The 787-10, Boeing’s newest—and longest—variant of the 787 earned FAA certification this week, paving the way for deliveries to launch customer Singapore Airlines later this year. Boeing flew 3 test aircraft, N528ZC, N548ZC, and N565ZC for 900 hours to achieve certification. We’ve condensed those 900 hours into a single minute.

N528ZC in red | N548ZC in blue | N565ZC in yellow

Tracking the 787-10

24529_1502167759 98782_1498034350 87977_1502008103 Boeing 787-10 N528ZC 20888_1512174569
The Boeing 787-10

With certification achieved, Boeing isn’t done flying its test aircraft just yet and production aircraft will soon be taking to the sky. The ICAO code for the Boeing 787-10, and the code used to track it on Flightradar24 is B78X. Enter this code in the aircraft filter to see all 787-10s. If you’re interested in the three flight test aircraft, you can track them at N528ZC, N548ZC, and N565ZC.


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