From 00:00 to 23:59 UTC on 13 July, we tracked 205,468 flights, our most ever and only the third time we’ve ever tracked more than 200,000 flights in a single day. The two previous days in which we tracked over 200,000 were the day prior, 12 July, and the last Friday in June. 29 June was the first time ever we tracked over 200,000 flights.

205,468 flights in 24 hours

Friday’s are often the busiest day of the week and this week was no exception as we tracked 205,468 flights around the world.

When will traffic peak?

As the summer goes on, we expect to break this record a few more times. Peak traffic in the last two years has occurred at the end of August. Last August, we recorded the greatest number of flights on 24 August, tracking 190,003 flights.

Each year’s low occurs on 25 December as nearly everyone traveling for Christmas has completed their journey and multiple major airlines cease operations for the day. On 25 December 2017, we only tracked 101,511 flights.

How you can help and get a free Flightradar24 subscription

We are always looking for new receiver hosts for our full ADS-B receiver kit. Especially if you or someone you know lives in a remote location, please apply to host a receiver. All of our receiver hosts get a free Flightradar24 Business Subscription, which can be used on the web and within our mobile app. If you’re interested, please apply today. If you’d you like more information about our application process, you can read more about it in our blog post.

Use Your Own Hardware

Have a Raspberry Pi sitting around collecting dust or looking to get started with tracking flights with a quick project? Build your own receiver to help us increase ADS-B and MLAT coverage in your area. Our simple guide walks you through the steps from getting the parts you need to setting up your receiver. Learn more today!


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