If you haven’t watched the video of the Boeing 787-10 and 737 MAX 9 flying together yet, take two minutes and watch it below. Then we’ll take a look at the tracking data.

Tracking the Photo Flight

The combined tracks of the 787-10 and 737 MAX 9 on 6 June

Boeing took its two newest jets, the 787-10 and 737 MAX 9, over Washington State on 6 and 7 June for some beautiful air-to-air photography ahead of the Paris Air Show. The pair headed to the mountains east of Seattle for close formation flying. The dramatic departure footage included in the video was captured as each aircraft departed Moses Lake. We’ve included the KML files from the 6 June flight below so you can explore the flights in detail.

KML Files and Data

Download the KML files from the 6 June flights here.

Track the 737 MAX 9 here.

Track the 787-10 here.

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