On 26 October, barring any last minute change of status, Transaero will cease operations. Over the past two days, the airline has sent about two dozen aircraft into storage in Teruel, Spain. Teruel is the location of Tarmac Aerosave, an aircraft maintenance, storage, and recycling facility. It is the same facility where a number of UTAir aircraft are also stored.

Most flights to the storage facility have used the callsign format “TSO87XX”, where XX is the last two digits of the flight number. To track any additional storage flights, set a callsign filter for “TSO87”.

The table below shows the aircraft we have been able to track to storage so far and we will update this post if additional aircraft are designated for storage.

RegAircraft Type
EI-DBGBoeing 767-300ER
EI-RUABoeing 737-800
EI-RUGBoeing 737-800
EI-RUHBoeing 737-800
EI-RUIBoeing 737-800
EI-RUKBoeing 737-800
EI-RUOBoeing 737-800
EI-RURBoeing 737-800
EI-UNABoeing 767-300ER
EI-UNGBoeing 737-500
EI-UNLBoeing 777-300
EI-UNPBoeing 777-300
EI-UNUBoeing 777-200ER
EI-XLEBoeing 747-400
EI-XLJBoeing 747-400
EI-XLMBoeing 747-400
EI-XLN*Boeing 747-400
EI-XLO**Boeing 747-400
EI-XLPBoeing 777-300
VP-BVRBoeing 747-400
VP-BYJBoeing 737-500
VP-BYNBoeing 737-500
VP-BYQBoeing 737-500

Transaero’s two special livery 747s are included in the list, EI-XLN  (“Tiger Flight”) and EI-XLO (“Flights of Hope”) have both been sent into storage.

For more information on Transaero’s fleet, visit our Transaero fleet data page.



“Tiger Flight” by Airyura
“Flights of Hope” by Airyura

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