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Production lists - Airbus A340 family

Total number of aircraft: 270

1122 A346 EC-LFS Iberia
1102 A345 9K-GBB State of Kuwait
1091 A345 9K-GBA State of Kuwait
1079 A346 EC-LEV Iberia
1040 A346 EC-NFQ Plus Ultra
1030 A346 9H-PGS European Cargo
1017 A346 EC-KZI Iberia
1005 A346 D-AIHZ Lufthansa
0993 A346 EC-LCZ Iberia
0987 A346 D-AIHY Lufthansa
0981 A346 D-AIHX Lufthansa
0972 A346 D-AIHW Lufthansa
0960 A346 EC-LEU Iberia
0955 A343 M-IABU Margaux Aviation
0938 A343 9H-HOP Airhub Airlines
938 A343 F-WTBE Private owner
0933 A346 G-ECLA European Cargo
0929 A346 A6-EHI Etihad Airways
0924 A346 HZ-SKY Sky Prime Aviation
0921 A343 OO-ABD Air Belgium
0917 A345 7T-VPP Algerian Government N/A
0912 A345 CS-TFX Hi Fly
0902 A345 TC-CAN Turkuaz Airlines
0897 A346 D-AIHV Lufthansa
0894 A345 4K-AZ86 Azerbaijan Airlines
0886 A345 4K-AZ85 Azerbaijan Airlines
0848 A346 D-AIHU Lufthansa
0846 A346 D-AIHT Lufthansa
0844 A343 OO-ABB Air Belgium
0837 A346 A6-EHF Etihad Airways
0835 A343 OO-ABA Air Belgium
0829 A346 A6-EHE Etihad Airways
0812 A346 D-AIHS Lufthansa
0804 A346 G-VBUG Virgin Atlantic
0800 A343 3B-NBJ Air Mauritius
0798 A346 A7-AGD Qatar Airways
0794 A346 D-AIHR Lufthansa
0793 A343 3B-NBI Air Mauritius
0790 A346 D-AIHQ Lufthansa
0787 A346 9H-PPE European Cargo
787 A346 2-EALL European Aviation Group
0783 A345 A6-EHD Etihad Airways
0779 A346 4K-AI08 Azerbaijan Airlines
0771 A346 D-AIHP Lufthansa
0768 A346 G-ECLC European Cargo
0766 A346 A7-AGC Qatar Airways
765 A346 5N-AAM Azman Air
0765 A346 G-VYOU Virgin Atlantic
764 A346 C5-MIB Private owner
0764 A346 G-VFIZ Virgin Atlantic
0762 A346 D-AIHM Lufthansa
0761 A345 A6-EHC Etihad Airways
0757 A345 A6-EHB Etihad Airways
0753 A346 G-ECLB European Cargo
0748 A345 I-TALY Italy - Government
0744 A346 EC-JPU Iberia
0740 A346 A7-AGA Qatar Airways
0736 A346 G-ECLD European Aviation Group
0727 A346 EC-JNQ Iberia
0723 A346 G-VBLU Virgin Atlantic
0715 A346 A7-AGB Qatar Airways
0713 A343 M-ABLJ Private owner
0706 A346 G-VWKD Virgin Atlantic
0702 A346 EC-JLE Iberia
0698 A345 HS-TYV Royal Thai Air Force
0694 A345 2-RLAV Lift Airline
0672 A346 EC-JFX Iberia
0668 A343 9H-ZMK Airhub Airlines N/A
668 A343 F-WTBJ Private owner
0651 A343 ZS-SXF South African Airways
0646 A343 ZS-SXE South African Airways
0643 A343 ZS-SXD South African Airways
0630 A346 ZS-SNI South African Airways
0626 A346 ZS-SNH South African Airways
622 A346 G-VNAP Virgin Atlantic
0622 A346 9H-EAL European Cargo
0619 A346 EC-JCZ Iberia
0617 A346 EC-JCY Iberia
0615 A346 EP-MMR Mahan Air
0611 A345 2-RLAW Lift Airline
0606 A346 EC-JBA Iberia
0604 A346 EC-IZY Iberia
0601 A346 EC-IZX Iberia
0598 A343 HB-JMI Swiss
0590 A343 ZS-SXC South African Airways
0585 A343 HB-JMH Swiss
0583 A346 D-AIHL Lufthansa
0582 A343 ZS-SXB South African Airways
0580 A346 D-AIHK Lufthansa
0577 A346 D-AAAR Private owner
0569 A346 D-AIHI Lufthansa
0566 A346 D-AIHH Lufthansa
0562 A343 HB-JMG Edelweiss Air
0561 A343 HB-JMF Edelweiss Air
0560 A345 VP-BMS Las Vegas Sands Corporation
0559 A343 HB-JME Edelweiss Air
0557 A346 ZS-SNG South African Airways
0556 A343 HB-JMD Edelweiss Air
0547 A346 ZS-SNF South African Airways
0546 A343 HB-JMC Swiss
0545 A343 HB-JMB Swiss
0544 A343 ZS-SXA South African Airways
0543 A346 D-AIHF Lufthansa
0541 A343 B-18807 China Airlines
0540 A346 D-AIHE Lufthansa
0538 A343 HB-JMA Swiss
0537 A346 D-AIHD Lufthansa
0534 A346 ZS-SNE South African Airways
0531 A346 ZS-SND South African Airways
0528 A343 A7-AAH Qatar - Amiri Flight
0523 A346 D-AIHC Lufthansa
0520 A345 2-RLBC Lift Airline
0517 A346 D-AIHB Lufthansa
0514 A346 D-AAAZ Lufthansa Technik
0495 A345 A7-HHH Qatar - Amiri Flight
0483 A343 9H-SOL Hi Fly
0482 A346 D-AIHA Lufthansa
0474 A343 RP-C3441 Philippine Airlines
0470 A343 OY-KBD SAS
0467 A343 OY-KBC SAS
0464 A345 D-AAAL Lufthansa Technik
0460 A346 EC-IQR Iberia
0459 A343 EC-NBU Plus Ultra
0450 A343 OY-KBM SAS
0449 A346 EP-MMQ Mahan Air
0447 A343 D-AIFF Lufthansa
0446 A343 F-OSUN Air Tahiti Nui
0442 A343 CC-CQF LAN Airlines
0440 A346 TF-LFC Air Atlanta Icelandic
0438 A343 F-OSEA Air Tahiti Nui
0435 A343 OY-KBA SAS
0434 A343 D-AIFE Lufthansa
0431 A346 9H-FFC Air X Charter
431 A346 TF-MFC Air Atlanta Icelandic
0430 A343 OY-KBI SAS
0426 A346 ZS-SNC South African Airways
0424 A343 LN-RKG SAS
0417 A346 ZS-SNB South African Airways
0416 A346 EP-MMI Mahan Air
0415 A343 B-18805 China Airlines
0413 A343 LN-RKF SAS
0411 A343 B-18803 China Airlines
0410 A346 ZS-SNA South African Airways
0406 A343 3DC-SDF Kingdom of Swaziland
0402 A343 N402XA AerSale
0399 A343 EC-MQM Plus Ultra
0395 A343 F-OJTN Air Tahiti Nui
0391 A346 EP-MMH Mahan Air
0390 A343 D-AIFD Lufthansa
0387 A343 YA-KMH Kam Air
0385 A343 F-OJGF Air Tahiti Nui
0383 A346 9H-SEA Hi Fly
0381 A343 YK-AZA Syrian Air
0379 A343 D-AIFC Lufthansa
0378 A343 ZS-SXG South African Airways
0377 A343 F-GLZU Air France
376 A346 YV3533 Conviasa
0376 A346 EP-MMF Mahan Airlines
0374 A343 9H-BIG Air X Charter
0373 A343 LV-CSX Aerolineas Argentinas
0371 A346 EP-MME Mahan Air
0367 A343 9H-SUN Hi Fly
0363 A343 CC-CQC LAN Airlines
0359 A343 CC-CQA LAN Airlines
0355 A343 16+02 German Air Force
0354 A343 D-AIGX Lufthansa
0352 A343 D-AIFA Lufthansa CityLine
0347 A343 D-AIGZ Lufthansa
0335 A343 D-AIGY Lufthansa
0332 A343 RP-C3437 Philippine Airlines
0331 A343 TC-JII Turkish Airlines
0329 A343 EC-HGV Iberia
0327 A343 D-AIGW Lufthansa
0325 A343 D-AIGV Lufthansa
0321 A343 D-AIGU Lufthansa
0319 A343 5R-EAA Air Madagascar
0318 A343 YA-KME Kam Air
0310 A343 F-GLZS Air France
0307 A343 F-GLZR Air France
0304 A343 D-AIGT Lufthansa
0302 A343 YA-KMU Kam Air
0297 A343 D-AIGS Lufthansa
0292 A343 EP-MMT Mahan Air
0282 A343 EP-MMC Mahan Air
0280 A343 YK-AZB Syrian Air
0278 A343 YA-KMT Kam Air
0274 A343 16+01 German Air Force
0273 A343 9M-XAB AirAsia X
0270 A343 TC-JIH Turkish Airlines
0268 A343 3B-NBE Air Mauritius
0260 A343 F-GLZP Air France
0257 A343 EP-IGA Iran - Government
0252 A343 D-AIGP Lufthansa
0246 A343 F-GLZO Air France
0245 A343 TF-NFC Air Atlanta Icelandic
0242 A343 PZ-TCR Surinam Airways
242 A343 N365JS Private owner
0237 A343 F-GLZM Air France
0236 A343 9H-JAI Hi Fly
0233 A343 D-AIGO Lufthansa
0227 A343 B-HXJ Cathay Pacific
0215 A343 EC-MFB Plus Ultra
0213 A343 D-AIGN Lufthansa
0212 A343 EC-MFA Plus Ultra
0210 A343 TF-EAB Air Madagascar
207 A343 YA-WTA Kam Air
0207 A343 F-GLZK Air France
0204 A342 HZ-HMS2 Saudia
202 A343 9H-TQZ Hi Fly
0202 A343 CS-TQZ Hi Fly
0199 A343 YV3507 Conviasa
0197 A343 ZS-SXH South African Airways
0194 A343 3B-NBD Air Mauritius
0193 A343 LV-FPV Aerolineas Argentinas
0190 A343 CS-TQY Hi Fly
190 A343 9H-TQY Hi Fly
0186 A343 F-GLZJ Air France
0185 A343 9H-FOX Hi Fly
0180 A343 TC-JDN Turkish Airlines
0179 A343 HB-JMO Swiss
0178 A342 SU-GBO Air Leisure
0175 A343 HB-JMN Swiss
0174 A343 OH-LQG Finnair
0170 A343 LV-FPU Aerolineas Argentinas
0169 A343 HB-JMK Swiss
0168 A343 OH-LQF Finnair
0167 A343 LN-RKP SAS (Bye Bye LN-RKP)
0164 A343 EP-MMD Mahan Air
0159 A342 SU-GBN Air Leisure
0158 A343 D-AIGM Lufthansa
0156 A342 SU-GBM Air Leisure
0152 A343 3B-NAY Air Mauritius
151 A342 5A-ONE Libya - Government
0150 A343 HB-JMJ Swiss
0147 A343 B-HXD Cathay Pacific
0146 A343 EC-GLE Iberia
0145 A343 EC-GJT Iberia
0142 A343 B-HXC Cathay Pacific
0135 A343 D-AIGL Lufthansa
0134 A343 EC-GHX Iberia
0128 A343 LV-CSF Aerolineas Argentinas
0126 A343 LV-CSE Aerolineas Argentinas
0123 A343 LV-CSD Aerolineas Argentinas
0117 A343 9H-TQM Hi Fly
0115 A343 TC-JDM Turkish Airlines
0104 A343 9K-AND Kuwait Airways
0101 A343 9K-ANC Kuwait Airways
0094 A343 LV-CEK Aerolineas Argentinas
0091 A343 CS-TOD TAP Air Portugal
0090 A343 9K-ANB Kuwait Airways
0089 A343 9K-ANA Kuwait Airways
0084 A343 F-GLZI Air France
0081 A342 F-RAJB French Air Force
0079 A343 CS-TOC TAP Air Portugal
0078 A343 F-GLZH Air France
0076 A343 3B-NAU Air Mauritius
0075 A342 F-RAJA French Air Force
0061 A342 SU-GGG Arab Republic of Egypt
0058 A343 OH-LQA Finnair
0056 A343 EP-MMB Mahan Air
0049 A343 PZ-TCP Surinam Airways
0046 A342 V8-001 Brunei Government
0044 A343 CS-TOB TAP Air Portugal
0041 A343 CS-TOA TAP Air Portugal
0031 A342 YV1004 Conviasa
0026 A342 A7-HHK Qatar - Amiri Flight
0020 A343 EP-MMA Mahan Air
0009 A342 HZ-SKY1 Sky Prime Aviation
0004 A342 HZ-124 Saudia
0002 A343 EP-APA Iran Aseman Airlines
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