WORLD WAY: The City of LAX is a four-minute love letter to airport operations. Captured over three years, WORLD WAY takes the viewer through every aspect of the airport from passenger drop-offs to departing aircraft. Climb inside cargo bays and atop jet bridges to see the movement and rhythm of the airport in a new way.

WORLD WAY: The City of LAX

Track live flights at LAX

You can see scheduled flights to and from LAX on our airport data page, as well as current weather, and myFlightradar24 user reviews. The image below shows all routes from LAX for a week. Because of the airports location, the variety of airlines flying into the airport makes it one of the best for planespotting in the world.

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Non-stop routes from LAX over the course of a week
Non-stop routes from LAX over the course of a week
Featured image © Peter Reading

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  1. Charles Turner

    What a great film

    Thank you

  2. Geoffrey Dixon

    Thanks so much, i love aircraft films, beautiful to watch, many thanks

  3. Jean Yves ROUTHIER

    Très impressionnant…. MERCI…. What a wonderful Video….. Thanks

  4. Paul Jasper

    Wow, what a stunning piece of work – kudos to the film makers – great cinematography!

  5. Jeff C

    Beautifully shot and quite a work of art. However, it’s puff piece propaganda and evidenced by the fact that LAWA (the folks who run LAX) were partners in the film. LAX is an awful airport as anyone who flies through it regularly knows. Where is the traffic jams from the never ending construction? Not shown. How about the frustrated connecting travelers who must leave security to walk between terminals? Not shown. The run down older terminals with water-stained ceilings and poor facilities? Not shown. The 30 minute departure delays as planes are stacked up for take-off? Not shown. The waiting for an hour after landing in a far corner of the tarmac because no gate is available? Not shown. Angry residential neighbors because ATC routinely has aircraft make early turns and shortcuts noisy departures over homes? Not shown. LAX is a disaster, as poorly managed as the city in which it resides. No amount of fancy photography can hide that fact.

  6. JERZY


  7. Mike

    Exceptional, the final landing especially. Great soundtrack as well

  8. Francisco

    Amazing footage and great editing to pull it all together. Love it

  9. Christopher McGrath

    Great film, well done and thanks. My first impression, all those people, flying where, who with, who to see or visit, why? Millions of individual lives and stories to wonder about, but to never know!

  10. Lawrance Chadwick

    A filmed masterpiece of organisation. Both of people and their property plus the control of the goods loading into and out of the aircraft. Watching the efforts of air traffic control with so many aircraft is awesome. Well done the film makers.

  11. keith peers

    ALL this is great I love it. FLIGHTRADAR24.COM IS THE GREAT.

  12. Jonathon Ward

    Great film! Well worth a watch! 🙂

  13. Keith Barker

    Your video compilation captured the true essence of involvement in and about air travel. Well done.

  14. Scott Taylor

    I wish I could walk as fast as the passengers seen in transit when I use LAX as a transit airport. Getting from domestic gates to international gates or back at LAX is not convenient relative to other large airports! Very little signage and not much guidance. I hope one day they get the flow problems fixed so that LAX passengers and aircraft can flow as beautifully as the film indicates they do at LAX. It is an amazing and fun short film to have look at and I enjoyed it. But LAX can be trying and I do find myself picking alternatives when I can.

  15. franco mormina

    VERY GOOD JOB. 1000 BRAVO FROM ITALY. AND 1000 GRAZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Pat Deady NZ

    Big thank you, enjoyed every second of that. Love to live next to a busy airport and happiness would be a set of earmuffs. (Only for night times)


    Beautiful film truly inspired. I would love to meet some local spotters next time I visit LAX hopefully in 2020 as I have not been for a good few years.
    Nothing beats watching an aeroplane take flight and soar skywards.

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