This week we turn our attention to tracking special sports liveries. Airlines often add special liveries to celebrate teams or events they sponsor. These liveries can be some of the most intricate liveries around the world and many certainly stand out. Some airlines have a few different liveries for teams in different sports and others have multiple aircraft in the same special livery.

How to Track Special Sports Liveries

In the table below, you can search sports liveries based on Airline, Registration, Aircraft Type, or name of the livery.

AirlineRegistrationICAO Type CodeExtended TypeLivery
Aer LingusEI-DEIA320Airbus A320-214Irish Rugby Team Livery
Aer LingusEI-DEOA320Airbus A320-214Irish Rugby Team Livery
AeroflotVP-BTLA321Airbus A321-211Manchester United Livery
AeroflotVP-BWDA320Airbus A320-214PFC CSKA Livery
Air BerlinD-ABFKA320Airbus A320-214Fan Force One Livery
Air New ZealandZK-NZEB789Boeing 787-9NZ Rugby Union Livery (All Blacks)
Air New ZealandZK-OKQB77WBoeing 777-319(ER)NZ Rugby Union Livery (All Blacks)
Air New ZealandZK-OABA320Airbus A320-232NZ Rugby Union Livery (All Blacks) [Currently having new livery applied]
AirAsia9M-AFEA320Airbus A320-214ASEAN Basketball League Livery
AirAsia9M-AFIA320Airbus A320-216Malaysian National Football Livery
AirAsia9M-AFVA320Airbus A320-216Queens Park Rangers Livery
AirAsia ZestRP-C8988A320Airbus A320-232Many Pacquiao Livery
Alaska AirlinesN403QXDH8DBombardier Dash 8 Q400Bobcats Livery
Alaska AirlinesN402QXDH8DBombardier Dash 8 Q400Grizzlies Livery
Alaska AirlinesN400QXDH8DBombardier Dash 8 Q400Idaho Vandals Livery
Alaska AirlinesN401QXDH8DBombardier Dash 8 Q400WSU Cougars Livery
Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras
PR-AYUE190Embraer 190-200IGWAyrton Senna Livery
British Airways
G-CIVAB744Boeing 747-436Golden Nose Olympics 2016 Livery
Brussels AirlinesOO-SNCA320Airbus A320-214Belgian Red Devils Livery
Brussels AirlinesOO-SNDA320Airbus A320-214Belgian Red Devils Livery
CityJetEI-RJXRJ85Avro RJ85Leinster Rugby Livery
Copa AirlinesHP-1533CMPB738Boeing 737-8V3Major League Baseball Livery
Copa AirlinesHP-1831CMPB738Boeing 737-8V3Sao Paulo FC Livery
Copa AirlinesHP-1534CMPB738Boeing 737-8V3Fepafut—Panamanian National Football Tram
EAT LeipzigD-AEACA306Airbus A300B4-622R(F)Rugby World Cup 2015 Livery
EmiratesA6-EEBA388Airbus A380-8612015 Cricket World Cup Livery
EmiratesA6-EERA388Airbus A380-861The Emirates FA Cup Livery
EmiratesA6-EESA388Airbus A380-861Arsenal Football Club Livery
EmiratesA6-EETA388Airbus A380-861AC Milan Football Club Livery
EmiratesA6-EOAA388Airbus A380-861Real Madrid Football Club Livery
EmiratesA6-EONA388Airbus A380-861Los Angeles Dodgers Livery
EmiratesA6-EPAB77WBoeing 777-31H(ER)Sport Lisboa Benfica Livery
EmiratesA6-EPLB77WBoeing 777-31H(ER)Hamburger SV Livery
EmiratesA6-EUAA388Airbus A380-861Arsenal Football Club Livery
EmiratesA6-EWJB77LBoeing 777-21H(LR)Arsenal Football Club Livery
Etihad AirwaysA6-EHJA346Airbus A340-642Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Livery
Etihad AirwaysA6-EYEA332Airbus A330-243Manchester City FC Livery
EurowingsD-AIZRA320Airbus A320-214Borussia Dortmund Livery
Gulf AirA9C-ADA320Airbus A320-214Bahrain Grand Prix 2015 Livery
Gulf AirA9C-KBA332Airbus A330-243Bahrain Grand Prix Livery
JB AviationSP-MBWPC12Pilatus PC12/47ESauber F1 Team Livery
JetBlue AirwaysN605JBA320Airbus A320-232Boston Red Sox Livery
JetBlue AirwaysN746JBA320Airbus A320-232NY Jets Livery
KLMPH-BVAB77WBoeing 777-306ER‘Orange Pride’ Livery
LufthansaD-ABEKB733Boeing 737-330Fanhansa EURO 2016 Livery
LufthansaD-ABYIB748Boeing 747-830Fanhansa ''Siegerflieger'' Livery
LufthansaD-ABYKB748Boeing 747-830Fanhansa ''Siegerflieger'' Olympia Mannschaft Livery
LufthansaD-AIHKA346Airbus A340-642FC Bayern Munich Livery
Malmo AviationSE-LSESB20Saab 2000SWE ski team Livery
Malmo AviationSE-DSURJ1HAvro RJ100Swedish football Livery
NextJetSE-LEPSF34Saab 340Livery Ski Force One
QantasVH-OEJB744Boeing 747-438ERSpirit of the Australian Team Olympic Livery
QantasVH-OQHA388Airbus A380-842Go Wallabies Livery
Qatar AirwaysA7-BAEB77WBoeing 777-3DZ(ER)FC Barcelona Livery
RossiyaVQ-BASA319Airbus A319-112FC Zenit Saint Petersburg Livery
South African AirwaysZS-SXDA343Airbus A340-313XSiyanqoba—Team South Africa 2012 Livery
Thai AirAsiaHS-ABCA320Airbus A320-216Thailand Women's Volleyball Livery
Turkish AirlinesTC-JSJA321Airbus A321-231Borussia Dortmund Livery
Turkish AirlinesTC-JYPB739Boeing 737-9F2ERTurkish National Football Team Livery

Our list here is a work in progress and will be updated as airlines add sports liveries to their fleets. If you know of a sports livery we missed, please let us know on twitter or Facebook and we’ll add it to the list.

Air New Zealand's 777-300ER in “All Blacks” Livery.
Air New Zealand’s 777-300ER in “All Blacks” Livery.


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