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Production lists - Airbus A310 family

Total number of aircraft: 86

706 A310 EP-MED Mahan Air
704 A310 7O-ADW Yemenia
700 A310 S2-ADF Biman Bangladesh Airlines
687 A310 AP-BGR Pakistan International Airlines
682 A310 AP-BGP Pakistan International Airways
678 A310 AP-BGO Pakistan International Airlines
672 A310 S2-AFF United Airways
671 A310 EP-IBK Iran Air
667 A310 A7-AFE Qatar Government
663 A310 9K-ALC Kuwait Airways
651 A310 CS-TGV Azores Airlines
649 A310 9K-ALB Kuwait Airways
648 A310 T7-FTH National Legacy
647 A310 9K-ALA Kuwait Airways
646 A310 TC-LER ULS Airlines Cargo
644 A310 EP-MDL Iran Airtour
636 A310 EK31001 Armenia Airways
624 A310 CS-TKN Azores Airlines
622 A310 TC-VEL ULS Airlines Cargo
620 A310 EP-MNP Mahan Air
600 A310 C-GSAT Air Transat
597 A310 C-GPAT Air Transat
595 A310 EP-MNO Mahan Air
592 A310 TC-SGM ULS Airlines Cargo
591 A310 60202 Royal Thai Air Force
588 A310 C-GLAT Air Transat
586 A310 EP-MMP Mahan Air
574 A310 EP-TOA Toos Airline
571 A310 CS-TGU Azores Airlines
568 A310 7O-ADR Yemenia
567 A310 EP-MNV Mahan Air
565 A310 EP-TBH Taban Airlines
564 A310 EP-MNX Mahan Air
552 A310 N817FD FedEx
551 A310 T.22-2 Spanish Air Force
550 A310 T.22-1 Spanish Air Force
549 A310 N804FD FedEx
547 A310 EP-MNF Mahan Air
539 A310 N801FD FedEx
526 A310 EP-MMJ Mahan Air
524 A310 EP-MMN Mahan Air
523 A310 10+27 German Air Force
522 A310 10+26 German Air Force
503 A310 10+23 German Air Force
499 A310 EP-MMX Mahan Air
498 A310 F-WNOV SA Novespace
497 A310 YA-CAV Ariana Afghan Airlines
496 A310 YA-CAQ Ariana Afghan Airlines
494 A310 CS-TQV White
492 A310 N807FD FedEx
489 A310 EC-HLA Airbus
488 A310 EP-MHO Mahan Air
484 A310 10+25 German Air Force
482 A310 15002 Canadian Armed Forces
457 A310 N811FD FedEx
456 A310 N805FD FedEx
452 A310 N810FD FedEx
449 A310 N809FD FedEx
448 A310 CS-TKI White
447 A310 C-GTSY Air Transat
446 A310 15001 Canadian Armed Forces
445 A310 JY-AGQ Royal Jordanian
444 A310 15004 Canadian Armed Forces
441 A310 15005 Canadian Armed Forces
439 A310 N808FD FedEx
436 A310 EP-IBL Iran Air
434 A310 10+24 German Air Force
431 A310 HZ-NSA Saudi Special Flight Services
425 A310 15003 Canadian Armed Forces
422 A310 F-RADB French Air Force
421 A310 F-RADA French Air Force
418 A310 F-RADC French Air Force
394 A310 N430FE FedEx
378 A310 N803FD FedEx
372 A310 CA-01 Belgian Air Force
367 A310 CA-02 Belgian Air Force
364 A310 N429FE FedEx
362 A310 N427FE FedEx
356 A310 N410FE FedEx
331 A310 N455FE FedEx
283 A310 N443FE FedEx
281 A310 N423FE FedEx
278 A310 N454FE FedEx
267 A310 N453FE FedEx
245 A310 N426FE FedEx
162 A310 N450FE FedEx