Ural Airlines flight 178 made an emergency landing in a field after suffering a bird strike shortly after take off from Moscow’s Zhukovsky International Airport (ZIA) on the morning of 15 August, according to a statement from the airline. No injuries have been reported. Flight 178 was operating from Moscow to Simferopol.

Ural Airlines Flight 178

Flight 178 departed Zhukovsky International Airport (ZIA) at approximately 03:13 UTC. The last data received by Flightradar24 from the aircraft was at 03:15 UTC.

Ural Airlines 178 flight track
Flight track of Flight 178

Granular data

We have downloaded an processed granular data for this flight, including speed and altitude data which is shown in the graph below.

Granular ADS-B data received by Flightradar24 from Ural Airlines flight 178

Aircraft data

Flight 178 was operated by an Airbus A321-211 registered VQ-BOZ. The aircraft is operated by 2 CFM-56 engines. First built in 2004, the aircraft was acquired by Ural Airlines in 2011.

Ural Airlines A321 VP-BOZ
Ural Airlines A321 VQ-BOZ


Featured image © Chris Pitchacaren


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