We’ve just released a few new updates that bring more flight tracking information to Flightradar24. We’ve updated how the volcanic ash advisories are displayed to provide more info, added more historical data, and introduced data feed statistics sharing.

Volcanic ash advisories

Volcanic ash advisories now include a text explanation for the map overlay. The text information comes directly from Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres and are refreshed every hour. To view advisories, active the Volcanic ash layer under Settings >> Weather, then click on a volcano icon.

The new volcanic ash advisories are available now on Flightradar24 for web and will be available in our app soon.

Volcanic ash advisories now include text observations and forecasts

Increased flight history

For Flightradar24 subscribers, we’ve expanded the amount of historical data accessible in each subscription level. Silver users now have access to 90 days of past flights, Gold users have access to 1 year, and Business users now have access to 2 years of historical data.

Share your data feed statistics

By popular request, you can now share your data feed statistics with other users. If you’re signed in and sharing data, you’ll be given the option to turn sharing on the first time you visit Flightradar24. You can also visit your Account and choose My data sharing to turn on statistics sharing. Sharing statistics are available with the latest version of the app (7.4) by tapping the account icon in the upper right corner of the screen and pressing ‘My data sharing’.

Your personal information, such as location and identifying information will never be shared. You’ll be able to see the statistics from data sharers who opt in when you visit our Share statistics page. Click on the Radar name to see statistics or search for specific radar.

Share your data feed statistics and see stats from other data sharers

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