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Tracking Retro Jets and Airline History

Tracking Retro Jets and Airline History

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Tracking special aircraft, especially those with unique liveries, is a great way to use Flightradar24. In a previous post, we showed how to track special airline alliance liveries. In this post, we take a look at retro liveries showcasing airline history. Some airlines even have multiple aircraft painted to honor their history, including American Airlines’ “Heritage Jets” and Qantas’ RetroRoo and the new Retro Roo II.

Qantas' newest retro jet, the Retro Roo II.
Qantas’ newest retro jet, the Retro Roo II.


How to Track Retro Liveries

In the table below, you can search retro liveries based on Airline, Registration, Aircraft Type, or type of retro livery (if we have that information available).

AirlineRegistrationAircraft ICAO CodeExtended Aircraft TypeType of Livery
Aer Lingus EI-DVMA320Airbus A320-214Retro Livery
Aeroflot VP-BNTA320Airbus A320-214Retro Livery
Air Canada C-FZUHA319Airbus A319-113Retro Livery
Air Malta 9H-AEIA320Airbus A320-214Retro Livery
Alaska Airlines N569ASB738Boeing 737-890Retro Livery
American Airlines N578UWA321Airbus A321-231US Airways Heritage Livery
American Airlines N742PSA319Airbus A319-112PSA Heritage Livery
American Airlines N744PA319Airbus A319-112Piedmont Heritage Livery
American Airlines N745VJA319Airbus A319-112Allegheny Heritage Livery
American Airlines N837EXDH8ABombardier Dash 8-102Piedmont Heritage Livery
American Airlines N838AWA319Airbus A319-132America West Heritage Livery
American Airlines N915NNB738Boeing 737-823TWA Heritage Livery
American Airlines N916NNB738Boeing 737-823Reno Air Heritage Livery
American AirlinesN917NNB738Boeing 737-823AirCal Heritage Livery
American Airlines N951AAB738Boeing 737-823Astrojet Retro Livery
Austrian Airlines OE-LBPA320Airbus A320-214Retro Livery
Condor D-AICAA320Airbus A320-212Retro Livery
CondorD-ABUMB763Boeing 767-31B(ER)Retro Livery
Dniproavia UR-DPAE145Embraer ERJ-145LRRetro Livery
Garuda Indonesia PK-GFMB738Boeing 737-8U3Retro Livery
Garuda Indonesia PK-GFNB738Boeing 737-86N1969-1985 Retro Livery
Iberia EC-KKSA319Airbus A319-111Retro Livery
Japan TransOcean Air JA8999B734Boeing 737-446Retro Southwest Air Lines Livery
KLM PH-BXAB738Boeing 737-8K2Retro Livery
LOT SP-LIEE170Embraer ERJ-175Retro Livery
Lufthansa D-ABYTB748Boeing 747-830Retro Livery
Lufthansa D-AIDVA321Airbus A321-231Retro Livery
Malaysia Airlines 9M-MXAB738Boeing 737-8H640 Years Retro Livery
Middle East Airlines OD-RMIA321Airbus A321-231Retro Livery
Pakistan International Airlines AP-BLAA320Airbus A320-214Retro Livery
Pakistan International Airlines AP-BLTA320Airbus A320-214Retro Livery
Pakistan International Airlines AP-BLUA320Airbus A320-214Retro Livery
Pakistan International AirlinesAP-BMGB772Boeing 777-2Q8(ER)Retro Livery
Qantas VH-XZPB738Boeing 737-838Retro Livery
Qantas VH-VXQB738Boeing 737-838Retro Livery
SAS OY-KBOA319Airbus A319-132Retro Livery
Southwest Airlines N792SWB737Boeing 737-7H4Classic Retro Livery
Southwest Airlines N714CBB737Boeing 737-7H4Classic Retro Livery
Southwest Airlines N711HKB737Boeing 737-7H4Classic Retro Livery
Tarom-Romanian Air Trasnport YR-BGGB737Boeing 737-78J60 Happy Years Retro Livery
Transcarga Airways YV562TA30BAirbus A300B4-203(F)Retro Livery
TUIfly D-ATUFB738Boeing 737-8K5Retro Livery
Turkish Airlines TC-JNCA332Airbus A330-203Retro Livery
United Airlines N475UAA320Airbus A320-232Retro Friend Ship Livery
United Airlines N75435B739Boeing 737-924(ER)Continental Retro Livery

Our list here is a work in progress and will be updated as airlines add new retro liveries to their fleets. If you know of a retro livery we missed, please let us know on twitter or Facebook and we’ll add it to the list.

Japan TransOcean Airlines' retro Southwest Air Lines livery.
Japan TransOcean Airlines’ retro Southwest Air Lines livery.
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