When you want to follow a specific flight, Custom alerts are the best way to let Flightradar24 do the work for you. Our mobile app will send you a push notification when the flight (or flights) you’re interested in following depart or pass through a specified area.

We’ve put together a short tutorial video demonstrating how to set up basic Custom alerts on Android as the first video in a new series of tutorials we’ll be producing on a regular basis. If you have suggestions for a future tutorial video, let us know by emailing us or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

Custom alerts can be set by flight number or call sign, registration, airline, or aircraft type. You can then set additional conditions based on the main alert trigger, like aircraft type altitude, and destination. For example, you could set an alert for Airline = Lufthansa (DLH); Aircraft Type = A388; Destination is = SFO to be alerted to any Lufthansa Airbus A380s flying to San Francisco.

We’ll dig further into Custom alerts and how you can use the various modifiers together and how you can use Local alerts to further refine your alerts in a future tutorial.

We hope you find this new series of tutorials helpful and as always, if you have any questions about any features on Flightradar24, please contact us.

Custom alerts are available with a Flighradar24 subscription. You can view our subscription plans to choose which is right for you. Happy tracking!

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