ADS-B sky art has grown significantly as more aircraft are equipped with transponders and better lower-level coverage allows non-pressurized aircraft to join in. We’ve seen airplanes draw airplanes, a forest full of Christmas trees, hearts of all sizes, and plenty of written messages. But this is new to us. Last week, pilot Robert Green drew a sky art tribute to his pet hedgehog.


Green is currently building flight hours to begin his commercial pilot license at Fairoaks Flight Centre. Nearing the required number of hours to proceed with his license, he was getting a bit bored with standard patterns and decided to pay tribute to his pet hedgehog, Aristotle, who is beloved at the flight centre. The entire flight to the southwest of London in a Reims-Cessna F150H took just over 2 hours.

We spoke with Green who provided us with a picture of Aristotle. Best of luck to both of them.

Aristotle the hedgehog


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