Members of the Lufthansa A380 fleet that will fly again now number just two. The airline is in the process of retiring its super jumbos and a pair remain in Frankfurt in preparation for their journey to what will likely be their final storage location. D-AIMH (MSN 070) and D-AIMM (MSN 175) will be the last aircraft flown into storage.

The Lufthansa A380 fleet

At its peak the, fleet numbered 14, serving major destinations like San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Delhi. At the onset of the pandemic, like other A380 operators Lufthansa quickly stored their fleet. The first batch were stored at the end of April-beginning of May 2020 with half the fleet entering deep storage in Spain.

Lufthansa A380s among other aircraft in storage in Teruel, Spain

Where are the Lufthansa A380s now?

Most of the A380 fleet has retired to the Tarmac Aerosave facility at Teruel, Spain. 10 of Lufthansa’s 14 aircraft are there. Two aircraft in France at Tarbes and two remain in Frankfurt awaiting their last taxi to the runway.

RegistrationLocationStorage date
D-AIMATeruel-TEV07 May 2020
D-AIMBTeruel-TEV13 May 2020
D-AIMCTarbes-LDE26 January 2021
D-AIMDTeruel-TEV22 March 2021
D-AIMETeruel-TEV16 April 2021
D-AIMFTeruel-TEV29 April 2020
D-AIMGTeruel-TEV28 April 2020
D-AIMITarbes-LDE22 February 2021
D-AIMJTeruel-TEV30 April 2020
D-AIMKTeruel-TEV5 May 2020
D-AIMLTeruel-TEV5 May 2021
D-AIMNTeruel-TEV06 May 2020

Sadly, this isn’t a sight we’ll ever get to see again.

Lufthansa A380 landing in Los Angeles.

Featured image © Martin Tietz


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