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Where the grounded 737 MAX with electrical issues are parked

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On 9 April 2021, Boeing announced it was recommending operators of specific 737 MAX address a potential electrical issue prior to flying the aircraft again. Airlines like Southwest, United, Alaska, and Copa have grounded portions of their MAX fleets awaiting a fix from Boeing. On 22 April, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a Continued Airworthiness Notification to the International Community (CANIC) detailing the problem and promising an airworthiness directive would soon follow. We tracked down where airlines have parked their affected 737 MAX in the meantime. On 12 May, Boeing issued the requisite service bulletins so that airlines can begin the process of correcting the defect and putting the affected aircraft back into service.

What’s the problem?

Boeing’s initial message to operators said that actions were needed to ‘allow for verification that a sufficient ground path exists for a component of the electrical power system.’ The FAA’s CANIC elaborates to say an ‘electrical bonding and grounding issue’ was discovered during testing of a newly manufactured 737-8. Boeing’s investigation ‘identified potential degradation of bonds associated with electrical grounding of equipment that could affect the operation of certain systems.’

[Update 13 May] — We now have a definitive answer for what went wrong thanks to reporting from the Seattle Times and the problem is related to a manufacturing change where electronic bay racks were switched to being drilled first, then painted. This switch lessened the grounding effectiveness of the racks.

Which airplanes are affected?

The potential electrical grounding issue only affects certain individual aircraft manufactured after Boeing implemented design changes in early 2019.  The affected aircraft are a mix of 737-8 MAX and 737-9 MAX between line numbers 7399 and 8082. The FAA’s CANIC lists 106 total aircraft and and 71 US operated aircraft. We were able to find 105 total and 70 US operated aircraft so far. Some undelivered aircraft within the line number range are also believed to be affected.

Belavia’s first and only 737-8 MAX arriving in Minsk.
Belavia’s first 737-8 MAX making a low pass on delivery to Minsk, just a day before Boeing announced the potential electrical issue.

Most affected is Southwest Airlines with 32 aircraft, followed by American at 18, and United with 16. Multiple airlines have just one affected aircraft, like Belavia, which took delivery of its first 737-8 MAX just a day before Boeing announced it had found this issue.

Where are the parked planes?

The affected aircraft are currently parked in 54 different locations, with Denver hosting the most at 7 aircraft.

AirlineRegistrationMSNLNAircraftLocationExpected In Service
Air CanadaC-GEJL612307423Boeing 737-8Melbourne (MLB)
Air CanadaC-GEIV612297414Boeing 737-8Vancouver (YVR)
Air CanadaC-GEHY612287404Boeing 737-8Vancouver (YVR)
Alaska AirlinesN919AK440877961Boeing 737-9Seattle (SEA)IN SERVICE
Alaska AirlinesN918AK440837836Boeing 737-9Seattle (SEA)IN SERVICE
Alaska AirlinesN915AK440807682Boeing 737-9Seattle (SEA)IN SERVICE
Alaska AirlinesN913AK440797598Boeing 737-9Portland (PDX)
American AirlinesN341SV444877951Boeing 737-8Miami (MIA)
American AirlinesN339SU444857913Boeing 737-8Washington (DCA)
American AirlinesN338ST444847897Boeing 737-8New York (LGA)
American AirlinesN302SS444837883Boeing 737-8Tampa (TPA)
American AirlinesN336SR444827839Boeing 737-8New York (LGA)
American AirlinesN335SN444817783Boeing 737-8Boston (BOS)
American AirlinesN306SP444807812Boeing 737-8Miami (MIA)
American AirlinesN329SL444797717Boeing 737-8Tulsa (TUL)
American AirlinesN334SM444787759Boeing 737-8Tulsa (TUL)
American AirlinesN327SK444777698Boeing 737-8Tulsa (TUL)
American AirlinesN324SH444767634Boeing 737-8Miami (MIA)
American AirlinesN326SJ444757643Boeing 737-8Washington (DCA)
American AirlinesN323SG444747540Boeing 737-8Miami (MIA)
American AirlinesN318SF444737499Boeing 737-8N/AIN SERVICE
American AirlinesN316SE444727481Boeing 737-8Orlando (MCO)
American AirlinesN378SC444717431Boeing 737-8Miami (MIA)
American AirlinesN315SD444707445Boeing 737-8Boston (BOS)
American AirlinesN313SB444697401Boeing 737-8Philadelphia (PHL)
Private OwnerM-AAMK634317819Boeing 737-8 BBJGeorgetown (GED)
BelaviaEW-528PA433447602Boeing 737-8Minsk (MSQ)
Blue AirYR-MXA433097762Boeing 737-8N/AIN SERVICE
Cayman AirwaysVP-CIX635617430Boeing 737-8Geroge Town (GCM)
Cayman AirwaysVP-CIY433087785Boeing 737-8Geroge Town (GCM)
Copa AirlinesHP-9911CMP442127772Boeing 737-9Panama City (PTY)
Copa AirlinesHP-9912CMP442117793Boeing 737-9Panama City (PTY)
Copa AirlinesHP-9913CMP441747884Boeing 737-9San Jose (SJO)
Copa AirlinesHP-9909CMP441727543Boeing 737-9Orlando (MCO)
Copa AirlinesHP-9907CMP441707448Boeing 737-9Panama City (PTY)
Copa AirlinesHP-9910CMP441687702Boeing 737-9Panama City (PTY)
Copa AirlinesHP-9908CMP441677473Boeing 737-9Panama City (PTY)
GOL Transportes AéreosPR-XMM602327725Boeing 737-8Sao Paulo (GRU)
IcelandairTF-ICO443587410Boeing 737-8Reykjavik (KEF)
NeosEI-RZA628697491Boeing 737-8Milan (MXP)
NeosEI-RZB439207565Boeing 737-8Milan (MXP)
Shandong AirlinesB-208N614477419Boeing 737-8Qingdao (TAO)
SilkAir9V-MBF442507403Boeing 737-8Singapore (SIN)
Southwest AirlinesN8815L654737889Boeing 737-8Phoenix (PHX)
Southwest AirlinesN8806Q654717767Boeing 737-8Atlanta (ATL)
Southwest AirlinesN8808Q654407821Boeing 737-8Las Vegas (LAS)
Southwest AirlinesN8809L654397824Boeing 737-8Chicago (MDW)
Southwest AirlinesN8807L654387780Boeing 737-8Nashville (BNA)
Southwest AirlinesN8802Q654377701Boeing 737-8Houston (HOU)
Southwest AirlinesN8801Q654367679Boeing 737-8Orlando (MCO)15 May
Southwest AirlinesN8749Q625437957Boeing 737-8Dallas (DAL)
Southwest AirlinesN8743K625367763Boeing 737-8Fort Myers (RSW)
Southwest AirlinesN8746Q618897898Boeing 737-8Salt Lake City (SLC)
Southwest AirlinesN8750Q618727975Boeing 737-8Dallas (DAL)
Southwest AirlinesN8748Q618717927Boeing 737-8Orlando (MCO)
Southwest AirlinesN8747Q618707903Boeing 737-8Houston (HOU)
Southwest AirlinesN8741L618697747Boeing 737-8Orlando (MCO)
Southwest AirlinesN8742M618687756Boeing 737-8Denver (DEN)
Southwest AirlinesN8745K618667877Boeing 737-8Chicago (MDW)
Southwest AirlinesN8744B618657845Boeing 737-8New Orleans (MSY)
Southwest AirlinesN8740A618607684Boeing 737-8Orlando (MCO)
Southwest AirlinesN8734Q607137409Boeing 737-8Salt Lake City (SLC)
Southwest AirlinesN8735L607117421Boeing 737-8Las Vegas (LAS)
Southwest AirlinesN8739L602317604Boeing 737-8Houston (HOU)
Southwest AirlinesN8737L602307579Boeing 737-8Atlanta (ATL)
Southwest AirlinesN8738K602297590Boeing 737-8Kasnas City (MCI)
Southwest AirlinesN8736J602287526Boeing 737-8Phoenix (PHX)
Southwest AirlinesN8811L426617842Boeing 737-8Houston (HOU)
Southwest AirlinesN8810L426477832Boeing 737-8Oakland (OAK)
Southwest AirlinesN8805L426417740Boeing 737-8Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Southwest AirlinesN8804L426377731Boeing 737-8Denver (DEN)
Southwest AirlinesN8803L426347709Boeing 737-8Denver (DEN)
Southwest AirlinesN8800L426337661Boeing 737-8Las Vegas (LAS)
Southwest AirlinesN8817L425377902Boeing 737-8Baltimore (BWI)
Southwest AirlinesN8818Q367227943Boeing 737-8Chicago (MDW)
SpiceJetVT-MXK602247405Boeing 737-8Delhi (DEL)
Sunwing AirlinesC-FAXD442997413Boeing 737-8Montreal (YMX)
Sunwing AirlinesC-FTXF433037571Boeing 737-8Montreal (YMX)
Sunwing AirlinesC-FTXE433017483Boeing 737-8Moncton (YQM)
TUI AirwaysG-TUMO446087879Boeing 737-8London (LGW)
TUI AirwaysG-TUMK446057541Boeing 737-8London (LGW)
TUI AirwaysG-TUMJ446047525Boeing 737-8London (LGW)
TUI AirwaysG-TUMH446027439Boeing 737-8London (LGW)
TUI AirwaysG-TUMG446007400Boeing 737-8Manchester (MAN)
Turkish AirlinesTC-LCM600557406Boeing 737-8Istanbul (IST)
Turkish AirlinesTC-LCL600547416Boeing 737-8Istanbul (IST)
United AirlinesN17529645037803Boeing 737-9Denver (DEN)
United AirlinesN37528645027752Boeing 737-9Portland (PDX)
United AirlinesN47524645017686Boeing 737-9Houston (IAH)
United AirlinesN37525645007695Boeing 737-9Houston (IAH)
United AirlinesN27526644997711Boeing 737-9San Francisco (SFO)
United AirlinesN27520644987612Boeing 737-9Phoenix (PHX)
United AirlinesN37521644977636Boeing 737-9Sacramento (SMF)
United AirlinesN37522644967664Boeing 737-9Tampa (TPA)
United AirlinesN37518644957548Boeing 737-9Tampa (TPA)
United AirlinesN37530434657818Boeing 737-9Denver (DEN)
United AirlinesN37527434637744Boeing 737-9Washington (IAD)
United AirlinesN37523434617673Boeing 737-9Los Angeles (LAX)
United AirlinesN27519434597585Boeing 737-9Seattle (SEA)
United AirlinesN47517434567523Boeing 737-9Denver (DEN)
United AirlinesN37516434547498Boeing 737-9Las Vegas (LAS)
United AirlinesN27515434527463Boeing 737-9Washington (IAD)
WestJetC-GWLK628777758Boeing 737-8Calgary (YYC)
WestJetC-FHCM437967399Boeing 737-8Calgary (YYC)
Xiamen AirlinesB-208L429607411Boeing 737-8Xining (XNN)


Featured image © Ricky Teteris
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