Belavia Belarusian Airlines ability to serve its route network has significantly diminished this week. As reaction to Belarus’ forcible diversion of a Ryanair flight continues to mount, the airline has lost access to airspace it needs to continue operating to destinations in Western Europe.

Who has prohibited Belarus aircraft?

Various national regulators have banned or partially banned flights to/from Belarus or overflights by Belarus-based airlines

  • The United Kingdom was the first country to ban flights by Belarus on 24 May.
  • On 25 May, France, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia followed suit.
  • Ukraine first banned flights to/from Belarus, but continued to allow overflights of its airspace en route to destinations outside of Ukraine. As of 28 May at 21:00 UTC, Ukraine has implemented a total ban on Belarusian airlines in its airspace.
  • Finland has also banned flights by Belarusian airlines from using their airspace.
  • Late in the day on 27 May, Estonia banned all flights to/from Belarus and all aircraft registered in Belarus from using its airspace.
  • Slovakia has banned Belarusian flights carrying passengers from overflying its airspace.
  • As of 09 June, nearly all European Union member states have banned Belarus-based aircraft from overflying their airspace.
Map of countries with restrictions on flights by Belarus aircraft
Color key — Red: No flights to or through that country | Yellow: overflights acceptable. No flights to/from Belarus. | Green: Belarus

Where did Belavia fly previously?

Before 23 May, Belavia maintained a robust route network across Europe and Western Asia. Belavia also offers a number of flights to Egyptian resorts, like Sharm El-Sheikh.

Belavia’s route network as of May 23
Belavia route map as of 23 May 2021

On Wednesday 26 May, after France issued its ban on Belarus aircraft in its airspace, Belavia fight 869 from Minsk to Barcelona was already en route, but returned to Minsk.B2869 left orbits while returning to Minsk

The restrictions have added significant time to Belavia’s flights to Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia. Without restrictions, this charter flight from Minsk to Enfidha would take about 3.5 hours. With routing through Russia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Malta it takes nearly 6.

Flight path of Belavia flight from Minsk to Enfidha
B29319 from Minsk to Enfidha taking the long way around restricted airspace

Active Belavia flights

Active Belavia flights will be displayed on the map below.

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