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Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker

Production lists - Airbus A340 family - A346

Total number of aircraft: 85

1122 EC-LFS Iberia
1079 EC-LEV Iberia
1040 EC-NFQ Plus Ultra
1030 9H-PGS European Cargo
1017 EC-KZI Iberia
1005 D-AIHZ Lufthansa
0993 EC-LCZ Iberia
0987 D-AIHY Lufthansa
0981 D-AIHX Lufthansa
0972 D-AIHW Lufthansa
0960 EC-LEU Iberia
0933 G-ECLA European Cargo
0929 A6-EHI Etihad Airways
0924 HZ-SKY Sky Prime Aviation
0897 D-AIHV Lufthansa
0848 D-AIHU Lufthansa
0846 D-AIHT Lufthansa
0837 A6-EHF Etihad Airways
0829 A6-EHE Etihad Airways
0812 D-AIHS Lufthansa
0804 G-VBUG Virgin Atlantic
0798 A7-AGD Qatar Airways
0794 D-AIHR Lufthansa
0790 D-AIHQ Lufthansa
0787 9H-PPE European Cargo
787 2-EALL European Aviation Group
0779 4K-AI08 Azerbaijan Airlines
0771 D-AIHP Lufthansa
0768 G-ECLC European Cargo
0766 A7-AGC Qatar Airways
765 5N-AAM Azman Air
0765 G-VYOU Virgin Atlantic
764 C5-MIB Private owner
0764 G-VFIZ Virgin Atlantic
0762 D-AIHM Lufthansa
0753 G-ECLB European Cargo
0744 EC-JPU Iberia
0740 A7-AGA Qatar Airways
0736 G-ECLD European Aviation Group
0727 EC-JNQ Iberia
0723 G-VBLU Virgin Atlantic
0715 A7-AGB Qatar Airways
0706 G-VWKD Virgin Atlantic
0702 EC-JLE Iberia
0672 EC-JFX Iberia
0630 ZS-SNI South African Airways
0626 ZS-SNH South African Airways
622 G-VNAP Virgin Atlantic
0622 9H-EAL European Cargo
0619 EC-JCZ Iberia
0617 EC-JCY Iberia
0615 EP-MMR Mahan Air
0606 EC-JBA Iberia
0604 EC-IZY Iberia
0601 EC-IZX Iberia
0583 D-AIHL Lufthansa
0580 D-AIHK Lufthansa
0577 D-AAAR Private owner
0569 D-AIHI Lufthansa
0566 D-AIHH Lufthansa
0557 ZS-SNG South African Airways
0547 ZS-SNF South African Airways
0543 D-AIHF Lufthansa
0540 D-AIHE Lufthansa
0537 D-AIHD Lufthansa
0534 ZS-SNE South African Airways
0531 ZS-SND South African Airways
0523 D-AIHC Lufthansa
0517 D-AIHB Lufthansa
0514 D-AAAZ Lufthansa Technik
0482 D-AIHA Lufthansa
0460 EC-IQR Iberia
0449 EP-MMQ Mahan Air
0440 TF-LFC Air Atlanta Icelandic
431 TF-MFC Air Atlanta Icelandic
0431 9H-FFC Air X Charter
0426 ZS-SNC South African Airways
0417 ZS-SNB South African Airways
0416 EP-MMI Mahan Air
0410 ZS-SNA South African Airways
0391 EP-MMH Mahan Air
0383 9H-SEA Hi Fly
376 YV3533 Conviasa
0376 EP-MMF Mahan Airlines
0371 EP-MME Mahan Air
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