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Tracking Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and Oneworld Special Liveries

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Airlines that belong to Star Alliance, Oneworld, or SkyTeam are proud of that fact and often display their membership on a few aircraft in their fleet. We know that planespotters are always keen to catch these special alliance liveries so we’ve compiled a list for each alliance. The tables below are searchable by airline, registration, and aircraft type. To search for any of these on our site, use a registration filter.

Star Alliance


Star Alliance has the most members and by far the largest number of aircraft painted in an alliance livery. By our count 106 aircraft are wearing the Star Alliance livery. Avianca has the most aircraft (13) in the Star Alliance livery, followed by United with 11.

AirlineRegistrationTypeExtended Type
Adria Airways S5-AAGCRJ2Canadair CRJ-200
Aegean Airlines SX-DVQA320Airbus A320-232
Aerogal HC-CJWA320Airbus A320-214
Air Canada C-FDRHA320Airbus A320-211
Air Canada C-FDRKA320Airbus A320-211
Air Canada C-GHLMA333Airbus A330-343
Air Canada C-GITUA321Airbus A321-211
Air China B-6091A332Airbus A330-243
Air China B-6093A332Airbus A330-243
Air China B-2032B77WBoeing 777-39L(ER)
Air India VT-ESFA320Airbus A320-231
Air IndiaVT-ALJB77WBoeing 777-337ER
Air India VT-ANUB788Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Air New Zealand ZK-OJHA320Airbus A320-232
All Nippon Airways JA51ANB738Boeing 737-881
All Nippon Airways JA614AB763Boeing 767-381(ER)
All Nippon Airways JA711AB772Boeing 777-281
All Nippon Airways JA712AB772Boeing 777-281
All Nippon Airways JA731AB77WBoeing 777-381(ER)
Asiana Airlines HL7516B763Boeing 767-38E
Asiana Airlines HL7730A321Airbus A321-231
Austrian Airlines OE-LVGF100Fokker 100
Austrian Airlines OE-LBXA320Airbus A320-214
Austrian Airlines OE-LGODH8DBombardier Dash 8 Q400
Austrian Airlines OE-LGPDH8DBombardier Dash 8 Q400
Austrian Airlines OE-LGQDH8DBombardier Dash 8 Q400
Austrian Airlines OE-LGRDH8DBombardier Dash 8 Q400
Avianca N195AVA320Airbus A320-214
Avianca N279AVA332Airbus A330-243
Avianca N280AVA332Airbus A330-243
Avianca N342AVA332Airbus A330-243
Avianca N454AVA320Airbus A320-214
Avianca N477AVA320Airbus A320-214
Avianca N519AVA319Airbus A319-115
Avianca N522TAA319Airbus A319-132
Avianca N524TAA319Airbus A319-112
Avianca N536AVA320Airbus A320-214
Avianca N686TAA320Airbus A320-214
Avianca N688TAA320Airbus A320-214
Avianca N689TAA320Airbus A320-214
Blue1 OH-BLNB712Boeing 717-2K9
Brussels Airlines OO-SSCA319Airbus A319-112
Copa Airlines HP-1823CMPB738Boeing 737-86N
Copa AirlinesHP-1728CMPB738Boeing 737-86N
Copa AirlinesHP-1830CMPB738Boeing 737-8V3
Croatia Airlines 9A-CTIA319Airbus A319-112
Egyptair SU-GBRB772Boeing 777-266ER
Egyptair SU-GCKA332Airbus A330-243
Egyptair SU-GCSB738Boeing 737-866
Ethiopian Airlines ET-ALOB763Boeing 767-360(ER)
EVA Air B-16206A321Airbus A321-211
EVA Air B-16701B77WBoeing 777-35E(ER)
LOT SP-LDCE170Embraer ERJ-170
LOT SP-LDKE170Embraer ERJ-170
LOT SP-LPEB763Boeing 767-341ER
LufthansaD-AIFEA343Airbus A340-313X
Lufthansa D-AIGNA343Airbus A340-313
Lufthansa D-AIGPA343Airbus A340-313
Lufthansa D-AIGVA343Airbus A340-313
Lufthansa D-AILFA319Airbus A319-114
Lufthansa D-AIPCA320Airbus A320-211
Lufthansa D-AIPDA320Airbus A320-211
Lufthansa D-AIRWA321Airbus A321-131
Lufthansa CityLine D-ACPQCRJ7Canadair CRJ-700
Lufthansa CityLine D-ACPSCRJ7Canadair CRJ-700
Lufthansa CityLine D-ACPTCRJ7Canadair CRJ-700
OLT Express Germany D-AGPHF100Fokker 100
SAS OY-KBMA343Airbus A340-313
SAS LN-RRLB738Boeing 737-883
SAS LN-RRWB738Boeing 737-883
Shenzhen Airlines B-6296A320Airbus A320-314
Shenzhen Airlines B-6297A320Airbus A320-214
Singapore Airlines 9V-SRIB772Boeing 777-212(ER)
Singapore Airlines 9V-SWIB77WBoeing 777-312(ER)
Singapore Airlines 9V-SWJB77WBoeing 777-312(ER)
Singapore Airlines 9V-SYEB773Boeing 777-312
Singapore Airlines 9V-SYLB773Boeing 777-312
South African Airways ZS-SJVB738Boeing 737-844
South African Airways ZS-SNCA346Airbus A340-642
Swiss HB-IJMA320Airbus A320-214
Swiss HB-IJNA320Airbus A320-214
Swiss HB-IJOA320Airbus A320-214
Swiss HB-IXRRJ1HAvro RJ100
Swiss HB-IYURJ1HAvro RJ100
Swiss HB-IYVRJ1HAvro RJ100
TAP Portugal CS-TNPA320Airbus A320-214
TAP Portugal CS-TOHA332Airbus A330-223
Thai Airways HS-TGWB744Boeing 747-4D7
Thai Airways HS-TELA333Airbus A330-322
Turkish Airlines TC-JDLA343Airbus A340-311
Turkish Airlines TC-JFHB738Boeing 737-8F2
Turkish Airlines TC-JFIB738Boeing 737-8F2
Turkish Airlines TC-JPEA320Airbus A320-232
Turkish Airlines TC-JPFA320Airbus A320-232
Turkish Airlines TC-JRAA321Airbus A321-231
Turkish Airlines TC-JRBA321Airbus A321-231
United Airlines N121UAB744Boeing 747-422
United Airlines N14120B752Boeing 757-224
United Airlines N218UAB772Boeing 777-222(ER)
United Airlines N26210B738Boeing 737-824
United Airlines N653UAB763Boeing 767-322(ER)
United Airlines N76021B772Boeing 777-224(ER)
United Airlines N76055B764Boeing 767-424(ER)
United Airlines N76516B738Boeing 737-824
United Airlines N77022B772Boeing 777-224(ER)
United Airlines N78017B772Boeing 777-224(ER)
United Airlines N794UAB772Boeing 777-222(ER)




SkyTeam has the second largest number of special alliance liveries with 68 aircraft wearing alliance colors.

AirlineRegistrationTypeExtended Type
Aeroflot RA-89005SU95Sukhoi Superjet 100-95
Aeroflot RA-89015SU95Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B
Aeroflot VP-BDKA320Airbus A320-214
Aeroflot VQ-BQGB77WBoeing 777-3M0(ER)
Aeroflot VQ-BCQA333Airbus A330-343
Aerolineas Argentinas LV-BZAB737Boeing 737-76N
Aerolineas Argentinas LV-FPVA343Airbus A340-313
Aeromexico XA-JBCB762Boeing 767-284ER
Aeromexico Connect XA-CLIE145Embraer ERJ-145LR
Aeromexico Connect XA-ACVE170Embraer ERJ-170SU
Air Europa EC-JHKB738Boeing 737-85P
Air Europa EC-LNHA332Airbus A330-243
Air France F-GFKYA320Airbus A320-211
Air France F-GTAEA321Airbus A321-211
Air France F-GZNEB77WBoeing 777-328(ER)
Air France F-GZNNB77WBoeing 777-328(ER)
Alitalia EI-DDHB772Boeing 777-243(ER)
Alitalia EI-DIRA332Airbus A330-202
Alitalia CityLiner EI-RNDE190Embraer ERJ-190
Austral Lineas Aereas LV-FPSE190Embraer ERJ-190AR
China Airlines B-18206B744Boeing 747-409
China Airlines B-18311A333Airbus A330-302
China Eastern Airlines B-6538A332Airbus A330-243
China Eastern Airlines B-5908A332Airbus A330-243
China Eastern Airlines B-5949A332Airbus A330-243
China Eastern Airlines B-1837A321Airbus A321-231
China Eastern Airlines B-1838A321Airbus A321-231
China Eastern Airlines B-1981B738Boeing 737-89P
China Eastern Airlines B-6053A346Airbus A340-642
China Southern Airlines B-6528A332Airbus A330-223
China Southern Airlines B-5640B738Boeing 737-81B
China Southern Airlines B-5928A333Airbus A330-323X
China Southern Airlines B-2056B772Boeing 777-21B(ER)
Czech Airlines OK-GFRAT75ATR 72-500
Czech Airlines OK-YFTAT72ATR 72-212
Delta Air Lines N175DZB763Boeing 767-332(ER)
Delta Air Lines N3755DB738Boeing 737-832
Delta Air Lines N3758YB738Boeing 737-832
Delta Air Lines N3761RB738Boeing 737-832
Delta Air Lines N3765B738Boeing 737-832
Delta Air Lines N381DNB738Boeing 737-832
Delta Air Lines N659DLB752Boeing 757-232
Delta Air Lines N705TWB752Boeing 757-231
Delta Air Lines N717TWB752Boeing 757-231
Delta Air Lines N722TWB752Boeing 757-231
Delta Air Lines N844MHB764Boeing 767-432(ER)
Garuda Indonesia PK-GPFA333Airbus A330-341
Garuda Indonesia PK-GMHB738Boeing 737-8U3
Garuda Indonesia PK-GRACRJXCanadair CRJ-1000
Kenya Airways 5Y-KQHB737Boeing 737-7U8
Kenya Airways 5Y-FFBE190Embraer ERJ-190
KLM PH-BXOB739Boeing 737-9K2
KLM PH-BVDB77WBoeing 777-306(ER)
KLM Cityhopper PH-EZXE190Embraer ERJ-190
Korean Air HL7560B738Boeing 737-8B5
Korean Air HL7568B738Boeing 737-8B5
Korean Air HL7733B772Boeing 777-2B5(ER)
Korean Air HL7783B77WBoeing 777-3B5(ER)
Middle East Airlines T7-MRDA320Airbus A320-214
Saudi Arabian Airlines HZ-AKAB772Boeing 777-268(ER)
Saudi Arabian Airlines HZ-AQLA333Airbus A330-343
Saudi Arabian Airlines HZ-ASFA320Airbus A320-214
Tarom YR-ATCAT45ATR 42-500
Tarom YR-BGFB737Boeing 737-78J
Vietnam Airlines VN-A371A332Airbus A330-223
Vietnam Airlines VN-A327A321Airbus A321-231
Xiamen Airlines B-5159B738Boeing 737-85C
Xiamen Airlines B-5302B738Boeing 737-85C




The OneWorld alliance currently flies 55 aircraft in a special livery. Unlike the Star Alliance and SkyTeam liveries, Oneworld airlines do not paint the alliance logo on the tail of their aircraft. British Airways currently carries the OneWorld scheme around the world on 9 of its Boeing 747-400s.

AirlineRegistrationTypeExtended Type
Air Berlin D-ABMEB738Boeing 737-86J
Air Berlin D-ABMFB738Boeing 737-86J
Air Berlin D-ABXAA332Airbus A330-223
American Airlines N174AAB752Boeing 757-223
American Airlines N343ANB763Boeing 767-323(ER)
American Airlines N791ANB772Boeing 777-223(ER)
American Airlines N796ANB772Boeing 777-223(ER)
American Airlines N837NNB738Boeing 737-823
American Airlines N838NNB738Boeing 737-823
British Airways G-BNLIB744Boeing 747-436
British Airways G-CIVCB744Boeing 747-436
British Airways G-CIVDB744Boeing 747-436
British Airways G-CIVIB744Boeing 747-436
British Airways G-CIVKB744Boeing 747-436
British Airways G-CIVLB744Boeing 747-436
British Airways G-CIVMB744Boeing 747-436
British Airways G-CIVPB744Boeing 747-436
British Airways G-CIVZB744Boeing 747-436
Cathay Pacific B-HXGA343Airbus A340-313
Cathay Pacific B-HLUA333Airbus A330-343
Cathay Pacific B-KPLB77WBoeing 777-367(ER)
Finnair OH-LQEA343Airbus A340-313
Finnair OH-LVDA319Airbus A319-112
Iberia EC-IZRA320Airbus A320-214
Japan Airlines JA604JB763Boeing 767-346(ER)
Japan Airlines JA707JB772Boeing 777-246(ER)
Japan Airlines JA708JB772Boeing 777-246(ER)
Japan Airlines JA732JB77WBoeing 777-346ER
Japan Airlines JA752JB773Boeing 777-346
Japan Airlines JA771JB772Boeing 777-246
LAN Airlines CC-CYEA319Airbus A319-132
LAN Airlines CC-CXJB763Boeing 767-316(ER)
LAN Airlines CC-BACA320Airbus A320-233
LAN Airlines CC-BAOA320Airbus A320-214
LAN Argentina LV-BFOA320Airbus A320-233
LAN Ecuador HC-CLCA320Airbus A320-233
Malaysia Airlines 9M-MXCB738Boeing 737-8H6
Malaysia Airlines 9M-MTEA333Airbus A330-323X
Malaysia Airlines 9M-MTOA333Airbus A330-323X
Qantas VH-EBLA332Airbus A330-203
Qantas VH-EBVA332Airbus A330-202
Qantas VH-OEFB744Boeing 747-438(ER)
Qatar Airways A7-BAAB77WBoeing 777-3DZ(ER)
Qatar Airways A7-BABB77WBoeing 777-3DZER
Qatar Airways A7-BAFB77WBoeing 777-3DZ(ER)
Qatar Airways A7-BAGB77WBoeing 777-3DZ(ER)
Qatar Airways A7-AHLA320Airbus A320-232
Qatar Airways A7-AHOA320Airbus A320-232
Royal Jordanian JY-AYPA319Airbus A319-132
S7 Airlines VP-BTNA319Airbus A319-114
S7 Airlines VQ-BKWB738Boeing 737-8ZS
SriLankan Airlines 4R-ALHA332Airbus A330-243
TAM Linhas Aereas PR-MYFA320Airbus A320-214
TAM Linhas Aereas PT-MOCB763Boeing 767-316(ER)
TAM Linhas Aereas PT-MOHB763Boeing 767-316(ER)


Updating our Database

Airlines are constantly painting and repainting aircraft, so if you spot an error or see that we’ve missed a particular aircraft, please let us know via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll make sure it gets added to our database.


Main photo by Freek Blokzijl
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