Continuing our series on special aircraft tracking, we turn our attention to special locations. Airlines like to promote where they come from and where they’re going with special liveries. Cathay Pacific is noted for its special liveries promoting Hong Kong and Southwest Airlines has special liveries dedicated to some of the states to which they fly.

Southwest Airlines’ “Illinois One”.
Southwest Airlines’ “Illinois One”.

Other airlines have special liveries promoting a specific tourism campaign, like Etihad Airways’ “Visit Abu Dhabi 2015” Airbus A330.

Etihad Airways’ “Visit Abu Dhabi 2015" Airbus A330.
Etihad Airways’ “Visit Abu Dhabi 2015″ Airbus A330.

How to Track Special Destination Liveries

In the table below, you can search special destination liveries based on Airline, Registration, Aircraft Type, or name of the livery.

AirlineRegistrationAircraft TypeExtended Aircraft TypeLivery
Aegean Airlines SX-DGIA320Airbus Livery
AeroMexicoN774AMB772Boeing 777-2QR(ER)CDMX—Ciudad de Mexico Livery
AeroMexicoN776AMB772Boeing 777-2QR(ER)CDMX—Ciudad de Mexico Livery
Air China B-2035B77WBoeing 777-39L(ER)Smiling China Livery
Air China B-2006B77WBoeing 777-39L(ER)Love China Livery
Air France F-GSQIB77WBoeing 777-328(ER)French Flag Livery
Air Macau B-MBMA321Airbus A321-231Macau Welcomes You Livery
AirAsia X 9M-XXFA333Airbus A330-343Fly to Malaysia Livery
Allegiant Air N228NVA320Airbus A320-214Visit Florida Livery
Azul Linhas Aereas PR-AYVE190Embraer ERJ-195Brazilian Flag Livery
Azul Linhas Aereas PR-AIVA332Airbus A330-243Brazilian Flag Livery
Cathay Pacific B-KPBB77WBoeing 777-367ERThe Spirit of Hong Kong Livery
Cathay Pacific Cargo B-LJAB748Boeing 747-867(F)Hong Kong Trader Livery
China Airlines B-18355A333Airbus A330-302Welcome to Taiwan Livery
China Eastern Airlines B-6452A319Airbus A319-115Magnificent Qinghai Livery
China Eastern Airlines B-6458A319Airbus A319-115Magnificent Qinghai Livery
Copa HP-1534CMPB738Boeing 737-8V3Vamos Panama Estamos Contigo! Livery
Czech Airlines OK-NEPA319Airbus A319-112City of Magic Livery
EasyJet G-EZEZA319Airbus A319-111Napoli Livery
Easyjet G-EZIWA319Airbus A319-111Linate-Fiumicino Per Tutti Livery
EasyJet G-EZBGA319Airbus A319-111Hamburg Livery
EasyJet G-EZUGA320Airbus A320-214Moscow Livery
Etihad Airways A6-AFAA333Airbus A330-343Visit Abu Dhabi 2015 Livery
Holidays Czech Airlines OK-HCAA320Airbus A320-214Prague ❤️ You Livery
Jet2 G-CELIB733Boeing 737-330Manchester Livery
KLM PH-BFCB744Boeing 747-406 (M)KLM Asia Livery
KLM PH-BFDB744Boeing 747-406 (M)KLM Asia Livery
KLM PH-BFMB744Boeing 747-406 (M)KLM Asia Livery
KLM PH-BFPB744Boeing 747-406 (M)KLM Asia Livery
KLM PH-BFYB744Boeing 747-406 (M)KLM Asia Livery
KLM PH-BQKB772Boeing 777-206(ER)KLM Asia Livery
KLM PH-BQLB772Boeing 777-206(ER)KLM Asia Livery
KLM PH-BVAB77WBoeing 777-306(ER)“Orange Pride” Livery
Southwest Airlines N214WNB737Boeing 737-7H4Maryland One Livery
Southwest Airlines N230WNB737Boeing 737-7H4Colorado One Livery
Southwest Airlines N280WNB737Boeing 737-7H4Missouri One Livery
Southwest Airlines N352SWB733Boeing 737-3H4Lone Star Livery
Southwest Airlines N383SWB733Boeing 737-3H4Arizona Star Livery
Southwest Airlines N609SWB733Boeing 737-3H4California One Livery
Southwest Airlines N727SWB737Boeing 737-7H4Nevada One Livery
Southwest Airlines N781WNB737Boeing 737-7H4New Mexico One Livery
Southwest Airlines N918WNB737Boeing 737-7H4Illinois One Livery
Southwest Airlines N931WNB737Boeing 737-7H4Lone Star One Livery
Southwest Airlines N945WNB737Boeing 737-7H4Florida One Livery
SunExpress Deutschland D-ASXOB738Boeing 737-8HXIstanbul Livery
Swiss HB-IYSRJ1HAvro RJ100Zurich Airport Livery
Thai AirAsia HS-ABXA320Airbus A320-214Amazing Thailand Livery
Thomas Cook G-TCDAA321Airbus A321-211Egypt, where it all begins Livery
Thomas Cook G-TCBBB752Boeing 757-236Egypt, where it all begins Livery
Travel Service OK-TVLB738Boeing 737-8FNMoravian-Silesian Region Livery
Turkish Airlines TC-JIZA332Airbus A330-223Invest in Turkey Livery
Turkish AirlinesTC-JRGA321Airbus A321-231Turkey: Discover the potential
Venezolana YV502TB732Boeing 737-291(A)Lake Maracaibo Bridge Livery

Our list here is a work in progress and will be updated as airlines add other destination or location-themed liveries to their fleets. If you know of a destination-related livery we missed, please let us know on twitter or Facebook and we’ll add it to the list.


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