The Boeing 737 MAX grounding


The worldwide Boeing 737 MAX grounding occurred on 13 March 2019 following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302. The crash of ET302 was the second crash of a 737 MAX following Lion Air 610 the previous October. Both crashes implicated the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), a flight control system unique to the 737 MAX. Initially expected to last weeks, the grounding is now projected to stretch more than a year as Boeing works on a revision of MCAS and associated changes to the MAX. Boeing suspended 737 MAX production in January 2020 and on 21 January announced it expects return to service to ‘begin during mid-2020’. 

737MAX news articles

  • When is the 737 MAX coming back?

    The 737 MAX, the updated version of Boeing’s workhorse 737 that has been grounded since March 2019, is back in the news lately. The aircraft in the process of being re-certified and may be back in service sooner than rather than later.   Read More
  • FAA lists proposed changes for 737 MAX return to service

    The FAA today released a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for the Boeing 737 MAX, listing its proposed changes for the aircraft before it can return to service. Once officially published in the Federal Register, there will be a 45 day public comment period. This will be followed by additional actions by the FAA and …   Read More
  • Track the Boeing 737 MAX certification flights

    Boeing is preparing to begin 737 MAX certification flights as soon as Monday, 29 June after the US Federal Aviation Administration approved Boeing’s system safety assessment. The certification flights will take place over at least 3 days in the western US.   Read More
  • Boeing to suspend 737 MAX production from January

    Boeing announced today that it will suspend 737 MAX production beginning in January 2020. The 737 MAX has been grounded worldwide since 13 March 2019 following two deadly crashes linked to the aircraft’s MCAS system. The manufacturer has continued to produce around 40 planes per month with approximately 400 now in storage at various facilities.   Read More
  • NTSB issues 7 safety recommendations to FAA regarding 737 MAX crash investigations

    The US National Transportation Safety Board issued 7 safety recommendations to the FAA today regarding the crashes of 2 737 MAX aircraft in November 2018 and March 2019. The safety recommendation report does not address the cause of either crash, which is the responsibility of the investigators in charge in Indonesia and Ethiopia, respectively. The …   Read More
  • Where the grounded 737 MAX are stored

    Updated 18 December 2019 Boeing announced this week that it will temporarily halt production of the 737 MAX beginning in January 2020. Since the grounding of the 737 MAX in March 2019, Boeing has continued to produce 737 MAX and now approximately 400 undelivered aircraft sit in storage. We’ve updated our list of where 737 …   Read More
  • Airlines and regulators ground 737 MAX in wake of Ethiopian Airlines crash

    All 737 MAX aircraft have been grounded since 13 March as regulators await Boeing’s software update to the 737 MAX flight control system. Airlines and regulators around the world grounded...
  • Flightradar24 data regarding the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302

    Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, a 737 MAX 8 (registration ET-AVJ) operating from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, crashed shortly after takeoff on 10 March around 05:45 UTC.   Read More
  • Flightradar24 Data Regarding Lion Air Flight JT610

    Lion Air flight JT610 departed Jakarta for Pangkal Pinang at 06:20 local time (23:20 UTC) on 29 October and lost contact shortly after departure. Flightradar24 received the last ADS-B message from the aircraft at 23:31:56 UTC at an altitude of 425 feet AMSL. The flight was operated by Boeing 737 MAX 8 registration PK-LQP. The …   Read More

737 MAX frequently asked questions

How many Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have been built?

There have been 387 airframes delivered to airlines and operators since 2014. Approximately 400 more have been built and are currently in storage. This is from a total of 4,912 total orders to date.

How many Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are grounded?

Approximately 790 aircraft are currently grounded, some have been delivered to operators, some are being held back by Boeing, post production.

How many operators of the 737 MAX are there?

There are currently 80 operators worldwide of the 737 MAX.

Who is the largest operator of the Boeing 737 MAX?

The largest operator so far of the 737 MAX is Southwest Airlines who have taken delivery of 34 aircraft, with a further 310 on order. Lion Air currently have the most on order with 428.

Where are the grounded 737 MAX's stored?

The grounded 737 MAX aircraft are located in nearly 100 different locations. The largest storage site is currently Boeing's facility at Moses Lake. Find out exact locations of the grounded 737 MAX's here.

AvTalk Podcast related to the 737 MAX

  • AvTalk Episode 73: Boeing halts production of the 737 MAX

    On this episode of AvTalk, Boeing halts production of the 737 MAX, Harbour Air’s electric Beaver takes flight, and we run down the list of airlines that didn’t make it through 2019 and a few that could join that list very soon.   Read More
  • AvTalk Episode 69: A special 737 MAX update

    Return to service — if? when? On this special episode of AvTalk, we welcome back The Air Current editor-in-chief Jon Ostrower for a discussion on the state of the 737 MAX’s return to service and what we’ve learned this month with the release of numerous reports, including the Joint Authorities Technical Review and the final …   Read More
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    On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss Boeing’s MCAS software update, the continued grounding of the 737 MAX fleet, and passengers on one flight are surprised to find themselves in the wrong country upon landing.   Read More
  • AvTalk Episode 53: Ethiopian 302 and the grounding of the 737 MAX

    On this episode of AvTalk we’re joined by The Air Current editor-in-chief Jon Ostrower to discuss the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 and the subsequent grounding of the 737 MAX. We also get an update from the NTSB on the crash of Atlas Air flight 3591 and an update on the closure of Pakistan’s …   Read More
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