With the global grounding of the 737 MAX fleet, airlines have been moving aircraft into storage. We’ve compiled a table of 737 MAX aircraft and where airlines have stored them.

You can search the table below by Airline, Registration, Airport (IATA) code, or Manufacturer’s serial number (MSN). Please note that the data below also includes some MAX aircraft produced by Boeing that have powered on their transponders, but may not yet have been delivered to an airline.

Airports with five or more 737 MAX aircraft stored at the airport

Airports with 5 or more MAX aircraft in storage

Where the MAX are stored

B-206JBoeing 737 MAX 8613719 AirCAN
B-206LBoeing 737 MAX 8613749 AirPAE
B-208HBoeing 737 MAX 8613779 AirBFI
LV-GVDBoeing 737 MAX 864207Aerolineas ArgentinasAEP
LV-GVEBoeing 737 MAX 864208Aerolineas ArgentinasEZE
LV-HKUBoeing 737 MAX 844293Aerolineas ArgentinasAEP
LV-HKVBoeing 737 MAX 844294Aerolineas ArgentinasAEP
LV-HKWBoeing 737 MAX 844296Aerolineas ArgentinasAEP
XA-MAGBoeing 737 MAX 843704AeromexicoMEX
XA-MAKBoeing 737 MAX 843705AeromexicoMEX
XA-MALBoeing 737 MAX 843706AeromexicoMEX
XA-MAOBoeing 737 MAX 843707AeromexicoMEX
XA-MAQBoeing 737 MAX 843710AeromexicoMEX
XA-MATBoeing 737 MAX 843708AeromexicoMEX
C-FSCYBoeing 737 MAX 861208Air CanadaYQG
C-FSDBBoeing 737 MAX 861210Air CanadaYYC
C-FSDQBoeing 737 MAX 861209Air CanadaYQG
C-FSDWBoeing 737 MAX 861212Air CanadaYYC
C-FSEQBoeing 737 MAX 861211Air CanadaYHZ
C-FSESBoeing 737 MAX 861213Air CanadaYWG
C-FSILBoeing 737 MAX 861214Air CanadaYWG
C-FSIPBoeing 737 MAX 861215Air CanadaYHZ
C-FSIQBoeing 737 MAX 861216Air CanadaYWG
C-FSJHBoeing 737 MAX 861218Air CanadaYWG
C-FSJJBoeing 737 MAX 861217Air CanadaYRQ
C-FSKZBoeing 737 MAX 861219Air CanadaYRQ
C-FSLUBoeing 737 MAX 861221Air CanadaYWG
C-FSNQBoeing 737 MAX 861222Air CanadaYVR
C-FSNUBoeing 737 MAX 861220Air CanadaYVR
C-FSOCBoeing 737 MAX 861224Air CanadaYQG
C-FSOIBoeing 737 MAX 861223Air CanadaYRQ
C-FTJVBoeing 737 MAX 861207Air CanadaYQG
C-GEHIBoeing 737 MAX 861225Air CanadaYRQ
C-GEHQBoeing 737 MAX 861226Air CanadaYQG
C-GEHVBoeing 737 MAX 861227Air CanadaYRQ
C-GEHYBoeing 737 MAX 861228Air CanadaYQG
C-GEIVBoeing 737 MAX 861229Air CanadaYQG
C-GEJLBoeing 737 MAX 861230Air CanadaYQG
B-1178Boeing 737 MAX 860906Air ChinaCKG
B-1179Boeing 737 MAX 860903Air ChinaCKG
B-1180Boeing 737 MAX 860905Air ChinaCKG
B-1220Boeing 737 MAX 860899Air ChinaCKG
B-1221Boeing 737 MAX 860894Air ChinaCKG
B-1223Boeing 737 MAX 860889Air ChinaPEK
B-1225Boeing 737 MAX 860886Air ChinaPEK
B-1392Boeing 737 MAX 860877Air ChinaPEK
B-1393Boeing 737 MAX 860902Air ChinaPEK
B-1395Boeing 737 MAX 860904Air ChinaPEK
B-1396Boeing 737 MAX 860953Air ChinaPEK
B-1397Boeing 737 MAX 860872Air ChinaPEK
B-1398Boeing 737 MAX 860883Air ChinaPEK
B-1399Boeing 737 MAX 860880Air ChinaPEK
B-209KBoeing 737 MAX 860907Air ChinaPEK
EI-GFYBoeing 737 MAX 864605Air ItalyCAI
EI-GGKBoeing 737 MAX 864606Air ItalyMXP
EI-GGLBoeing 737 MAX 864607Air ItalyMXP
EI-GGMBoeing 737 MAX 864608Air ItalyPAE
N302SABoeing 737 MAX 844468American AirlinesROW
N303REBoeing 737 MAX 844447American AirlinesROW
N303RGBoeing 737 MAX 844448American AirlinesBFM
N304RBBoeing 737 MAX 844463American AirlinesPHX
N306RCBoeing 737 MAX 844465American AirlinesTUL
N308RDBoeing 737 MAX 844446American AirlinesTUL
N310RFBoeing 737 MAX 844451American AirlinesTUL
N313SBBoeing 737 MAX 844469American AirlinesPHX
N314RHBoeing 737 MAX 844449American AirlinesTUL
N315RJBoeing 737 MAX 844449American AirlinesTUL
N316RKBoeing 737 MAX 844450American AirlinesTUL
N321RLBoeing 737 MAX 844452American AirlinesTUL
N323RMBoeing 737 MAX 844453American AirlinesTUL
N324RABoeing 737 MAX 844459American AirlinesBOS
N324RNBoeing 737 MAX 844454American AirlinesROW
N326RPBoeing 737 MAX 844456American AirlinesROW
N328RRBoeing 737 MAX 844457American AirlinesROW
N335RTBoeing 737 MAX 844461American AirlinesROW
N336RUBoeing 737 MAX 844460American AirlinesTUL
N338RSBoeing 737 MAX 844458American AirlinesTUL
N341RWBoeing 737 MAX 844464American AirlinesTUL
N342RXBoeing 737 MAX 844466American AirlinesTUL
N343RYBoeing 737 MAX 844467American AirlinesROW
N350RVBoeing 737 MAX 844462American AirlinesROW
N378SCBoeing 737 MAX 844471American AirlinesBFI
VP-CIWBoeing 737 MAX 863809Cayman AirwaysGCM
VP-CIXBoeing 737 MAX 863561Cayman AirwaysGCM
B-1380Boeing 737 MAX 861625China Eastern AirlinesKMG
B-1383Boeing 737 MAX 861623China Eastern AirlinesKMG
B-1385Boeing 737 MAX 861626China Eastern AirlinesKMG
B-1121Boeing 737 MAX 843950China Southern AirlinesURC
B-1122Boeing 737 MAX 843951China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-1126Boeing 737 MAX 863267China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-1127Boeing 737 MAX 863268China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-1165Boeing 737 MAX 862873China Southern AirlinesURC
B-1166Boeing 737 MAX 862876China Southern AirlinesURC
B-1170Boeing 737 MAX 862879China Southern AirlinesURC
B-1175Boeing 737 MAX 863272China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-1176Boeing 737 MAX 863271China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-1200Boeing 737 MAX 863252China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-1201Boeing 737 MAX 863249China Southern AirlinesURC
B-1202Boeing 737 MAX 863251China Southern AirlinesURC
B-1203Boeing 737 MAX 863254China Southern AirlinesURC
B-1205Boeing 737 MAX 863253China Southern AirlinesURC
B-1206Boeing 737 MAX 863245China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-1207Boeing 737 MAX 863248China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-1238Boeing 737 MAX 863258China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-1295Boeing 737 MAX 863264China Southern AirlinesURC
B-205JBoeing 737 MAX 843954China Southern AirlinesURC
B-205KBoeing 737 MAX 862880China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-205LBoeing 737 MAX 862882China Southern AirlinesCAN
B-205MBoeing 737 MAX 863273China Southern AirlinesLHW
B-205NBoeing 737 MAX 863274China Southern AirlinesURC
B-205PBoeing 737 MAX 863275China Southern AirlinesURC
ZS-ZCABoeing 737 MAX 860432ComairJNB
ZS-ZCBBoeing 737 MAX 860434ComairBFI
HP-9901CMPBoeing 737 MAX 944161Copa AirlinesPTY
HP-9902CMPBoeing 737 MAX 944162Copa AirlinesPTY
HP-9903CMPBoeing 737 MAX 944163Copa AirlinesPTY
HP-9904CMPBoeing 737 MAX 944164Copa AirlinesPTY
HP-9905CMPBoeing 737 MAX 944165Copa AirlinesPTY
HP-9906CMPBoeing 737 MAX 944166Copa AirlinesPTY
TC-MKSBoeing 737 MAX 864936Corendon AirlinesAYT
HL8340Boeing 737 MAX 860458Eastar JetICN
HL8341Boeing 737 MAX 860459Eastar JetICN
SP-EXABoeing 737 MAX 864295Enter AirKTW
SP-EXBBoeing 737 MAX 864296Enter AirWAW
ET-AVIBoeing 737 MAX 862448Ethiopian AirlinesADD
ET-AVKBoeing 737 MAX 862449Ethiopian AirlinesADD
ET-AVLBoeing 737 MAX 862447Ethiopian AirlinesADD
ET-AVMBoeing 737 MAX 862446Ethiopian AirlinesADD
DQ-FABBoeing 737 MAX 864307Fiji AirwaysNAN
DQ-FADBoeing 737 MAX 864308Fiji AirwaysNAN
A6-FMABoeing 737 MAX 860965flydubaiDXB
A6-FMBBoeing 737 MAX 860968flydubaiDXB
A6-FMCBoeing 737 MAX 860969flydubaiDXB
A6-FMDBoeing 737 MAX 860967flydubaiDXB
A6-FMEBoeing 737 MAX 860970flydubaiDXB
A6-FMFBoeing 737 MAX 860974flydubaiDWC
A6-FMGBoeing 737 MAX 860976flydubaiDXB
A6-FMHBoeing 737 MAX 860979flydubaiDXB
A6-FMIBoeing 737 MAX 860984flydubaiDXB
A6-FMJBoeing 737 MAX 860980flydubaiDXB
A6-FMLBoeing 737 MAX 860982flydubaiBFI
A6-FNABoeing 737 MAX 960977flydubaiGSO
A6-FNBBoeing 737 MAX 960978flydubaiDXB
A6-FNCBoeing 737 MAX 960983flydubaiDWC
A6-MAXBoeing 737 MAX 860966flydubaiDWC
B-207CBoeing 737 MAX 843567Fuzhou AirlinesXIY
B-207MBoeing 737 MAX 843620Fuzhou AirlinesFOC
PK-GDABoeing 737 MAX 862093Garuda IndonesiaCGK
PR-XMABoeing 737 MAX 843986GOL Linhas AereasCNF
PR-XMBBoeing 737 MAX 843987GOL Linhas AereasCNF
PR-XMCBoeing 737 MAX 843989GOL Linhas AereasCNF
PR-XMDBoeing 737 MAX 843988GOL Linhas AereasCNF
PR-XMEBoeing 737 MAX 860708GOL Linhas AereasCNF
PR-XMFBoeing 737 MAX 843990GOL Linhas AereasCNF
PR-XMGBoeing 737 MAX 843991GOL Linhas AereasCNF
B-1100Boeing 737 MAX 862179Hainan AirlinesHAK
B-1142Boeing 737 MAX 843559Hainan AirlinesSZX
B-1387Boeing 737 MAX 862196Hainan AirlinesSZX
B-1388Boeing 737 MAX 862199Hainan AirlinesCAN
B-1389Boeing 737 MAX 862192Hainan AirlinesHAK
B-1390Boeing 737 MAX 862183Hainan AirlinesCAN
B-206QBoeing 737 MAX 862180Hainan AirlinesHAK
B-207HBoeing 737 MAX 860706Hainan AirlinesSZX
B-207KBoeing 737 MAX 843561Hainan AirlinesHAK
B-207SBoeing 737 MAX 860707Hainan AirlinesHAK
B-207TBoeing 737 MAX 862181Hainan AirlinesCAN
TF-ICABoeing 737 MAX 944357IcelandairKEF
TF-ICEBoeing 737 MAX 844353IcelandairKEF
TF-ICNBoeing 737 MAX 844356IcelandairKEF
TF-ICOBoeing 737 MAX 844358IcelandairKEF
TF-ICUBoeing 737 MAX 844355IcelandairKEF
TF-ICYBoeing 737 MAX 844354IcelandairKEF
VT-JXABoeing 737 MAX 844861Jet AirwaysHYD
VT-JXBBoeing 737 MAX 860703Jet AirwaysHYD
VT-JXCBoeing 737 MAX 844862Jet AirwaysBOM
VT-JXDBoeing 737 MAX 843558Jet AirwaysCCU
VT-JXEBoeing 737 MAX 844863Jet AirwaysCOK
VT-JXFBoeing 737 MAX 841635Jet AirwaysBFI
VT-JXGBoeing 737 MAX 844864Jet AirwaysBFI
VT-JXHBoeing 737 MAX 843616Jet AirwaysBFI
B-206YBoeing 737 MAX 843952Kunming AirlinesKMG
B-206ZBoeing 737 MAX 843953Kunming AirlinesKMG
PK-LQFBoeing 737 MAX 842990Lion AirDPS
PK-LQGBoeing 737 MAX 842995Lion AirCGK
PK-LQHBoeing 737 MAX 842996Lion AirMDC
PK-LQIBoeing 737 MAX 842997Lion AirCGK
PK-LQJBoeing 737 MAX 842988Lion AirCGK
PK-LQKBoeing 737 MAX 842985Lion AirUPG
PK-LQLBoeing 737 MAX 842986Lion AirCGK
PK-LQMBoeing 737 MAX 842994Lion AirCGK
PK-LQOBoeing 737 MAX 842998Lion AirDPS
PK-LQQBoeing 737 MAX 843001Lion AirCGK
SP-LVABoeing 737 MAX 864067LOTLUZ
SP-LVBBoeing 737 MAX 864068LOTLUZ
SP-LVCBoeing 737 MAX 843347LOTLUZ
SP-LVDBoeing 737 MAX 864069LOTLUZ
SP-LVEBoeing 737 MAX 860388LOTWAW
SP-LVFBoeing 737 MAX 843320LOTWAW
SP-LVGBoeing 737 MAX 843973LOTPAE
SP-LVHBoeing 737 MAX 843975LOTSKF
SP-LVIBoeing 737 MAX 843974LOTSKF
B-1143Boeing 737 MAX 861852Lucky AirKMG
B-206NBoeing 737 MAX 843560Lucky AirKMG
B-207PBoeing 737 MAX 843617Lucky AirCTU
5T-CLJBoeing 737 MAX 864299Mauritania Airlines InternationalNKC
EI-MNGBoeing 737 MAX 843795MIAT Mongolian AirlinesULN
EI-FYABoeing 737 MAX 842830NorwegianLPA
EI-FYBBoeing 737 MAX 842826NorwegianHEL
EI-FYCBoeing 737 MAX 842825NorwegianDUB
EI-FYEBoeing 737 MAX 842827NorwegianEDI
EI-FYFBoeing 737 MAX 842829NorwegianKTT
EI-FYGBoeing 737 MAX 842831NorwegianHEL
EI-FYHBoeing 737 MAX 864992NorwegianDUB
EI-FYIBoeing 737 MAX 842834NorwegianTFS
EI-FYDBoeing 737 MAX 842828NorwegianOSL
SE-RTABoeing 737 MAX 842835NorwegianLPA
SE-RTBBoeing 737 MAX 863972NorwegianAGP
SE-RTCBoeing 737 MAX 863973NorwegianLPA
LN-BKEBoeing 737 MAX 863970NorwegianCPH
LN-BKDBoeing 737 MAX 864993NorwegianCPH
LN-BKBBoeing 737 MAX 842833NorwegianARN
LN-BKABoeing 737 MAX 842832NorwegianARN
LN-BKFBoeing 737 MAX 863971NorwegianOSL
LN-BKCBoeing 737 MAX 842836NorwegianOSL
B-1157Boeing 737 MAX 860705OKAirTSN
B-1485Boeing 737 MAX 860704OKAirTSN
A4O-MABoeing 737 MAX 843294Oman AirMCT
A4O-MBBoeing 737 MAX 843295Oman AirMCT
A4O-MCBoeing 737 MAX 843298Oman AirMCT
A4O-MDBoeing 737 MAX 843328Oman AirMCT
A4O-MEBoeing 737 MAX 843794Oman AirMCT
CN-MAXBoeing 737 MAX 860008Royal Air MarocCMN
CN-MAYBoeing 737 MAX 860011Royal Air MarocCMN
VQ-BGVBoeing 737 MAX 844297S7 AirlinesOVB
VQ-BGWBoeing 737 MAX 843302S7 AirlinesOVB
DQ-TFLBoeing 737 MAX 943339Samoa AirwaysBFI
UP-B3720Boeing 737 MAX 861737SCAT AirlinesALA
B-1120Boeing 737 MAX 861443Shandong AirlinesTAO
B-1271Boeing 737 MAX 861441Shandong AirlinesTAO
B-1275Boeing 737 MAX 861440Shandong AirlinesTNA
B-205CBoeing 737 MAX 861444Shandong AirlinesHTN
B-207FBoeing 737 MAX 861445Shandong AirlinesTNA
B-208GBoeing 737 MAX 861446Shandong AirlinesTNA
B-208NBoeing 737 MAX 861447Shandong AirlinesTAO
B-1149Boeing 737 MAX 861633Shanghai AirlinesSHA
B-1150Boeing 737 MAX 861632Shanghai AirlinesSHA
B-1152Boeing 737 MAX 861631Shanghai AirlinesSHA
B-1259Boeing 737 MAX 861627Shanghai AirlinesPVG
B-1260Boeing 737 MAX 861628Shanghai AirlinesSHA
B-1261Boeing 737 MAX 861629Shanghai AirlinesSHA
B-1263Boeing 737 MAX 861630Shanghai AirlinesSHA
B-1379Boeing 737 MAX 861622Shanghai AirlinesSHA
B-1381Boeing 737 MAX 861624Shanghai AirlinesSHA
B-1382Boeing 737 MAX 861621Shanghai AirlinesSHA
B-208MBoeing 737 MAX 861634Shanghai AirlinesPVG
B-208WBoeing 737 MAX 861636Shanghai AirlinesRNT
B-1146Boeing 737 MAX 861135Shenzhen AirlinesSZX
B-1160Boeing 737 MAX 861136Shenzhen AirlinesSZX
B-206MBoeing 737 MAX 861138Shenzhen AirlinesSZX
B-207DBoeing 737 MAX 861141Shenzhen AirlinesSZX
B-207EBoeing 737 MAX 861140Shenzhen AirlinesSZX
B-208JBoeing 737 MAX 861142Shenzhen AirlinesBFI
9V-MBABoeing 737 MAX 844246Silk AirSIN
9V-MBBBoeing 737 MAX 844240SilkAirSIN
9V-MBCBoeing 737 MAX 844244SilkAirSIN
9V-MBDBoeing 737 MAX 844241SilkAirSIN
9V-MBEBoeing 737 MAX 844242SilkAirSIN
9V-MBFBoeing 737 MAX 844250SilkAirSIN
OK-SWABoeing 737 MAX 843555SmartwingsPRG
OK-SWBBoeing 737 MAX 843556SmartwingsPRG
OK-SWCBoeing 737 MAX 843296SmartwingsPRG
OK-SWDBoeing 737 MAX 843557SmartwingsPRG
OK-SWEBoeing 737 MAX 864937SmartwingsPRG
OK-SWFBoeing 737 MAX 860133SmartwingsPRG
OK-SWJBoeing 737 MAX 860134SmartwingsPAE
OK-SWMBoeing 737 MAX 843562SmartwingsPRG
N8701QBoeing 737 MAX 842554Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8702LBoeing 737 MAX 836989Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8704QBoeing 737 MAX 836988Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8705QBoeing 737 MAX 842558Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8706WBoeing 737 MAX 842559Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8707PBoeing 737 MAX 836929Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8708QBoeing 737 MAX 842566Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8709QBoeing 737 MAX 842563Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8710MBoeing 737 MAX 842567Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8711QBoeing 737 MAX 836979Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8712LBoeing 737 MAX 836930Southwest AirlinesMCO
N8713MBoeing 737 MAX 836984Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8714QBoeing 737 MAX 836934Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8715QBoeing 737 MAX 842570Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8716BBoeing 737 MAX 842544Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8717MBoeing 737 MAX 842571Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8718QBoeing 737 MAX 842546Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8719QBoeing 737 MAX 842572Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8720LBoeing 737 MAX 842547Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8721JBoeing 737 MAX 842548Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8722LBoeing 737 MAX 837019Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8723QBoeing 737 MAX 842574Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8724JBoeing 737 MAX 842549Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8725LBoeing 737 MAX 842575Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8726HBoeing 737 MAX 842573Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8727MBoeing 737 MAX 842576Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8728QBoeing 737 MAX 842577Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8729HBoeing 737 MAX 837043Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8730QBoeing 737 MAX 837042Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8731JBoeing 737 MAX 842550Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8732SBoeing 737 MAX 842551Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8733MBoeing 737 MAX 860710Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8734QBoeing 737 MAX 860713Southwest AirlinesVCV
N8735LBoeing 737 MAX 860711Southwest AirlinesVCV
VT-MAXBoeing 737 MAX 860644SpiceJetDEL
VT-MXABoeing 737 MAX 864505SpiceJetCCU
VT-MXBBoeing 737 MAX 864506SpiceJetDEL
VT-MXCBoeing 737 MAX 860645SpiceJetMAA
VT-MXDBoeing 737 MAX 864938SpiceJetDEL
VT-MXEBoeing 737 MAX 864939SpiceJetBLR
VT-MXFBoeing 737 MAX 864507SpiceJetBOM
VT-MXGBoeing 737 MAX 864508SpiceJetAMD
VT-MXHBoeing 737 MAX 860646SpiceJetDEL
VT-MXIBoeing 737 MAX 864940SpiceJetHYD
VT-MXJBoeing 737 MAX 864509SpiceJetAMD
VT-MXKBoeing 737 MAX 860224SpiceJetDEL
VT-MXXBoeing 737 MAX 860184SpiceJetMAA
C-FAXDBoeing 737 MAX 844299Sunwing AirlinesYQG
C-FMXABoeing 737 MAX 843297Sunwing AirlinesYQG
C-FYXCBoeing 737 MAX 844298Sunwing AirlinesYQG
C-GMXBBoeing 737 MAX 860387Sunwing AirlinesYQG
HS-LSHBoeing 737 MAX 942991Thai Lion AirDMK
HS-LSIBoeing 737 MAX 942992Thai Lion AirSZB
HS-LSKBoeing 737 MAX 942989Thai Lion AirDMK
D-AMAXBoeing 737 MAX 844601TUIBFI
G-TUMABoeing 737 MAX 844593TUIMAN
G-TUMBBoeing 737 MAX 844595TUIMAN
G-TUMCBoeing 737 MAX 844597TUIMAN
G-TUMDBoeing 737 MAX 844648TUIMAN
G-TUMFBoeing 737 MAX 844599TUITFS
G-TUMGBoeing 737 MAX 844600TUIMAN
OO-MAXBoeing 737 MAX 844588TUIBRU
OO-TMABoeing 737 MAX 844590TUIBRU
OO-TMBBoeing 737 MAX 844591TUIBRU
OO-TMYBoeing 737 MAX 844592TUIBRU
PH-TFNBoeing 737 MAX 844596TUIAMS
PH-TFOBoeing 737 MAX 844598TUISOF
PH-TFPBoeing 737 MAX 844649TUIAMS
SE-RNABoeing 737 MAX 844589TUIARN
SE-RNBBoeing 737 MAX 844594TUIARN
TC-LCABoeing 737 MAX 860032Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LCBBoeing 737 MAX 860033Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LCCBoeing 737 MAX 860034Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LCDBoeing 737 MAX 860035Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LCEBoeing 737 MAX 860036Turkish AirlinesISL
TC-LCFBoeing 737 MAX 860037Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LCGBoeing 737 MAX 860038Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LCJBoeing 737 MAX 860052Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LCKBoeing 737 MAX 860052Turkish AirlinesISL
TC-LCLBoeing 737 MAX 860054Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LCMBoeing 737 MAX 860055Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LCNBoeing 737 MAX 860056Turkish AirlinesBFI
TC-LYABoeing 737 MAX 960062Turkish AirlinesIST
TC-LYBBoeing 737 MAX 960063Turkish AirlinesBFI
TC-LCKBoeing 737 MAX 860053Turkish ArlinesIST
N27503Boeing 737 MAX 943434United AirlinesGYR
N27509Boeing 737 MAX 943443United AirlinesHOU
N27511Boeing 737 MAX 964493United AirlinesHOU
N37502Boeing 737 MAX 943431United AirlinesHOU
N37504Boeing 737 MAX 943435United AirlinesGYR
N37506Boeing 737 MAX 943432United AirlinesHOU
N37507Boeing 737 MAX 943437United AirlinesHOU
N37508Boeing 737 MAX 943439United AirlinesHOU
N37510Boeing 737 MAX 943445United AirlinesIAH
N37513Boeing 737 MAX 964494United AirlinesGYR
N37514Boeing 737 MAX 943450United AirlinesHOU
N47505Boeing 737 MAX 943433United AirlinesIAH
N47512Boeing 737 MAX 943449United AirlinesIAH
N67501Boeing 737 MAX 943430United AirlinesHOU
C-FCTKBoeing 737 MAX 860520WestJetYYC
C-FHCMBoeing 737 MAX 843796WestJetYYZ
C-FNAXBoeing 737 MAX 860511WestJetYLW
C-FNWDBoeing 737 MAX 860517WestJetYLW
C-FRAXBoeing 737 MAX 860510WestJetYVR
C-FRYVBoeing 737 MAX 860514WestJetYLW
C-GAMQBoeing 737 MAX 860518WestJetYYC
C-GCAMBoeing 737 MAX 860515WestjetYYC
C-GDDRBoeing 737 MAX 860521WestJetYYC
C-GEHFBoeing 737 MAX 860519WestJetYYC
C-GRAXBoeing 737 MAX 860513WestJetYLW
C-GXAXBoeing 737 MAX 860512WestJetYLW
C-GZSGBoeing 737 MAX 860516WestJetYHM
B-1116Boeing 737 MAX 842959Xiamen AirFOC
B-1117Boeing 737 MAX 843829Xiamen AirFOC
B-1118Boeing 737 MAX 843830Xiamen AirFOC
B-1136Boeing 737 MAX 843831Xiamen AirXMN
B-1137Boeing 737 MAX 843857Xiamen AirXMN
B-1139Boeing 737 MAX 843858Xiamen AirXMN
B-1288Boeing 737 MAX 842956Xiamen AirXMN
B-1289Boeing 737 MAX 842957Xiamen AirFOC
B-1290Boeing 737 MAX 842958Xiamen AirXMN
B-208LBoeing 737 MAX 842960Xiamen AirXMN

Information is current as of 16:00 UTC, 29 August 2019 and will be updated with additional movements when information is available.

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