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What happened to the Air Berlin fleet?

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It’s been nearly 2 years since Air Berlin operated its final flight. When Air Berlin went bankrupt in 2017, its fleet of leased aircraft were returned to their lessors and placed with new airlines. We wanted to check in on the former Air Berlin fleet to see where they’re flying now.

Air Berlin’s fleet

At the end of 2017 when the airline stopped flying, it had a mixture of A320s and A330s in its active fleet, along with a single A321. 1 A321 was delivered to the airline but never put into service. Air Berlin also had a subfleet of Dash 8 Q400s operated by Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter (LGW).

Where are they now?

Almost half of the A320 fleet went to easyJet Europe with the balance mostly now flying for various European carriers. Indian airline IndiGo now operates 3 of the A320s. Both A321s now operate for LATAM.

5 of the A330s went to Malaysia Airlines, 4 to Virgin Atlantic, while charter and wet-lease operators Wamos and Evelop took 2 and 1, respectively. 2 A330s went to Aigle Azure, which has since filed for bankruptcy itself. Those 2 A330s are now stored.

See the table below for updated airline and registration information for the full former Air Berlin fleet.

RegistrationAircraft TypeSerial Number (MSN)New OperatorNew Registration
D-ABDKAirbus A320-2142968easyJet EuropeOE-IZV
D-ABDOAirbus A320-2143055easyJet EuropeOE_IZW
D-ABDTAirbus A320-2143422EurowingsD-ABDT
D-ABDUAirbus A320-2143516EurowingsD-ABDU
D-ABDWAirbus A320-2143945easyJet EuropeOE-IZS
D-ABDXAirbus A320-2143995easyJet EuropeOE-IZT
D-ABDYAirbus A320-2144013easyJet EuropeOE-IZU
D-ABDZAirbus A320-2144033easyJet EuropeOE-IZC
D-ABFAAirbus A320-2144101VuelingEC-MUM
D-ABFBAirbus A320-2144128JC International AirlinesXU-993
D-ABFCAirbus A320-2144161EurowingsD-ABFC
D-ABFEAirbus A320-2144269Eurowings (Brussels Airlines)OO-SNN
D-ABFFAirbus A320-2144329EurowingsD-AEUH
D-ABFGAirbus A320-2144291VuelingEC-MVO
D-ABFHAirbus A320-2144294IndiGo AirlinesVT-IHP
D-ABFKAirbus A320-2144433IndiGo AirlinesVT-IHO
D-ABFNAirbus A320-2144510IndiGo AirlinesVT-IHN
D-ABHAAirbus A320-2143540EurowingsD-ABHA
D-ABHCAirbus A320-2143594EurowingsD-ABHC
D-ABHHAirbus A320-2142902Level (Anisec)OE-LVR
D-ABHIAirbus A320-2142668SundAirD-ASGK
D-ABHJAirbus A320-2145648easyJet EuropeOE-IZP
D-ABHKAirbus A320-2144581easyJet EuropeOE-IZD
D-ABHLAirbus A320-2144316easyJet EuropeOE-IZB
D-ABHMAirbus A320-2144594easyJet EuropeOE-IZE
D-ABHOAirbus A320-2143908EurowingsD-AEUD
D-ABNFAirbus A320-2141961Brussels AirlinesOO-SNL
D-ABNJAirbus A320-2145522easyJet EuropeOE-IZO
D-ABNMAirbus A320-2146856easyJet EuropeOE-IZG
D-ABNOAirbus A320-2146831easyJet EuropeOE-IZF
D-ABNQAirbus A320-2146877easyJet EuropeOE-IZQ
D-ABNRAirbus A320-2146892easyJet EuropeOE-IZH
D-ABNSAirbus A320-2146902easyJet EuropeOE-IZJ
D-ABNVAirbus A320-2142606Edelweiss AirHB-JJL
D-ABNWAirbus A320-2142627Edelweiss AirHB-JJM
D-ABNXAirbus A320-2146927easyJet EuropeOE-IZL
D-ABNYAirbus A320-2146966easyJet EuropeOE-IZN
D-ABZIAirbus A320-2163328EurowingsD-ABZI
D-ABCTAirbus A321-2117119LATAMCC-BEQ
D-ABCVAirbus A321-2117260LATAMCC-BER
D-ABXAAirbus A330-223288STOREDN/A
D-ABXBAirbus A330-223322Virgin AtlanticG-VLNM
D-ABXCAirbus A330-223665Malaysia Airlines9M-MTU
D-ABXEAirbus A330-223968Malaysia Airlines9M-MTY
D-ABXFAirbus A330-2231112Malaysia Airlines9M-MTZ
D-ABXGAirbus A330-223802Evelop AirlinesEC-MTY
D-ALPAAirbus A330-223403Virgin AtlanticG-VMNK
D-ALPBAirbus A330-223432Virgin AtlanticG-VMIK
D-ALPCAirbus A330-223444Aigle Azure*F-HTIC
D-ALPDAirbus A330-223454Wamos AirEC-MTT
D-ALPEAirbus A330-223469Wamos AirEX-MTU
D-ALPFAirbus A330-223476Virgin AtlanticG-VWND
D-ALPGAirbus A330-223493Aigle Azure*F-HTAC
D-ALPHAirbus A330-223739I-Fly AirlinesEI-GCZ
D-ALPIAirbus A330-223828Malaysia Airlines9M-MTW
D-ALPJAirbus A330-223911Malaysia Airlines9M-MTX
D-ABQABombardier Dash 8 Q4004223Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQA
D-ABQBBombardier Dash 8 Q4004226Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQB
D-ABQCBombardier Dash 8 Q4004231Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQC
D-ABQDBombardier Dash 8 Q4004234Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQD
D-ABQEBombardier Dash 8 Q4004239Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQE
D-ABQFBombardier Dash 8 Q4004245Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQF
D-ABQGBombardier Dash 8 Q4004250Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQG
D-ABQHBombardier Dash 8 Q4004256Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQH
D-ABQIBombardier Dash 8 Q4004264Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQI
D-ABQJBombardier Dash 8 Q4004274Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQJ
D-ABQKBombardier Dash 8 Q4004265Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQK
D-ABQLBombardier Dash 8 Q4004184Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQL
D-ABQMBombardier Dash 8 Q4004119Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQM
D-ABQNBombardier Dash 8 Q4004124Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQN
D-ABQOBombardier Dash 8 Q4004129Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQO
D-ABQPBombardier Dash 8 Q4004137Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQP
D-ABQQBombardier Dash 8 Q4004198Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQQ
D-ABQRBombardier Dash 8 Q4004538Cobham Aviation ServicesVH-IYK
D-ABQSBombardier Dash 8 Q4004539Cobham Aviation ServicesVH-IYJ
D-ABQTBombardier Dash 8 Q4004541Eurowings (opb LGW)D-ABQT
10934_1567387312 32357_1569398645 35572_1558297248 49138_1557690664 54587_1557714425 57624_1571055048
A321 CC-BEQ, formerly D-ABCT


Featured image © Alexis Boidron
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