On 18 November, Virgin Orbit completed its first captive carry test of its 21.4 meter ‘LauncherOne’ rocket using its specially modified 747-400 ‘Cosmic Girl’ (N744VG). The 1 hour 19 minute flight out of Victorville took the 747 and rocket up to a max altitude of 16,000 feet.

Virgin Orbit Captive Carry Test Flight of Launcher One

Follow the Virgin Orbit 747

You can follow the Virgin Orbit 747 ‘Cosmic Girl’ with registration N744VG. You can replay the the LauncherOne captive carry flight here, and see photos and video from yesterday’s flight below.

LauncherOne Captive Carry Right LauncherOne Captive Carry Underside LauncherOne Captive Carry Left Virgin Orbit Team

All images courtesy Virgin Orbit

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